Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Tips for fogged windows

It is a known phenomenon and a safety risk in the cold season: constantly fogged windows, which complicate an unobstructed view. The most effective antidote to this annoyance is, of course, to turn on the air conditioning. Additionally, many vehicle owners also search for ways to prevent fogging in the first place or at least to diminish it.

The answer: Thorough cleaning

In order to stop the moisture, which is in the air in the vehicle interior, from concentrating on the windows, it is advisable to clean the glass surfaces regularly. Through the thorough removal of all dirt particles, the surface on which the fine droplets of water can concentrate will be reduced. As a result, the fogging is slowed down and happens less often.

Our dream team for clean windows:

  1. Multi-Function Foam Spray (for stubborn stains)
  2. marvelous Glass Cleaner (for streak-free cleaning)

The regular use of these two products provides clean and thus significantly less fogged windows - our recommendation for the winter.