Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Cleaning and protection of the fuel system

Resin formations and soilings in the carburetor and injector areas are often the reasons of power loss of engines. Also, coking and soot deposition can favor the clogging of the injections systems and thus results in far-reaching damage. Therefore, proper cleaning and long-term protection of the entire fuel system is essential.

Effective cleaning

The fuel system cleaner effectively cleans the entire fuel system of soilings and resin formations. From the tank to the combustion chambers, the product removes stubborn soot desposits in the upper cylinder area and resin deposits in the carburetor and injector area. This optimizes exhaust emissions, fuel consumption and also increases the service life of engines.

Optimal protection

For the long-term protection, the use of the fuel system water remover is recommendable. The product acts hydraulic and protects the entire system from rust and corrosion. In addition the remover prevents ice formation and improves the engine’s cold start.

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