bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed To never miss any news and reports on our products, sponsorships and company activities you can easily subscribe to our RSS feed. So you always keep an eye on the bluechemGROUP! Thu, 14 Dec 2017 21:33:21 +0100 Zend_Feed_Writer 1.12.13 ( (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Leather care in winter Increased humidity and the frequent use of the seat heating are particularly stressing for the leather seats in the car during the winter months.]]> Wed, 13 Dec 2017 14:18:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Whether snow, rain or fog - in winter the leather seats in the car get significantly more often in contact with stressing moisture. If the seat heating is activated additionally, the load increases even more for the material. This combination of heat and moisture causes the leather seats to have significantly higher care needs - just like the human skin in winter.

No home remedies!

Who searches the Internet for "Leather Care", will find the most remarkable recommendations in the shortest possible time. From banana peels to unsalted lard, numerous home remedies can be found that are supposed to have a cleansing and nourishing effect. We strongly advise everyone against all these "tips", because they are more harmful than useful. With a professional Care Set, significantly better results can be achieved. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

Tips for leather care

  • Before applying the leather cleaners, the seats should be thoroughly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, because small crumbs or pebbles could otherwise create scratches.
  • During the cleaning, you should never rub too hard and always work extensively. It is generally recommended to test all the products first in an inconspicuous place.
  • All care products may only be applied to dry material.
Protection for paintwork in winter In the cold season, de-icing salt, road debris and moisture attack the vehicle paint constantly. Here, only an effective sealant helps.]]> Mon, 11 Dec 2017 12:54:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed However appealing a winter wonderland may be, for the car, snow and ice are a big challenge. In particular, the vehicle paintwork is very demanded due to its constant contact with moisture, de-icing salt and split. This can quickly lead to weathering or even damage to the painted surfaces. Here, only an effective wax layer sealing the surface helps.

First clean, then protect

In order for the wax layer to optimally fulfil its protective function for the paintwork, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the vehicle in a first step. It is recommended to start with a material-friendly pre-cleaning in order to remove coarse dirt and salt residues. Otherwise, these can act like sandpaper causing considerable damage to the paintwork during the subsequent thorough washing. Finally, the sealing wax layer is applied. This preserves the painted surfaces against mechanical effects, moisture and salt.

By the way: the wax layer has to be renewed regularly. The rule of thumb is: If the water stops rolling off, it is time to wax again!

The extra car service in winter Since vehicles are used differently in the cold season, the quantity of deposits in the exhaust system increases – a problem our OXICAT can solve very easily.]]> Fri, 08 Dec 2017 11:19:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed When the temperatures fall below the freezing point and the cold season presents itself in the most uncomfortable light, many people change their driving habits. For example, to heat up the vehicle interior before the start, in winter the engine idles more frequently lengthening considerably the cold start phase. In addition, snow and clear ice lead to driving at low speed for safety reasons. These behavioral changes might be comprehensible, but they cause an increase in operational deposits in the entire exhaust system. The bluechemGROUP offers a product that easily solves this problem.

OXICAT - Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Our specially developed high-performance cleaner removes all contaminations in the exhaust system sustainable and effective, without attacking joints and pipes. Oxygen sensor / lambda probe, turbocharger, EGR valve and catalytic converter will be freed thoroughly from all resin, gum and carbon deposits. With regular use (every 3 months), OXICAT even provides long-term protection against heavy contamination. Our cleaner can be used for petrol, diesel and even hybrid vehicles.

If you want to give your car some extra care in winter (besides the usual treatment), we highly recommend the use of our OXICAT at the beginning and at the end of the cold season.

Air conditioning in winter? The special advice against fogged windows in the cold season: Adding the air conditioning to the ventilation ensures even faster a high visibility!]]> Wed, 06 Dec 2017 13:03:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed To have a high visibility while driving in the cold season is not always easy: either the sun is blinding when driving or the windows must first be scratched free or they are fogged. That turning on the ventilation at maximum temperature is a very effective solution for the last problem, may be clear; but that the additional operation of the air conditioning even accelerates the process, is probably less known.

Cold air against cold windows?

At first glance, it seems strange, why the fresh air from the air conditioning should help to remove the precipitation on the windshield. However, it is not the cooling function, that matters, but rather the fact that the humidity in the vehicle interior is removed. Thereby, the time until the fine mist of water droplets on the windshield will disappear, is significantly shorter.

Positive side effects

In addition to the "drying function", the regular switching on of the air conditioning in the cold season ensures an extension of its service life. Through the more frequent use, compressor, hoses and seals are lubricated constantly and do not dry out. Thus, the air conditioning will not leak, a refrigerant loss does not happen and the cooling function is maintained. However, through regular but short use, it comes to an unpleasant smell. Here we recommend our Klima Fresh (video of application), which provides fresh air.

Milan Business Meeting From November 16 to 18, 2017, a meeting took place in Milan, Italy, between the bluechemGROUP, Autoprofi Italia and Italian business partners.]]> Mon, 04 Dec 2017 14:59:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Constant growth requires regular exchange – under this motto, from November 16 to 18, 2017, an extensive business meeting took place in Milan, Italy. The participants included Werner Urban (President of bluechemGROUP), Josef Kluy (International Business Development), the management of Autoprofi Italia and 22 Italian business partners. The agenda included an extensive program of hands-on training and in-depth discussion.

