Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Car wash privately - So it works!

If you prefer to wash your car privately and dont use a car wash, you must pay attention to a few points. For the sake of environment, the private car wash schould also be relocated to a washing area. These usually have a cleaning system that protects the groundwater. What you shoul pay attention to and how you wash your car in the right way, we explain here.

1. Rims and tires

Tires and rims are easier to clean with a high-pressure cleaner. Make sure to keep the correct distance of 30-40 cm. In addition, the water should not be hotter than 60°C. To remove stubborn dirt, a rim cleaner can be used. Our wheel rim cleaner is not only gentle on steel and aliminium rims but also effectively removes dirt.

2. External cleaning

Coarse dirt, such as leaves, should be removed by hand before cleaning. Its advisable to wash off insects, bird droppings and tree resin as quickly as possible with warm water. With a high-pressure cleaner you can remove soilings like salt, sand or dirt. Pay attention to the minimum distance of 30 cm. Otherwise the paint can be damaged. Then wash the car with sponge, car shampoo and lukewarm water. Our car shampoo cleans paint, glass and plastic surfaces and generate a pearlescent film. For the perfect finish, the paint can be treated with polish.

3. Window cleaning

Cleaning the windows is also a part of car washing. Windscreen cleaner and microfibre cloths are often sufficient to get the perfect view again. If the windscreen is soiled with oils or resins, then we can recommend our adhesive remover. This remover acts gentle and cleans effectively.

4. Door rubbers and plastic stripes

Especially if the car is to be winterized, treating the rubber strips is an important preperation. Our plastic and rubber care clean easily rubber-containing surfaces and plastic components. It prevents fading in the long term and has a water-repellent effect. In cold season you can grease the rubber strips, so that they are optimally protected against cold and wet.

5. Interior care

After the seats and foot area of the car have been hoovered, you can clean the car dashboard with warm water and car shampoo. If you want to clean the upholstery of the seats, we can recommend our upholstery cleaner. It remove stubborn dirt and also create a fresh fragrance.