Friday, August 31, 2018

Checklist for the car in autumn

When the warm summers are slowly giving way to the gloomy autumn, it is time to prepare your own car for the new conditions. In order to ensure the safety of all vehicle occupants, some essential functions should be thoroughly tested. This is because major temperature fluctuations, different types of rainfall and less brightness are a big challenge for both the driver and the vehicle. We have summarized the most important points in our checklist.

1. Light

Dense fog, frequent rainfall and faster darkness are the best reasons to thoroughly check the entire vehicle lighting. This includes the turn signals, the brake lights, the fog lights, the hazard warning system and, of course, the headlights. These are particularly important because "seeing and being seen" is one of the most important safety principles. TIP: If the headlights should be dull and weathered, which makes them less powerful, we recommend our Nano Headlight Restore Kit.

2. Frost protection

As the temperatures might fall below zero in autumn, it is important to ensure adequate frost protection. This applies, on the one hand, to the windshield washer system, so that there is always sufficient washing water, and, on the other hand, to the radiator system (G12, G11), in order to protect the engine against damage. At the same time, the condition of the cooling liquid should be checked. If it turns out that it has to be replaced, we recommend a professional radiator system cleaning in a car workshop to remove rust, mud and lime in the entire system. TIP: Regardless of the exchange of the liquid, we recommend our radiator system protection.

3. Fuel system

While it is permanently warm in summer and cold in winter, in the autumn there are sometimes great temperature variations between day and night. This leads to the formation of harmful condensation in the tank. To thoroughly remove all liquids, we recommend our fuel system and diesel system cleaning.

4. Battery

Because most vehicle failures are due to the battery in the cold months, its condition should be checked in time. In addition, it is recommended to grease the poles and to check the acidity.

5. Windshield wipers

More rainfall also means more work for the windshield wipers. In particular, the wiper blades are heavily loaded by the more frequent use and should be checked before the autumn. If they are brittle and cracked, an exchange is recommended. TIP: All other rubber parts on the vehicle should be treated with our Plastic and Rubber Refresher (Interior, Exterior) to prepare them for the cold temperatures.

6. Car glass

A sponge and an anti-fogging cloth are standard equipment and should always be placed ready to hand. In addition, it is advisable to thoroughly clean the windshield on the inside and on the outside to prevent fogging as well as glare caused by oncoming vehicles. TIP: Our Car-Glass Sealant is perfect for autumn as it has both water and dirt repellency and also reduces the risk of freezing.

7. Air conditioning

Switching on the air conditioning system makes a decisive contribution to removing fogged windows. By their operation, the moisture in the interior of the vehicle is removed, which considerably reduces the time until the fine mist of water droplets on the windshield will disappear. TIP: We recommend using our Klima Fresh to optimize the performance of the air conditioning system.

8. Paintwork

As soon as there is salt on the roads, there is increased risk of rusting the vehicle. Paintwork damages should therefore be repaired first, in order to reduce the attack area for the salt. It is also advisable to maintain the paintwork as a whole as well as all outer plastic surfaces in order to prepare them for the cold months.

9. Locks

To ensure that there is no bad awakening at cold temperatures, because the doors cannot be opened anymore, we recommend a treatment with our Special Maintenance. It prevents the ingress of water and thus the freezing.

10. Tires

For winter tires a profile depth of more than 4 mm is recommended to ensure safe driving. TIP: When changing tires, the wheel hubs can also be protected against rust and corrosion with our Brake Anti Seize.

11. Useful helpers

An ice scraper, a warm blanket, a start-up cable and a window-defroster should be available in each vehicle during the uncomfortable season.