Friday – workshop demonstration

The focus of the first day of the meeting was a Fiat Dobló and a Fiat 500, where some bluechemGROUP products were presented. Josef Kluy explained the mode of action of the various products for the oil system as well as the new combustion chamber cleaning system Carbon X and the Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Cleaner OXICAT. He then introduced the application of the products. Particularly impressive for the participants was the versatility of the Carbon X, which can also be used to clean individual components such as the EGR valve.

Saturday – Meeting

While the first day of the meeting was all about practice, the second part was about the theory. Participants exchanged views on the business situation in Italy and discussed various marketing and sales strategies. Following the meeting, Werner Urban gave a small outlook on the further plans for the year 2018.

The bluechemGROUP would like to thank all participants of the Milan Business Meeting!

Lessons from the technology leader Michael Gänslein (Sales & Technical Training) was a lecturer at a master class of the Chamber of Crafts for Upper Franconia (November 23, 2017).]]> Thu, 30 Nov 2017 15:38:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed For almost 30 years, the bluechemGROUP has been dealing with questions and problems relating to vehicle chemistry. During this time, the international group of companies has accumulated extensive expertise becoming a technology leader. We provide this expertise on a daily basis to our partners and customers. In this sense, Michael Gänslein (Sales & Technical Training) was on November 23, 2017, on behalf of the Chamber of Crafts for Upper Franconia in Coburg to train future automotive masters in the field of vehicle chemistry.

... because it works!

From fuel system cleaning to window sealing, Michael Gänslein presented the entire range of bluechemGROUP to the 19 very interested participants. During the presentation, the students kept asking questions about individual aspects and effects of the different products. For example, they wanted to know why it makes sense to clean the engine when changing the oil, what the individual DPF products can do, and what advantages an exhaust system cleaning has. After the theory, there was the practicing. On an Audi A3 2.0 TDI (built in 2009), Michael Gänslein presented a diesel system cleaning with the Clear Flow. The technical device by the bluechemGROUP allowed the thorough removal of all operational deposits so that a smooth flow of the fuel was restored. Even the glued and gummy injectors were completely cleaned. The convincing result was very impressive for the master students.

Inquiries regarding training courses are always possible via

Cleaning of auxiliary heaters Fuel-powered auxiliary heating systems should be cleaned regularly of dust and debris when they are frequently used during the winter months.]]> Wed, 29 Nov 2017 14:18:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Unlock the car, open the door, get in and start – a simple routine that every vehicle owner knows. During the cold season, however, this ordinary sequence is often interrupted because sometimes the lock is frozen, occasionally the doors cannot be opened and in most cases, the windscreens have to be scraped before the start of the ride. As if this were not enough, the interior is so cold during the first few kilometers that you could almost cut building material for an igloo from your own breath. In addition, the windows are fogged up and the engine suffers from the cold start phase – in short, setting off on a journey in winter is not a very nice experience.

Helper in need

A simple solution for many of the wintry adversities is an auxiliary heating system. It makes sure that the engine and, consequently, the vehicle interior heat up significantly faster – sometimes even before driving. This means more comfort, more safety thanks to clear visibility and less wear, as the cold start phase shortens. However, fuel-powered auxiliary heating systems should be freed regularly of dust and debris when they are frequently used in winter – especially in the short-run operation. Thus, they can reliably develop their full power and provide pleasant warmth. This cleaning is, by the way, quite easy, because these elements are connected to the fuel system. As a positive side effect, our diesel or petrol products easily remove all contamination and protect from new operational deposits.

The last will be the first Although our PRO-TEC rider Ronny Weis just narrowly reached the finale in the opening race of Drift On Ice (November 25, 2017), he finally won the day.]]> Mon, 27 Nov 2017 15:23:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Drift On Ice has begun! Last Saturday (November 25, 2017), the legendary ice series started into the new season. At the opening event of the 6th PRO-TEC Cup, the audience was already offered absolute high tension with a big surprise. In addition, there was a fantastic side program and a great atmosphere.

For our PRO-TEC riders Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer, the first race ended with a place on the podium. The way there was very different:

Ronny Weis – a real nail-biter

Our speedway veteran had some difficulties at the start of the race. In the heats, he had to give in to both his colleague Richard Geyer and the Russian Sergej Malyschew, because his setup did not provide ideal starts. In the end, he got six points and was trembling, because it was not clear if this result would be enough for the finale. Fortunately for him, however, the Czech Zdenek Holub failed one run, so that Ronny Weis was certainly in the finale. "I was really relieved when it was clear that I had “survived" the preliminary round. Before the last race in Freital, I then adjusted my setup so that I had a good feeling before the finale."

Richard Geyer – experienced start

The new season of Drift On Ice began without a hitch for the PRO-TEC young talent. All he had to do was to give in to Sergej Malyschew in the heats, who delivered a perfect preliminary round (eight points) on that day. With his seven points, Richard Geyer reached the finale in second place, ahead of his colleague Ronny Weis.

