Friday, January 5, 2018

Drive efficiently, save money

Anyone who regularly spends several hours in the car, whether for professional or personal reasons, knows the desire not to waste valuable time, but instead to arrive quickly at the destination. In order to put this project into practice, the vehicle is often accelerated to the maximum – of course, always taking into account the current driving conditions. Then, the vehicle will be accelerated to the maximum possible driving the needle of the rev meter close to the red zone. The positive results are record times, in which the respective distances can be covered. The negative effect is revealed at the latest by a view at the own bank account at the end of the month...

A friend in need

The fact that the fuel consumption in the upper-speed range is significantly higher than in urban traffic is likely to be well known. The fact that the fuel quality can be improved towards that also, in this case, an optimal combustion and thus maximum efficiency are possible, probably much fewer vehicle owners know. Our Octane Premium (petrol) or our Cetane Booster (diesel) have been developed precisely for that! They increase the octane or cetane number demonstrably by 5 to 6 points, thus ensuring an improvement of the combustion, the "knock resistance" and the engine response. Thus, even at high speed, it is possible to get the most out of the tanked fuel!

The bluechemGROUP offers all frequent travelers one way to save some money. However, we would like to point out that we in no way want to promote ruthless rushing. For every reasonable motorist, we consider compliance with the legal speed limits and with the current driving conditions as self-evident – safety always first!