Monday, December 4, 2017

Milan Business Meeting

Constant growth requires regular exchange – under this motto, from November 16 to 18, 2017, an extensive business meeting took place in Milan, Italy. The participants included Werner Urban (President of bluechemGROUP), Josef Kluy (International Business Development), the management of Autoprofi Italia and 22 Italian business partners. The agenda included an extensive program of hands-on training and in-depth discussion.

Friday – workshop demonstration

The focus of the first day of the meeting was a Fiat Dobló and a Fiat 500, where some bluechemGROUP products were presented. Josef Kluy explained the mode of action of the various products for the oil system as well as the new combustion chamber cleaning system Carbon X and the Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Cleaner OXICAT. He then introduced the application of the products. Particularly impressive for the participants was the versatility of the Carbon X, which can also be used to clean individual components such as the EGR valve.

Saturday – Meeting

While the first day of the meeting was all about practice, the second part was about the theory. Participants exchanged views on the business situation in Italy and discussed various marketing and sales strategies. Following the meeting, Werner Urban gave a small outlook on the further plans for the year 2018.

The bluechemGROUP would like to thank all participants of the Milan Business Meeting!