Final – Ronny Weis flies away

Richard Geyer, Ronny Weis, Sergej Malyschew – they all gathered at Freital's last run and they all wanted the win. When the signal came, Ronny Weis got a dream start. His bike reared up powerfully so that Ronny Weis could look at the hall ceiling for a moment, but when he reached the ground again, he saw nobody to his left and right. "That was when I knew I could win this race – so I gave it all!", Ronny Weis explained. "When I crossed the finish line, I was overjoyed. I reached just narrowly the finale and then I could still achieve the victory – that was really great! "For Richard Geyer, it was the second place on this day. Sergej Malyschew had bad luck in the final. After the perfect preliminary round, he finished third.

Side program – even more high tension

There was a lot going on with both the 50cc Kids and the Quads: As the reigning junior champion Bruno Thomas has meanwhile changed classes, his sister Frieda Thomas was able to take home a victory for the first time. However, Magnus Rau was close on her heels, which promises numerous head-to-head races in the rest of the season.

In the Quads surprised Torsten Altmann, who not only prevailed against Stephan Bischoff, the reigning German short-track quad champion but also against Matthias Hahnke and Alexander Hauswald. It was noticeable that the vehicles on four wheels overall were significantly faster than the year before. It remains exciting how this season will develop!

Current standings:

  1. Ronny Weis: 10 points
  2. Richard Geyer: 9 points
  3. Sergej Malyschew: 8 points
  4. Zdenek Holub: 7 points
  5. Jacob Bukhave / Kevin Pedersen: 6 points

As an official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP congratulates all winners of the first round of Drift and Ice!

Next winter will come for sure If you want to protect your engine from the additional loads due to low temperatures, we recommend our highly effective wear protection.]]> Mon, 20 Nov 2017 13:15:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed The fact that a cold start and especially the phase thereafter represent a high load on each engine is generally known. One of the main causes of this is that the oil has not been heated before start-up. This results in a fast, but uneven heat distribution and therefore increased wear. An additional danger arises from the low temperatures in the winter because it takes longer until the oil reaches the optimum operating temperature. If you also let your engine warm up every morning, so that the interior is heated up, it means a huge load for the vehicle.

Action to be taken

With our product "Nano Engine Protect & Seal", we present a fast precaution against increased wear. The "magic formula" of bluechemGROUP produces a highly active nano-barrier in the oil with extremely smooth and wear-reducing properties. For the user this means in effect:

  • highly active wear protection
  • extremely fast lubrication during cold start
  • smoother and softer engine running
  • improved engine performance
  • longer service life of aggregates
  • excellent emergency running properties
  • less noise while driving

So effective the product is so easy it is applied. The "Nano Engine Protect & Seal" only needs to be added to the oil circuit, where it works independently.

Now the winter may come.

Season outlook: Richard Geyer Hungry for the victory: Our PRO-TEC young talent told us how he wants to regain the title of the legendary ice series Drift On Ice in the 6th PRO-TEC Cup.]]> Thu, 16 Nov 2017 14:52:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed It could not have been closer! In the end, it was the last race in the finale of Drift On Ice 2016/17, which cost Richard Geyer the overall victory in the 5th PRO-TEC Cup. His teammate Ronny Weis prevailed on the final laps, putting our young talents in second place. Now Richard Geyer wants to regain the title. Just days before the first race in the new season of the legendary ice series, he talked to us about his aims and strategies.

Season aim:

"Of course my basic aim is to get through the season well. I want to show a consistent performance and hold my own against the even stronger drivers of the 6th PRO-TEC Cup. Beyond that, of course, my view is also focused on the title. Having narrowly missed the overall victory last time, I now want to get the trophy back."


"Because I knew quite early that the competition on the ice would be even bigger this year, I started preparing for it months ago. The mechanics, whom I cannot thank enough, have examined my motorcycle thoroughly and optimally adjusted everything. Every little detail was checked so that I am technically well prepared. I think the perfect setup is the best strategy to get the title back. In addition, I prepared myself mentally for the upcoming races at an early stage – the season can begin, I am ready!"

Greatest fear:

"The worst thing would be, of course, if all the preparation had been useless. For example, if in the first race, I find out that I have not the optimal setup, so I cannot keep up with the competition. Then I would lose important points and maybe even miss the finale of the opening event. That would have catastrophic effects on the overall standings. Of course, I hope it will not happen, because that would be really bad."

Season highlight:

"Although I am really looking forward to every event and every spectator, Dresden as my home race is, of course, the highlight for me. Because this time the finale is taking place there, my enthusiasm is even greater. It is a fantastic feeling and incredibly motivating to go to the start with the support of my relatives and friends!"

PRO-TEC Support:

"No race without PRO-TEC! In order to avoid technical failures, I rely on the highly effective quality products at every race. I always use the Nano Engine Protect & Seal, chain spray and the Super-Lubricant. The mechanics have repeatedly confirmed to me that this power trio fits perfectly with the harsh conditions of Drift On Ice!”

The bluechemGROUP would like to thank for the exciting insights and wishes Richard Geyer much success for the season of Drift On Ice!

