Monday, April 3, 2017

Carbon X: Engine restoration

If you would ask vehicle owners worldwide, what is most important to them when driving, the following points would certainly be among the top ten:

  • A quiet engine running
  • Constant performance
  • Minimal fuel consumption
  • Low emission values

It would be nice if these qualities would stay forever, but unfortunately, this is not the case. One reason for this are operationally caused deposits, which build up in every engine over time, especially in the combustion chamber. These stubborn contaminations (carbonization) lead to a deterioration of the compression and an unclean combustion. This ultimately has a negative impact on vehicle performance.

High technology from the technology leader

For easy removal of these stubborn and difficult to reach deposits, the bluechemGROUP now offers an innovative system solution with a unique chemical formulation: Carbon X! The two-component cleaning system for diesel and petrol engines works targeted and precisely without the need for complex dismantling of the cylinder head. It eliminates all contamination in the cylinder head area, in particular at the inlet and outlet valves, the piston crown and the piston top lands. The secret of this high efficacy is the combination of a highly effective chemical formula and a long and targeted exposure time while the engine is idling.

Two steps for a perfect cleaning result – the application of Carbon X

First, component K1, an extremely effective cleaning foam, is sprayed through a spark plug or injector opening. The product spreads from the valves to the piston top lands over the entire combustion chamber and deeply dissolves all deposits. Subsequently, component K2 is used which liquefies the foam and binds the dissolved deposits in an emulsion. This can be extracted easily using the Carbon X Extractor. The remaining minimum quantities are neutral, because Carbon X has highly effective lubrication components that protect the engine from wear. It is not corrosive and compatible with all surfaces in the combustion chamber.

See the application videos:

---> bluechem Carbon X (EN)
---> PRO-TEC Carbon X (EN)

TIP: Carbon X is also suitable for cleaning the EGR valve, the turbocharger and the air intake system!

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