Monday, December 17, 2018

bluechemGROUP - quality on highest level

The bluechemGROUP guarantees a consistently high quality of the products through a highly trained quality management. This involves quality assurance and the optimization of processes, among other things with the aim of achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. Products and services are constantly put to the tests, improved, advanced and are subject to a high, reliable standard of quality.

The most important national and international standard of a management system is
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. As a part of annual external audits, the bluechemGROUP exhibits the precisely defined, high standards of product quality and the clearly structured work processes. The detailed documentation about processes provide a high level of transparency and ensures compliance with the given guidelines. The defined quality level reflects the high quality of the products and shows which standards are pursued in the bluechemGROUP.

Through continuous controls a permanent improvement process of products and services are possible. Time saving and optimization of processes as well as improved customer satisfaction are further results of well-functioning quality management. As a result, the bluechemGROUP can continuously develop itself and prove their customers a high level of quality.