Clear sight thanks to perfect light When you have to drive mostly in the dark during autumn and winter, a thorough headlight restoration ensures greater safety.]]> Mon, 13 Nov 2017 11:38:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Whether on the morning way to work or on the drive home in the afternoon – in autumn and winter you usually have conditions that require a mandatory switching on of the headlights. And even if you can see the sun for a moment, thick fog and dense snowstorm often take care that driving without clear light can be a real risk. Just then, the headlights should be in the best condition, which means clean, shiny and without scratches. Especially important: a diffused light image restricts not only your own sight; it can also significantly dazzle the oncoming traffic.

In just a few minutes to the perfect light: headlight restoration by bluechemGROUP

The bluechemGROUP offers a simple and cost-effective solution for the treatment of weathered and dull headlights, in order to ensure the traffic safety for all participants. Our set restores the optimum luminous efficiency and the perfect gloss of all common automotive plastic models in a few easy steps (see video). In addition, the nano-effect provides a long-term protection against re-contamination and environmental influences.

Who always wants to have a clear sight thanks to a perfect light in autumn and winter and who also wants to improve the look of the car, has to choose our bluechem Nano Headlight Restore Kit!

Season outlook: Ronny Weis Our PRO-TEC rider barely managed to secure the title of Drift On Ice 2016/17 – what he wants to achieve this time, he told us before the first race.]]> Wed, 08 Nov 2017 09:09:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Not so long ago, our PRO-TEC rider Ronny Weis took the 2nd place in the Speedway Team Cup, the 2nd Speedway Bundesliga, with the Meissen Hornets. However, he did not have much time to celebrate this success because, in less than a month, the next challenge for him already begins: the title defense of Drift On Ice at the 6th PRO-TEC Cup. How he thinks about the upcoming races, he told us in a detailed interview.

Season aim:

"My big aim is to be among the top three again at the 6th PRO-TEC Cup. Of course, the overall victory would be nice, but defending the title is not an easy task because the quality of the drivers has risen again compared to last year. You have to prevail against international full and semi-professionals. Not only your own motivation and performance have to be right, you also need a perfect setup. In addition, we have only four races, if the weather prevents the planned outdoor event at Waldbad Oberau. Therefore, there are few possibilities to correct any mistakes. That is why I am carefully optimistic."


"If I want to realize my plan, there is only one strategy: I have to reach the podium at every single event. That, in turn, means that I must not make any mistakes in the heats. Because as already mentioned, the drivers are extremely strong. They will fight for every point and that from the first race. So the way to the final will not be an easy walk!"

Greatest fear:

"The horror scenario for me is a technical failure. Just imagine: I am in a top condition, I have the perfect setup – and then the chain breaks! That would be very bad. By such an incident, I could miss the final in a race, which would have a devastating effect on my season aim."

Season highlight:

"I have no specific highlight, but I am really looking forward to the entire season. There are many innovations, such as a new opening, a new lighting and a new paddock design, just to name a few. In addition, the improved quality of the drivers is reflected in all classes, which is why also the side program promises many exciting races.”

PRO-TEC support:

"In order to avoid the horror scenario which I mentioned earlier, I fully trust in PRO-TEC. For example, at every race, I use the Nano Engine Protect & Seal to protect the heart of my bike from increased wear. In addition, I always use the chain spray from the PRO-TEC BikeLine and the brake cleaner. Especially important is the Super-Lubricant, as it even at -5 °C has an optimal lubricating effect. Other products fail at such temperatures, but you can always rely on PRO-TEC! That way, I can always trust in the technology and focus on the race."

The bluechemGROUP thanks for the exciting interview and wishes Ronny Weis much success for the season of Drift On Ice!

The pitfalls of low consumption Modern fuel-saving diesel vehicles have a greater risk of water condensation – particularly when the days are warm and the nights are cold.]]> Mon, 06 Nov 2017 13:00:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Reducing fuel consumption and thus protect the environment as well as save some money – anyone who buys a modern diesel vehicle usually pursues these objects. In particular, the current models with high-pressure diesel systems and direct injection (common rail, pump-injector etc.) can already cover more kilometers with a tank filling than their predecessors or comparable petrol engines. However, this also means that there are considerably fewer "changes" in the tank of the vehicle, since the fill level changes less frequently, which can lead to unexpected problems.

A dangerous combination: lots of air and significant temperature variation

The greatest danger to the diesel system is the water condensation. This risk is mainly influenced by the amount of air in the tank. Since modern diesel vehicles can still go very far with half the tank filling, the probability of undesired liquid formation is correspondingly very high. This effect is additionally enhanced by significant temperature variation when the nights are cold and the days are warm. Once there is condensed water in the tank, on the one hand, it leads to carbonization of essential components of the diesel system and, on the other hand, prevents an optimal combustion. The consequences are a higher fuel consumption, a loss of engine power and an increase in pollutant emissions.

