Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Air conditioning in winter?

To have a high visibility while driving in the cold season is not always easy: either the sun is blinding when driving or the windows must first be scratched free or they are fogged. That turning on the ventilation at maximum temperature is a very effective solution for the last problem, may be clear; but that the additional operation of the air conditioning even accelerates the process, is probably less known.

Cold air against cold windows?

At first glance, it seems strange, why the fresh air from the air conditioning should help to remove the precipitation on the windshield. However, it is not the cooling function, that matters, but rather the fact that the humidity in the vehicle interior is removed. Thereby, the time until the fine mist of water droplets on the windshield will disappear, is significantly shorter.

Positive side effects

In addition to the "drying function", the regular switching on of the air conditioning in the cold season ensures an extension of its service life. Through the more frequent use, compressor, hoses and seals are lubricated constantly and do not dry out. Thus, the air conditioning will not leak, a refrigerant loss does not happen and the cooling function is maintained. However, through regular but short use, it comes to an unpleasant smell. Here we recommend our Klima Fresh (video of application), which provides fresh air.