A product that is kind to all materials and effective
for the cleaning of brakes, carburetors, clutch and
transmission parts. It removes oil, grease, silicone
and resin from all surfaces.

Application area

Universal application in the workshop and the
industrial area.

Application nodes

Instructions for use:
Clean and remove any loose dirt from the parts to
be cleaned and cover with Brake Cleaner using a
brush or pump spray. Allow to drain and leave to
work for a few minutes then clean off with a suitable
cloth. Repeat the process in the event of stronger

Note: Keep away from ignition sources.
Do not smoke!
Working time: Dependent on contamination.
Frost susceptibility: No
Material Contents: Solvents, alcohol, acetone.

Available container size: Article number: EAN:
5 ltr can 32020
10 ltr can 32024
25 ltr can 32021
60 ltr can 32025

Weight N/A

5L, 10L, 25L, 60L, 200L