Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Feedback on Carbon X: Top cleaning

Our new combustion chamber cleaning system Carbon X has already conquered half of the world since its market introduction freeing vehicles from stubborn carbonization on nearly every continent. Our international partners can therefore regularly report from their workshop customers who have achieved convincing results with Carbon X. We would like to present such a case from the UK, which our partner Bluechem GB has given us.

Carbonization in a young car

The present example is about a BMW 3 Series 320d diesel (built in 2012), whose owner lives in the British Solihull. Even though Stuart G. had just driven 82,000 km with his still young passenger car, the drivability had been adversely affected for some time. His professional workshop recommended a combustion chamber cleaning with Carbon X.

"I would not have thought it might be possible until I saw it with my own eyes thanks to the pictures taken with the endoscope camera – so many carbonization in the entire combustion chamber! And this with a modern car, with which I regularly went to see through! How could that be? My workshop told me then that above all the downsizing engine and the direct injection are responsible for the problem. Although these technologies ensure that the strict exhaust gas standards are met and sufficient power is available at the same time, the combustion quality is also adversely affected, resulting in more soot particles that deposit in the entire combustion chamber.

The cleaning process itself went extremely fast and the results were really impressive! The cylinders, the injector tips, both inlet and exhaust valves, the valve seats and the piston crowns were brilliantly clean and spoke absolutely for themselves. Just like the distant amount of carbonization that was presented to me. At the final test drive, I could see that the engine ran much calmer. My car suddenly felt three years younger!"

The bluechemGROUP thanks for the positive feedback and wishes much pleasure with the vehicle. For questions about Carbon X, please contact technics@bluechemgroup.com.