Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Serious problem – easily solved!

Since Hofmann's Autohaus Coburg has been one of our loyal customers for several years, the employees use our products every day in their daily workshop routine. "We and our customers are very satisfied with bluechemGROUP and can give a lot of positive feedback", explains René Löffler, one of the service consultants. A particularly serious case will be presented today as an example:

René Löffler on the diesel system cleaning with the Diesel System Super Clean and the Clear Flow:

"It was a Toyota Land Cruiser J 120 with a 1KDFTV engine that came to our car workshop. The problem of the vehicle was very noticeable because you could hear the nail sounds more than clearly. As a countermeasure, we carried out a thorough diesel system cleaning. For this, we used the Diesel System Super Clean as well as the Injection System & Air Intake System Cleaning Device Clear Flow. We connected the supply and the return of the fuel system with the Clear Flow and let the engine idle for about 30 minutes only with the pure cleaner. Our goal was to achieve a thorough cleaning of the injectors in this way. We documented the entire process with the Toyota GTS tester.

The diagnostic device showed an extreme improvement in the smoothness of the return flow as well as in the behavior of the injectors following the cleaning. The customer assured us that the running behavior has calmed down considerably, that his fuel consumption has dropped noticeably and that there is less smoke coming from the exhaust. This finding was confirmed in another test after 10,000 kilometers driven, which proves the sustainable effect of bluechemGROUP products!"

We thank Hofmann’s Autohaus Coburg for the feedback and wish lots of fun with our products!


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