The water must be gone

As the condensed water does not disappear "on its own", the bluechemGROUP recommends regular use of the Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect. The product has been specially developed for all high-pressure diesel systems and direct injection (common rail, pump-injector etc.) and it has been adapted to the specific requirements. It reliably destroys water bubbles in the fuel and absorbs combustion-damaging and dangerous moisture. In addition, it is particularly recommended for long-life service intervals, as it guarantees a thorough diesel system cleaning, in which reliably and sustainably even the smallest contaminants are removed. However, the main advantage of the Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect lies in the simple application, since the product only has to be added to the tank, where it acts completely autonomously.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a modern diesel vehicle without taking unnecessary risks, our Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect is the right choice.

Exhaust System Cleaning Increased emissions and higher fuel consumption – the exhaust system should be cleaned regularly of operational deposits.]]> Fri, 03 Nov 2017 12:58:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed It is a problem that affects every vehicle: operational contamination in the entire exhaust system. Over time, carbon residues accumulate in the complete exhaust system (lambda probe, catalytic converter, turbocharger, EGR valve etc.) and lead to a malfunction of the affected components. Vehicles that are used for short distances or that are equipped with exhaust gas recirculation, turbocharger and direct injection have this problem more often, as the engine rarely reaches the required self-cleaning temperatures. A dirty lambda probe is unable to determine reliably the required amount of fuel, which leads to an increased consumption then. A dirty catalytic converter causes higher emissions.

Cleaning and maintenance of the entire exhaust system

With the Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Cleaner of bluechemGROUP, the complete exhaust system can be cleaned effectively, quickly and preventively. The high-performance product removes any deposits and prevents recontamination when used regularly. Before refueling, it should be filled in the tank every three months, where it then acts autonomously. The Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Cleaner is suitable for all types of catalytic converters of petrol / diesel engines and hybrid vehicles. Particularly serious contamination of the catalytic converter should be eliminated with our DPF/Catalyst Cleaner.

Advantages of the exhaust system cleaning:

  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Recovered engine performance
  • Reduced emissions of harmful exhaust gases
  • Prevention of engine management problems, which are caused by an excessively high degree of contamination

For questions, we are available via

6th PRO-TEC Cup: Drift On Ice 17/18 Here we go again: With the traditional opening race in Freital (Germany), the sixth round of the legendary ice series starts on November 25, 2017.]]> Wed, 01 Nov 2017 14:52:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed The waiting is over! On November 25, 2017, Drift On Ice will finally continue! The legendary ice series goes to the next round on the last Saturday of this month in Freital (Germany). With the 6th PRO-TEC Cup, fans can look forward to four events in Freital, Jonsdorf, Chemnitz and Dresden this year. If the weather is right, Drift On Ice will also be back at Waldbad Oberau.

The drivers: More requests than ever before

Currently, the international field of participants consists of drivers from six nations. It might even be possible that some more will be added because Drift On Ice is growing in popularity worldwide. The organizers report more requests than ever before. Apparently, every driver wants to try the ice and prove his skills. In addition, international speedway celebrities are interested in Drift On Ice.

The side program: The return of the sidecars?

If you know the PRO-TEC Cup, you know that every race offers a lot. Repeatedly, the side program convinces with fantastic highlights. Of course, this also applies to this year. In 2017, for example, the 50ccm kids will be there fighting on the ice like the “big” drivers. In addition, the 750cc karts and the ice quads, which will let the ground glow with their four wheels, will start again. As a special highlight, the sidecar teams, which already impressed the audience in 2016, are also in demand for this season. We will, of course, report as soon as there is more detailed information.

Team PRO-TEC: Who will win?

After our PRO-TEC rider Ronny Weis won the last season, he now faces the challenge of defending this title – not an easy task! Our young talent Richard Geyer will fight even harder for every point at the 6th PRO-TEC Cup because of course, he wants to get back the title. Whoever will prevail in the end, we will soon find out – we are curious!

Race calendar Drift On Ice 2017/18:

  • Saturday, November 25, 2017, Freital
  • Saturday, February 03, 2018, Jonsdorf
  • Weather-dependent date 2018, Waldbad Oberau
  • Saturday, February 24, 2018, Chemnitz
  • Sunday, February 25, 2018, Dresden
Customer Feedback: New Power! Our customer Andy B. from Suhl (Germany) has been able to eliminate the engine problems of his Skoda Fabia 1.4 with our highly effective products.]]> Thu, 26 Oct 2017 15:44:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed "I'm excited! I never expected the problems with my car to be solved so quickly and easily.", Andy B. from Suhl (Germany) writes to us in a feedback mail. He continues: "My old Skoda Fabia 1.4 (built 2004) now runs much better – and this after only one application! Respect for your products!" To this case, of course, we wanted to know more, so we let us tell all the details by Andy B.

"My Skoda Fabia had the problem that I could no longer accelerate after a long tunneling at a constant speed (80 km/h). If I pushed the pedal after the tunnel exit, nothing happened. Instead, the engine control light went on. Only after a restart of the car, I could accelerate again. The engine control light was then also off, but the exhaust warning light remained on.

My workshop either suspected a fault at the throttle or at the lambda probe. The mechanics, however, suggested only the replacement of the parts as a solution. This was too costly for me. In the search for an alternative, I came across the Throttle Body Cleaner and the Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Cleaner by bluechemGROUP. According to the instructions, I applied both products and then went on a test ride with curiosity.

