Wednesday, February 7, 2018

NEW: Klima Fresh Lemon

Cigarette smoke, wet dog, scraps of food and mold – these are all fragrances nobody wants in the vehicle interior. However, if the unpleasant odors have spread throughout the car, simple airing cannot eliminate them. Even a simple air freshener does not provide a remedy, because the bad scents are at best masked, but not neutralized.

The freshness kick for every vehicle

The bluechemGROUP presents a much better solution with its innovative air conditioning freshener Klima Fresh. The product cleans the air in the entire vehicle interior and in the air conditioning system and removes unpleasant odors sustainably. The application is very simple and does not require any assembly work. Inexpensive and without much effort, the vehicle receives an intense freshness kick! NEW: From now on, the product is available in the two natural fragrance versions orange and lemon.

The advantages of Klima Fresh at a glance:

  • Removal of unpleasant odors
  • Intensive air freshening in the vehicle interior and the air conditioning
  • Easy to use without assembly work
  • No stains on upholstery or cockpit
  • Also applicable to vehicles without air conditioning
  • Contains non-flammable propellant gas

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