Monday, November 26, 2018

Without traces across the winter

Different soilings and the use of car washes, paint defects and other signs of usage can form on the car paint. In particular, the use of thawing salt in winter solidify the paint grooves. To prevent the car paint from more damage, you schould react timly and treat small scratches.

Innovative aluminium oxide base

The fine polishing paste is free of silicon oil and the effective polishing paste based on a innovative aluminium oxide quality and removes traces of usage in the paint. With a 2500 granulation, paint grooves disappear effortlessly and the paint gets a profound an lasting shine. Specially developed for use on scratchproof paints, the paste can also be applied on nano-paints and softer paint-systems. The Fine Polishing Paste is very economical, easy to remove without leaving any residues.

So everyone starts with brilliant expectations in the winter.