Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner solves and removes all soot deposition and residues without disassembly. DPF Top Gun Cleaner cleans gently and can be used on all aluminum, magnesium, zinc and cadmium parts. The product can be used perfectly for the latest generation of particulate filters.

Application area

Suitable for all diesel particulate filters.

Application nodes

Allow the exhaust system to cool to ambient temperature. Check for any leaks and verify that the emission system is functioning correctly. Pour the cleaner into the device and attach to a compressed air source. Pressure should be between 2,5–4.0 bar (Adjustment of the air pressure via the scaled rotary wheels on the device). Dismantle the temperature and / or pressure sensor on the diesel particulate filter and insert the probe through the opening (Spraying the liquid through one opening is sufficient, a greater effectiveness can be achieved by additional spraying of the liquid through the second opening). At intervals (spraying 5 seconds/stop 5 seconds) spray the product into the diesel particle filter using the special probe (Engine is not running). We recommend 500 ml of cleaning fluid should be used. But this is dependent on the degree of contamination in the diesel particulate filter. The application can be repeated if required. During the cleaning the deposits are dissolved and are then simply removed from the exhaust system under normal driving conditions. The product is non-flammable. After the cleaning process reinstall all the sensors. Perform a test drive of at least 20 minutes and perform regeneration of the DPF.


Depended on contamination

Treatment time

Works during application

Weight N/A

1L, 5L, 200L, 1000L, 1000ml