Brake Anti-Seize is a highly active, high temperature and pressure resistant adhesive lubricant to maintain and mount antiskid brake systems, wheel nuts, screw and plug connectors and all other heat and corrosion endangered connections. Guarantees long time protection from rust and corrosion. Prevents or eliminates disturbing brake and squeak noises. Keeps brakes working and guarantees smooth running. It protects from road salt, splashing water, acid and alkalis.

Application area

All brakes, in the entire brake area, bolt connections, seals, battery poles, sliding and lubrication fittings, etc.

Application nodes

Shake well before use. Thoroughly clean brake system using powermaxx Brake Cleaner. Spray Brake Anti-Seize on all parts to be treated (back side of brake pads, brake fixture parts etc.) Do not spray on brake pads or brake discs!


For 5-10 applications



Weight N/A