High-performance concentrate based on special surface-active agents for the prevention of bacteria, yeasts, algae and fungi in diesel fuels, which cause sludge formation in the fuel tank – diesel contamination.
The application preemptively deprives microorganisms from replicating and prevents any new formation. As a result, this treatment further prevents the fuel filter from becoming blocked.

– Prevents against bacteria, yeasts, algae and fungi
– Prevents blockage of the fuel filter
– Improves cold start performance
– Clean and powerful combustion
– Improves the engine performance
– Cleans fuel system and filter
– Protects against corrosion

Application area

Suitable for all diesel applications with addition to the fuel tank. Ideal for bio-diesel as well.
Specially recommended for storage tanks, boats, agricultural machinery and caravans.

Application nodes

Add regularly every 3-4 months to the diesel system. Specially recommended before long term or seasonal vehicle storage.
In case of severe contamination of the diesel fuel, it is necessary to clean the tank and fuel system before treatment!


300 ml treats up to 60-80 liters of diesel fuel. Mixing ratio of 1:200

Treatment time

Works during normal operating conditions.

Weight N/A