Monday, November 6, 2017

The pitfalls of low consumption

Reducing fuel consumption and thus protect the environment as well as save some money – anyone who buys a modern diesel vehicle usually pursues these objects. In particular, the current models with high-pressure diesel systems and direct injection (common rail, pump-injector etc.) can already cover more kilometers with a tank filling than their predecessors or comparable petrol engines. However, this also means that there are considerably fewer "changes" in the tank of the vehicle, since the fill level changes less frequently, which can lead to unexpected problems.

A dangerous combination: lots of air and significant temperature variation

The greatest danger to the diesel system is the water condensation. This risk is mainly influenced by the amount of air in the tank. Since modern diesel vehicles can still go very far with half the tank filling, the probability of undesired liquid formation is correspondingly very high. This effect is additionally enhanced by significant temperature variation when the nights are cold and the days are warm. Once there is condensed water in the tank, on the one hand, it leads to carbonization of essential components of the diesel system and, on the other hand, prevents an optimal combustion. The consequences are a higher fuel consumption, a loss of engine power and an increase in pollutant emissions.

The water must be gone

As the condensed water does not disappear "on its own", the bluechemGROUP recommends regular use of the Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect. The product has been specially developed for all high-pressure diesel systems and direct injection (common rail, pump-injector etc.) and it has been adapted to the specific requirements. It reliably destroys water bubbles in the fuel and absorbs combustion-damaging and dangerous moisture. In addition, it is particularly recommended for long-life service intervals, as it guarantees a thorough diesel system cleaning, in which reliably and sustainably even the smallest contaminants are removed. However, the main advantage of the Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect lies in the simple application, since the product only has to be added to the tank, where it acts completely autonomously.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a modern diesel vehicle without taking unnecessary risks, our Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect is the right choice.