What can I say? I was more than surprised, because already directly after the first tunnel everything was much better! No lack of acceleration, no need for a restart, no warning light – no problems! The fact that the mistake was solved so easily and so fast was an absolute relief for me."

The bluechemGROUP thanks for the feedback and wishes much pleasure with the vehicle. If you have further questions on this case, do not hesitate to contact us:

Season review: Porsche Carrera Cup André Heimgartner has finished the Australian brand cup in second place - with friendly support from our partner Bluechem Australia!]]> Wed, 25 Oct 2017 12:19:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed It has been a big year, a huge month, and a fantastic weekend at the finale of the Porsche Carrera Cup Australia – I can’t thank my sponsors enough for throwing their support behind me this year and riding this journey with me, I couldn’t have done what I have without them.” André Heimgartner proudly said after the last round at Gold Coast. This was the last station for the 22-year-old New Zealander in the Porsche Carrera Cup Australia, the top brand cup in Down Under. With his Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Type 991) he can now look back on an absolutely fantastic season. In the 23 races at 8 locations, he reached sixteen times the podium. He took both place 1 and 2 five times and he finished third six times. In total, he achieved 1.125 points. Thus, only 20 counters were missing for the overall victory.

Bluechem Australia – always there!

To bring the championship margin down to the narrowest it has ever been in this category’s history is pretty rewarding, even if we couldn’t quite get the big trophy today”, André Heimgartner says. He adds: “From signing up with Sonic Motor Racing Services two weeks before the first race and going on to win that round, to winning at Bathurst, to securing second in the title, it has been a really great year in Carrera Cup and I have had a lot of fun! However, I would like to thank all the supporters who have accompanied me along this way."

Bluechem Australia, partner of the bluechemGROUP, thanks in return for an exciting season! The entire group is proud to have found a new bluechem brand ambassador in Andre Heimgartner!

Season review: Rally Team Just Florian and Tobias Just have successfully finished the 2017 season of the German Rally Masters and the ADAC Rally Masters – powered by bluechemGROUP.]]> Tue, 24 Oct 2017 14:21:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed The German Rally Masters and the ADAC Rally Masters 2017 ended with the ADAC 3-Cities-Rallye last weekend (October 20 / 21, 2017). It was an absolutely exciting season for the Rally Team Just, which this year was officially supported by PRO-TEC, the quality brand of bluechemGROUP. Although the team could first join the series at the second race, the Hessen Rally Vogelsberg, Florian and Tobias Just managed to reach the top three in the overall standings:

Florian Just / Marco Schönfelder

With their Citroen C2 R2 Max, Florian Just and his co-driver Marco Schönfelder managed to reach the podium in Division 5 five times. It was one victory, three second and a third place. In the end, Florian and Marco end up in sixth place. In Division 5, it was even the second place.

Tobias Just / Lisa Kiefer and Sabrina Türk

For Tobias Just and his co-pilot Lisa Kiefer and Sabrina Türk, the season ended with the third place in Division 6. Overall, they finished eleventh with their Suzuki Swift Sport. In the seven races in which they participated, they were able to reach the podium four times, three times place two and once place three.

The bluechemGROUP thanks for an exciting season and congratulates on this excellent result!

Winter checklist for your car Is the car ready for the cold season? We have created a brief overview, which summarizes the most important precautionary measures.]]> Fri, 20 Oct 2017 12:30:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Frost, snow and slush are a major challenge in the cold months of the year for every car. So that the vehicle survives the winter safe and without any problems, we have put together a short checklist that includes the most important preparatory measures:

1. Radiator system

To avoid engine damage, an effective radiator antifreeze is very important. Which product is best suited (G11, G12) depends on the vehicle model. TIP: A well-maintained radiator system also helps to warm up the interior more quickly.

2. Battery

Every year old batteries are the most common cause of breakdowns. The battery should therefore be checked and replaced if necessary.

3. Fuel System

Water that may have accumulated in the fuel system should be removed before the temperatures regularly drop below zero. For both diesel and petrol vehicles the bluechemGROUP has effective solutions. TIP: If you want to take care of your exhaust system, too, you should have a look at our OXICAT.

4. Washer system

An effective frost protection is required for the smooth operation of the windshield washer system and thus a clear view in winter. The front window should also be thoroughly cleaned before the cold season starts to avoid streaks. TIP: After filling the antifreeze into the washer, use it right afterwards, so that the liquid is distributed throughout the system.

5. Lights

All lighting systems and especially the headlights should be checked whether they are correct. For that the lighting in the dark season is always perfect, it is additionally recommended to periodically clean all the lights. TIP: If you have a warm garage, you can use our Nano Headlight Restore Kit, which is also a sealant.

6. Interior and exterior windows

Thoroughly cleaned windows stay clean longer (less streaks) and do not fog up quickly. In this connection, the wiper blades should be checked.

7. Door and trunk

All rubbers should be treated thoroughly before the cold season, so they do not freeze. TIP: Even the door lock can get a long-term protection against ice.

