Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Checklist for the car in summer

Better safe than sorry: Therefore, the own automobile should be prepared for the summer conditions before the mild spring months turn into the hot season. In particular, high temperatures and long trips in the holidays are a huge load. Who wants to prepare now, is well advised with our checklist:

1. Auto glass

The fine dust and dirt particles that accumulate on the windshield are a constant companion in the warm summer months. To avoid that they have a negative impact on the visibility, the wipers should always be fully functional. If the rubber is no longer optimal, a change will be necessary. In addition, it is advisable to thoroughly clean the windshield on the inside and on the outside before summer and to add the windshield water a special additive. TIP: For the windshield, a sealant is recommended in addition to cleaning.

2. Interior

Everyone who has waived the interior cleaning in spring should clean the upholstery thoroughly by now. The same applies to leather seats, because the change from summer heat and the air conditioning is a major load that requires special care. All plastic surfaces should be treated with an antistatic agent, so that less dust and dirt can accumulate. The door seals can also be prepared for the coming heat with a special care.

3. Paintwork

In order that the car reliably shines in the sun and not only dully shimmers throughout the whole summer, we recommend a paintwork sealant.

4. Air conditioner

If not done in spring, it is recommended to change the interior or pollen filter. TIP: Especially in case of allergies, there should be fresh air in the air conditioning.

5. Engine

The first step after opening the hood is the thorough inspection of all hoses and lines for cracks. Subsequently, the operating fluids (brake fluid) and the battery should be checked. The engine oil should be controlled and if necessary refilled. TIP: If an oil change is performed, a thorough internal engine cleaning is recommended. The new oil can be optimized with our Oil Booster or our Nano Engine Protection. The radiator fluid is the next point on the checklist. It should also be replaced or refilled if necessary. TIP: Our radiator conditioner is ideal for extra protection.

6. Fuel system

In particular, the long holiday trips are a good reason to not skip this part of the vehicle. To remove operational contamination and any condensation from the entire fuel system, we advise our special products for petrol and diesel vehicles. TIP: A cleaning of the exhaust system ensures some extra care.

7. Wheels

The last point on the checklist are the wheels (including the spare). It is particularly important to check the tread depth, which should be not less than 4mm. It is also recommended to check the tire pressure.

For questions about anything on our checklist, we are available under!