The AUTOPROFI Aerodynamic Prime Flat Blades have the following advantages:

• Optimum cleaning performance, best visibility and safety
• Aerodynamic design, leading to minimal flow noises (at approx. 140 km / h)
• Perfect fit, no heavy metal structure
• Long lifetime
• Easy and fast assembly


• Withstand speeds of over 240 km / h
• Reduce flow noises (at 140 km / h) by up to 2 dB compared to normal windshield wipers
• Significant weight reduction
• Stable and winter resistant
• Smooth-running and quiet operation due to the latest aerodynamic design
• Quick and easy to change due to 9 adapters – fits on any vehicle!

Technical features:

• Highest cleaning performance due to constant pressure along the complete windshield wiper
• Rubber profile with integrated anti-flow and anti-noise system
• Emphasizes the aesthetics of the vehicle design
• No heavy metal structure
• Lightweight construction

Please note: Price is for ONE windshield wiper!