8. Paintwork

Snow, ice and salt are a strain for the vehicle exterior. In order to protect the paintwork from these threats, it is advisable to maintain all surfaces.

9. Winter tires

For safe driving is always ensured, the profile should be at least four millimeters deep. The age of the tire should not exceed ten years. TIP: Damages at the wheel hubs through water and road salt can be prevented by our Brake Anti Seize.

10. Accessories

Window scraper, gloves and maybe a cover for the windscreen should be in every vehicle.

PRO-TEC: Perfect for diesel vehicles Dirk Ress, CEO of the Autocenter Itzgrund in Coburg (Germany), trusts in the high effectiveness of the quality brand PRO-TEC in the case of diesel engine problems. The extensive range offers the right solution for a wide range of scenarios.]]> Thu, 19 Oct 2017 16:43:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed "When customers visit a car workshop nowadays, they have significantly more requirements than they did ten years ago. It is important for them to get not only a 100% solution but also an extremely fast one and, of course, the cheapest possible one for their problem. However, a complex change of parts is the worst thing that can happen", explains Dirk Ress, CEO of the Autocenter Itzgrund in Coburg (Germany). He continues: "I am glad that, as a PRO-TEC partner, I am always able to offer the best service!"

PRO-TEC and diesel vehicles: two examples

"Actually, I could tell of many stories where we have achieved the best results with PRO-TEC products – to the delight of our customers! However, I would like to limit myself to two cases focusing diesel engines", says Dirk Ress. His examples are about an Audi A1, which after the software update in the course of the “Dieselgate" had problems with the exhaust gas recirculation, and a Fiat Ducato camper with an extremely high consumption.

1. Low cost, great effect

Dirk Ress: "The vehicle in the first example was an Audi A1 1.6 TDI (built 2010) with a mileage of 71,500 km. It had received the software update, which was published by VW in the course of the "Dieselgate". Subsequently, the driver repeatedly received the error message "EGR blocked". Of course, the customer wanted to avoid replacing parts, so we suggested an alternative. First, we applied the PRO-TEC Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Cleaner. The product caused the fault light to stop flashing after a short time. A few weeks later, we carried out an intake system cleaning with PRO-TEC Triple X PLUS and an oil change with PRO-TEC Engine Flush and PRO-TEC Oil Booster. After that, the Audi ran perfectly again – with absolutely minimal cost. Needless to say, the customer was overjoyed about it."

2. Diesel consumption clearly reduced

In his second example, Dirk Ress reports of a Fiat Ducato 2.3 JTD Multijet (built in 2009): "The owner of this vehicle came to us because his consumption of 12.5 liters per 100 kilometers at constant 120 km / h on the highway appeared to him clearly too high. He hoped that we would find a quick and easy solution to this problem since he had just recently purchased the motorhome and wanted to use it for a long time. We first proposed a diesel system cleaning with PRO-TEC Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect, because the previous owner had used the Ducato mainly in everyday life and as a second camper.  Because of this short-range operation, we suspected many deposits in the fuel system, which had a negative effect on the consumption. After the application and about 800 kilometers driven, the customer rechecked his diesel consumption. With great pleasure, he realized that he needed only 9.5 liters per 100 kilometers. So he had just got the quick and easy solution to his problem he had wished for!"

PRO-TEC against heavy carbonization Auto Selek GmbH in Neustadt near Coburg (Germany) has restored the drivability of a VW Polo by means of various PRO-TEC products. In the vehicle, an extremely stubborn 1 cm thick carbon layer had accumulated on the surfaces around the combustion chambers.]]> Wed, 18 Oct 2017 15:10:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed It looked like the surface of Mars – there is no better description for the extreme carbonization of the VW Polo (built 2007, 1.4 liters, 160,000 km). The massive black carbon layer was almost on all surfaces around the combustion chambers and threatened to partially block the pipelines. Therefore, it was not surprising that the vehicle could hardly be driven. Almost immediately after the start, the engine switched into the emergency operation and the engine control light was constantly on.

In view of this problem, Auto Selek GmbH from Neustadt near Coburg (Germany) chose PRO-TEC Carbon X, the targeted and highly effective combustion chamber cleaning system. With the help of the two-component product, large parts of the carbonization could be solved in a short time and removed without residue. The rest was then scraped off with mechanical means and suctioned off. In the end, PRO-TEC Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect was used to eliminate even the smallest operational residues.

After this extensive application, the fuel system and the combustion chambers of the VW Polo were nearly "as new" again. To the delight of the owner, the drivability of the car could be completely restored!

With teamwork to the second place Our PRO-TEC team, the Meissen Hornets, achieved a third place in the last race of the Speedway Team Cup and thus the second place in the overall standings.]]> Wed, 18 Oct 2017 10:38:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed The final race of this year's Speedway Team Cup (2nd Speedway Bundesliga) could hardly have been more exciting. Only the teams that were still able to win the season participated in the event on October 8, 2017, in Herxheim (Germany): the MSC Berghaupten Black Forest Eagles, the MC Meissen Hornets, the MSC Olching and the MSV Herxheim Drifters.

