Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Refrain from warming up

Leave the house in the morning, go to the car, get on and drive off – probably this is the dream of every vehicle owner in winter. The reality is often quite different: Every morning not only the car glass is frozen, but also the temperatures in the interior are uncomfortable low. What could be more natural than to let the engine warm up, so that the heater takes care for perfect sight and a comfortable atmosphere?

Not a good idea

Although the inner urge for comfort may be immensely strong, it is not recommended to give in to it. Within the idling phase, there is much useless fuel consumption and the engine is also strained unnecessarily strong, because the oil has not the required operating temperature - and it also does not reach it fast enough while idling!

The alternative

Instead of letting the engine run unnecessarily, it is recommended to start the trip right after freeing the car glass from the ice. During normal operation, the period it takes for the oil to reach the necessary temperature is reduced considerably and consequently also the risk of wear. Additional protection during the cold start phase offers our "Nano Engine Protect & Seal". This product produces a highly active Nano barrier in the oil that protects against wear and ensures a gentle, smooth engine operation.