Thursday, March 8, 2018

Diesel System Cleaning

You cannot drive a diesel car without some side effects happening in the engine. Operational contamination and resin deposit in the entire fuel system in the course of time and cause deterioration of combustion. The consequences are a reduced engine power and increased fuel consumption. In addition, there is increased formation of soot and smoke, which has a negative effect on the exhaust emissions. To avoid these problems, it is advisable to clean the diesel system regularly. The bluechemGROUP offers these different products:

Diesel System Cleaner – the classic one

To thoroughly clean the entire fuel system of a diesel engine, in particular models of older generation with direct injection and common rail technology, our classic Diesel System Cleaner is the right choice. The product reliably removes contamination and resin from the entire diesel system and simultaneously ensures excellent lubrication and thus best protection of the injection system and the entire upper cylinder area. In addition, soot and noises are noticeably reduced and the cold starting behavior will be improved. The Diesel System Cleaner operates while driving and should be filled regularly every 3 to 4 months in the tank.

Diesel System Super Clean – the highly active one

Especially off common rail and pump-injector engines with turbo, catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter, operational pollution from the fuel tank to the combustion chambers can be cleared more thoroughly and more sustainable with the effective Diesel System Super Clean. In addition to the exceptional cleaning power, the product also provides a protective lubrication of the entire upper cylinder area and an optimization of the fuel atomization. The Diesel System Super Clean acts autonomously while driving and should be added regularly every 3 to 4 months the tank.

Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect – prevention and protection

In particular, high-pressure diesel systems and direct injection car (common rail, pump-injector) with diesel particulate filter can be cleaned thoroughly with the Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect. The product reliably removes contamination and resin deposits and guarantees reliable lubrication of the entire system, especially the high-pressure pump. Particularly noteworthy are the water-binding properties that absorb or destroy the water bubbles and combustion disturbing moisture. In addition, the fuel atomization is optimized, the formation of soot and noises is reduced and the cold start performance is improved. The Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect should be filled regularly every 3 to 4 months in the tank. It operates while driving.

Triple X Plus – the specialist

Particularly strong adhesive, heavy deposits in the intake system of diesel engines are a case for the specialist. In combination with our technical device Clear Flow, Triple X Plus removes the contamination in the valve and intake system, in particular in the intake valves, the piston rings, the fire land and the entire combustion chamber. Simultaneous lubrication also protects the unit against new deposits. The product provides through these effects a reduction of fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

The bluechemGROUP offers for every diesel model a suitable product. For questions, we are available via