Friday, January 12, 2018

Wear protection for engines

One of the main tasks of the engine oil is the lubrication of all moving components. This means – simply speaking – that the engine oil should prevent the rubbing of metal on metal. Over time, however, the oil is gradually losing this ability, as it is "aging" (the viscosity decreases). At a certain point, the correct oil pressure can no longer be ensured in the engine, which prevents a sufficient lubrication of all components. The result is a constant increase in wear and ultimately serious damage or costly repairs.

Save the heart of the vehicle

One way to significantly slow down the process just described is the "Nano Engine Protect & Seal" by the bluechemGROUP. The product creates a highly active Nano-barrier in the oil with extremely low-friction and wear-reducing properties. It ensures an optimal lubrication of all components during cold start, keeps gaskets, O-rings and seals supple, provides excellent emergency running properties and causes a soft, smooth engine operation.

This leads to numerous other advantages:

  • Highly active wear protection
  • Longer life of all units
  • Improves engine performance
  • Optimizes fuel and oil consumption
  • Noise reduction

These effects have been verified in extensive, independent testing. The TÜV Thüringen confirms "Nano Engine Protect & Seal" a "certified effectiveness".

The product is added directly to the engine after the oil change. It is suitable for 4-stroke and diesel engines (both common rail and unit-injector) and is also recommended for engines with turbo, catalytic converter, direct injection and particulate filters. For questions, we are available via