Thursday, June 15, 2017

DRIVOL | bluechem: Dealer Day

The partnership between bluechem and DRIVOL in India, which has existed for some time, flourishes and thrives. After both brands have been jointly elected in 2016 for the "100 Most Valuable Consumer Brands", they have now conquered all Indian states. In order to further strengthen this collaboration, a Dealer Day took place at the Hotel Novotel Juhu Beach in Mumbai on May 29, 2017 for all distributors in India and dealers of Mumbai. The following representatives of bluechem and DRIVOL participated in the event:

  • Werner Urban (President of bluechemGROUP, CEO of DRIVOL)
  • Josef Kluy (International Business Development bluechemGROUP, Technical Director DRIVOL)
  • Tejinder Singn Anand (Chairman of DRIVOL)
  • Rajiv Anand (CEO of DRIVOL)
  • Nikhil Parekh (CFO of DRIVOL)
  • Raman Pal Suri (Vice President / Sales – DRIVOL)

The main objective of the event was to strengthen the alliance between bluechem and DRiVOL in India. The distinctive features of the cooperation and the resulting advantages in the market were presented very vividly and clearly communicated. In addition, there were evaluations on the past year and an outlook on the joint future. With the strategies and processes that have been jointly decided, nothing stands in the way of the further triumph of bluechem and DRIVOL!