Wednesday, August 15, 2018

NEW: protection and care for hybrids

Slowly but surely, it should be clear to everyone: The exclusive days of the internal combustion engine are numbered. The future belongs to alternative driving concepts that rely on electricity, fuel cells, etc. They provide the right answers when it comes to rising fuel prices, increasingly stringent emission regulations and climate change.

Hybrid vehicles: the secret winners

As fast as the current progress may be, the state-of-the-art concepts for alternative driving systems all have a problem: they are not widely recognized by the public. Only hybrid technology enjoys a high reputation among both manufacturers and vehicle owners. It can be seen as the first winner of the technological race, as it is considered the most mature and practicable. However, hybrids are not completely problem-free. Especially the irregularly used internal combustion engine is threatened by constant power loss. The bluechemGROUP presents an innovative solution to this problem.

High technology with weak points?

The difficulties of the hybrid technology are quickly named: Since the internal combustion engine in a hybrid vehicle is only used irregularly, it rarely runs at full load. As a result, the temperatures for optimal combustion are not reached, which in turn favors the formation of carbonization, condensation and oil sludge, as well as the clogging of the filter and sensor systems (catalytic converter, lambda probe). The consequences are a continuous loss of power, an increase in fuel consumption and bad emissions.

Constant performance thanks to cleaning and care – KEEP THE POWER!

With the thoroughly and carefully working products of our new ECOPOWER line, the problems of the combustion engine of hybrid vehicles can be noticeably reduced. The regular use of this "guard patrol" allows a consistent level of performance as provided by the vehicle manufacturers.

The ECOPOWER products in the overview:

1. Hybrid Fuel System Cleaner:

  • Removal of all contamination resulting from the short-term operation
  • Elimination of condensation and moisture
  • Preventing the negative effects of fuel aging (sticking, gumming, etc.).
  • Lubrication of sensitive components, thus protection against rust and corrosion
  • The product is compatible with the Injection System & Air Intake System Cleaning Device Clear Flow

2. Hybrid Internal Engine Cleaner:

  • Elimination of contamination and resin in the entire oil and lubricating circuit and neutralization of harmful engine acids before the oil change
  • Thorough system cleaning allows for the optimal working of the engine oil. Thus, all components are lubricated effectively during the cold start phase, in which the engine is more frequently due to its irregular use.

3. Hybrid Oxygen Sensor and Catalytic Converter Cleaner:

  • Cleaning of the entire exhaust system, especially in the area of the catalytic converter, the lambda probe, the turbocharger and the EGR valve. Removal of contamination resulting from the irregular use of the engine.
  • For regular use, long-term protection against re-contamination

The effectiveness of all products has been repeatedly checked by in-house tests and confirmed by TÜV Thuringia. In particular, the preventive application of theECOPOWER line has proven to be particularly effective in keeping the performance of the internal combustion engine of hybrid vehicles constant. Those who trust in the guard patrol preserve the power of their hybrid!