Water-based Paintwork Cleaning and Care for the removal of light to medium scratches on all smooth surfaces such as car paint, chrome parts or aluminum wheels. The product cleans the surfaces, refreshes colors and restores a deep shine. It acts as a rain- and dirt-repellent providing long-lasting protection against harmful environmental influences. For heavily weathered paint, we recommend our pre-treatment using our Heavy Cutting Compound or High Gloss Cutting Compound.
– Solvent-free (gentle to skin)
– Contains carnauba wax (hardest natural wax in the world)
– Eliminates traces of use and light scratches
– Cleans paintwork and provides a high gloss with long-lasting protection
– Easy to use, due to innovative water-base formula
– Can be applied by hand or buffer
– High durability (up to 6 months)

Application area

Detailing and vehicle care

Application nodes

Shake well before use (approximately 2 min.)! Apply the product with a cloth on the surface and allow it to dry slightly. Subsequently, work the surface with a microfiber cloth or a polishing wheel to a high gloss. The hardness of the polishing pad may vary depending upon the condition of the paint: if the paint is badly scratched you should start with a hard disc and polish with a soft pad.


Sufficient for 2-4 vehicles

Treatment time

5-15 seconds

Weight N/A

5L, 500ml