Monday, December 11, 2017

Protection for paintwork in winter

However appealing a winter wonderland may be, for the car, snow and ice are a big challenge. In particular, the vehicle paintwork is very demanded due to its constant contact with moisture, de-icing salt and split. This can quickly lead to weathering or even damage to the painted surfaces. Here, only an effective wax layer sealing the surface helps.

First clean, then protect

In order for the wax layer to optimally fulfil its protective function for the paintwork, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the vehicle in a first step. It is recommended to start with a material-friendly pre-cleaning in order to remove coarse dirt and salt residues. Otherwise, these can act like sandpaper causing considerable damage to the paintwork during the subsequent thorough washing. Finally, the sealing wax layer is applied. This preserves the painted surfaces against mechanical effects, moisture and salt.

By the way: the wax layer has to be renewed regularly. The rule of thumb is: If the water stops rolling off, it is time to wax again!