Monday, September 11, 2017

Keep it colorful: ReDesign PRO-TEC

Whoever is looking for a product today, in order to perform an internal engine cleaning, for example, first has to deal with a huge range of different products for maintenance, service and cleaning. It is not easy to make the right choice here because only reading the label often reveals the application area and the effect of the product. Would not it be much more comfortable if this information were given much faster?

In order to offer precisely this application convenience, the bluechemGROUP presents the ReDesign of the quality brand PRO-TEC. We show our true color and facilitate the handling of our extensive range of products.

The following information can be read on the label:

  1. The color of the main category reveals the application area of the product. We distinguish, for example, between engine, fuel system petrol, radiator system, etc.
  2. The color of the subcategory indicates the effect:
    • Cleaning – Here you can find all active cleaning products that effectively and almost independently remove stubborn contamination.
    • Protection – A large selection of maintenance, care and grease products for all parts of the vehicle is included in this category.
    • Performance – These include high-performance additives that have been developed to upgrade lower-quality fuels or oils.
    • Sealants – This category includes tools for maintenance, care and repair in a wide range of applications.
  3. Each article is given an individual product color in the color range of the subcategory.

The aim of ReDesign is to make it easier for the user to handle our product range. We enable intuitive and targeted access to the articles and prevent possible misuse.

In the next few weeks, the new design will be rolled out systematically. We will continue to report on this.