High performance diesel system protection for improving the flow of diesel fuels suitable for all engine systems such as common rail or direct injection. Winter-proof up to -27.4 °F (depending on the quality of the fuel). The thickening of the diesel fuel in extreme cold conditions is prevented and thus the operational reliability is increased especially in the winter. Fuel filters and pipes are provided from clogging and this improves cold-start performance and warm-up phase. Optimal lubrication of all moving parts of the Diesel Systems.

Application area

For use in diesel powered engines. Recommended for engines with particle filter, turbo and catalytic converter.

Application nodes

Fill directly into the diesel tank. Observe mixing ratio. Apply as possible at temperatures above 32 °F and before the diesel is gelling. At temperatures below -4 °F can no longer be ensured mixing with the diesel fuel. Store frostproof!


375ml sufficient for 80 liters diesel. Mixing ratio: 1:200

Treatment time

while engine is running

Weight N/A

5L, 10L, 20L, 200L, 375ml, 1000ml