PRO-TEC „Triple X“ is the latest development for air intake cleaning of petrol powered engines. Even stubborn residues are completely dissolved and removed. “Triple X” cleans and lubricates the complete air intake system and combustion chamber as well as inlet valves and also the lambda sensor and protects against re-contamination.

Triple X – cleans, lubricates and protects!

Ensures a smooth engine running, reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. PRO-TEC “Triple X” is compatible for lambda probe and catalytic converter and is suitable for modern engines with air intake injection.

Application area

Cleaning of the air intake system of petrol powered engines

Application nodes

PRO-TEC „Triple X“ is exclusively developed for application with the PRO-TEC Clear Flow machine and suitable adapters (Adapter S-Form for Otto engines or Adapter Flex-Form for direct injection engines). The product must be used in strict compliance to the instructions of use of the Clear Flow and its adapters.


375ml per application

Treatment time

During application


5L, 10L, 20L, 200L, 375ml