Thursday, September 7, 2017

Motorcycle - Tips for winterizing

As soon as the first snow has fallen, many motorcyclists declare the season’s end. Whoever then just banishes the bike into a dark cellar and no longer cares about it until next spring, may be expecting a rude awakening on the first reboot. By using the effective products of our bluechem Bike-Line the reactivation can be significantly simplified:

bluechem Bike-Line Fuel System Cleaner (4-stroke, 2-stroke)

All those, who are not deterred by a little bit of snow and who continue to carry out their hobby, should treat their beloved machine with our Fuel System Cleaner. This product very efficiently removes operationally caused contamination in the entire fuel system and prevents condensation that has accumulated over time. In this way, frost damages can be avoided in winter.

bluechem Bike-Line Fuel Stabilizer

If the bike already arrived in its winter quarter, but still has petrol in the tank, the addition of our Fuel Stabilizer is recommended. This high-performance fuel additive protects against corrosion, deposits and fuel aging for longer periods. In addition, the product prevents the fuel decomposition and guarantees a trouble-free start at the reactivation. The application is very easy: The Fuel Stabilizer only needs to be added to the fuel system.

One last tip

The motorcycle clothes also like to be cleaned thoroughly before winterized. Therefore the bluechemGROUP recommends its autoprofi Bio Power Cleaner. This natural product convinces with its sensational cleaning abilities and no chemical additives. It cleans and protects all surfaces, such as leather and textiles, and is particularly gentle on the skin and 100 percent biodegradable.

With these tips of bluechemGROUP, the motorcycle fun can begin immediately in next spring! (Please also note the manufacturer's instructions and the operating instructions!)