“Flex Treatment – Fuel System Cleaner Bio-Ethanol“ removes operationally causedcontamination in the entire fuel system fromthe tankto the com-bustion chambers. Highly active lubricating components guarantee reliable protectionof the valves against wear, tear and corrosion.

• removes resin and stickiness thecarburetorand injection nozzleareas
• evensmallest particles of the contamination and resin deposits in the combustion chambers are lastingly dissolved
• controls both pHe and corrosionin petrol/ethanol systems
• prevent the development ofacids in the ethanol phase
• humidity and condensation are eliminated in the complete fuel system

Application area

Application to the petrol tank

Application nodes

Application: Use on everyservice. Add tothe fuel system before filling
up. Use in Petrol/Bio Ehanol mixtures (like E85).
Dilution ratio: pure
Notice: Cleaning fluid– not a fuel substitute!
Consumption: 375 ml sufficient for one application.
Reaction time: Works duringoperation.
Frost susceptibility: no