Monday, November 20, 2017

Next winter will come for sure

The fact that a cold start and especially the phase thereafter represent a high load on each engine is generally known. One of the main causes of this is that the oil has not been heated before start-up. This results in a fast, but uneven heat distribution and therefore increased wear. An additional danger arises from the low temperatures in the winter because it takes longer until the oil reaches the optimum operating temperature. If you also let your engine warm up every morning, so that the interior is heated up, it means a huge load for the vehicle.

Action to be taken

With our product "Nano Engine Protect & Seal", we present a fast precaution against increased wear. The "magic formula" of bluechemGROUP produces a highly active nano-barrier in the oil with extremely smooth and wear-reducing properties. For the user this means in effect:

  • highly active wear protection
  • extremely fast lubrication during cold start
  • smoother and softer engine running
  • improved engine performance
  • longer service life of aggregates
  • excellent emergency running properties
  • less noise while driving

So effective the product is so easy it is applied. The "Nano Engine Protect & Seal" only needs to be added to the oil circuit, where it works independently.

Now the winter may come.