Gear Oil Stop Leak reliably stops the oil loss on the seals of manual gearboxes. Protects gearbox against lack of lubrication and damage due to oil loss. Reduces wear and tear and ensures optimum lubrication. Maintains seals, O-rings and shaft-seals and keeps them supple. Reduces the oxidation of transmission oils.

Application area

In all manual gearboxes, secondary and differential transmissions. Do not use in automatic transmissions and gearboxes with wet clutches.

Application nodes

Add to the gear oil. Use with every oil change or the used oil (observe the miximale filling quantity, reduce the oil quantity if necessary). The product is miscible with all commercially available oils. Observe the mixing ratio!


50 ml for 2-3 ltr. gear oil. Mixing Ratio 1:60

Treatment time

Works during running.

Weight N/A

5L, 10L, 20L, 50ml, 200L