A look at the table before the race shows how close the opponents were:

  Running points Match points
1st Emsland Speedway Team Dohren 8 127
2nd MSC Olching 8 126
3rd MC Meissen Hornets 8 119
4th MSC Berghaupten Black Forest Eagles 8 106
5th MSV Herxheim Drifters 6 103
6th MC Güstrow Torros 5 99
7th MSC Diedenbergen Rockets 4 108
8th AC Landshut Young Devils 3 96
9th SC Neuenknick 3 95
10th AMC Haunstetten 1 47


It was just Herxheim, which was only able to reach the second place in the overall standings. All the other teams could still get the title. Accordingly, extremely aggressive driving was shown. The participants fought for every inch in very exciting duels.

Handicap for Team PRO-TEC

"When I read at the beginning of the year in the race calendar that Herxheim would be the place for the last race, I was not really happy", says PRO-TEC rider Ronny Weis. He explains: "In all my years as a speedway driver, I never really got used to this track. I have been looking for a felt eternity for the appropriate setup, but to this day, I have found no suitable solution for me. Unfortunately, my teammate Richard as well ..." Therefore, Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer decided to support their two teammates Kevin Wölbert and Matthias Rex. The twelve tires that each team in the Speedway Team Cup was given during a race were distributed in such a way that Kevin and Matthias were usually on the road with a fresh pair. Therefore, they could make the points, which ultimately led to a third place for the Meissen Hornets.

Thus, the final result of the 2nd Speedway-Bundesliga 2017 looked like this:

  Running points Match points
1st MSC Berghaupten Black Forest Eagles 10 132
2nd MC Meißen Hornets 9 144
3rd MSV Herxheim Drifters 9 141
4th MSC Olching 8 151
5th Emsland Speedway Team Dohren 8 127
6th MC Güstrow Torros 5 99
7th MSC Diedenbergen Rockets 4 108
8th AC Landshut Young Devils 3 96
9th SC Neuenknick 3 95
10th AMC Haunstetten 1 47


After a ten-year break in the Speedway Bundesliga, the Meissen Hornets return with a second place – a fantastic result. "In the beginning, we had determined to place ourselves somewhere in the middle of the field. Taking the top three would have been an absolute dream. The fact that it has now become second place makes me happy!", explains Ronny Weis. He adds: "This result also shows us that we can achieve even more. I am already looking forward to the 2018 season!" The bluechemGROUP congratulates the Meissen Hornets on this fantastic performance and thanks for an absolutely exciting season.

PRO-TEC – Worldwide partner of the automotive industry

Our PRO-TEC riders rely on the quality of the PRO-TEC products, which even meet the tough speedway conditions.

Products used during the race and preparations:

Low cost, great effect! Dirk Ress, CEO of the Autocenter Itzgrund in Coburg, Germany, is absolutely convinced of the advantages of the bluechemGROUP products.]]> Mon, 16 Oct 2017 16:04:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed "If car drivers come up with a problem these days, then they want a fast, but also a cost-effective solution – I am glad that thanks to the bluechemGROUP, we can offer the best service in such cases", explains Dirk Ress, CEO of the Autocenter Itzgrund in Coburg, Germany. He has been working with us for some time and can already look back on many positive experiences.

Dirk Ress about the bluechemGROUP:

"I could tell many stories, in which the products of the company bluechemGROUP have absolutely convinced. I was most impressed by this case: it was an Audi A1 1.6 TDI (built in 2010) with a mileage of 71,500 km. The vehicle was at our car workshop because after the software update by VW in the course of the "Dieselgate" there were some problems. Concretely, it was the known error message "EGR blocked".

Of course, the customer wanted to avoid the complex and costly exchange of the affected parts, so we suggested an alternative. First, the "Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Cleaner" was applied. The product was added to the tank, which caused the fault lamp to stop flashing. A few weeks later, we carried out an intake system cleaning with Triple X PLUS and an oil change with internal engine cleaning and oil booster.

Afterwards, the Audi ran faultlessly again – with absolutely minimal costs! On behalf of our customers, we thank bluechemGROUP for these fantastic products!

The bluechemGROUP thanks for the feedback and wishes a lot of pleasure with our products!


Autocenter Itzgrund GmbH & Co. KG
Niorter Strasse 10
96450 Coburg

Certified effectiveness confirmed again The increase of compression pressure, the reduction of emissions and the reduction of wear and friction are just three of the various effects of individual PRO-TEC products that the TÜV Thüringen auditors have confirmed once again in 2017.]]> Thu, 12 Oct 2017 14:54:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed As a world-renowned quality brand, PRO-TEC stands for highly effective products that provide maximum value to all business partners and their customers. PRO-TEC has committed itself to this high standard right from the start, which is why regular independent tests and certifications are self-evident. In this context, TÜV Thüringen was commissioned in 2017 to examine various effects of individual products. The auditors were able to confirm the high effectiveness of the range in elaborate tests.

There are new TÜV certificates for the following PRO-TEC products:

The certificates are valid until 2018 and will be extended in time.

Diesel consumption clearly reduced From 12.5 to 9.5 liters per 100 kilometers: In his #WorkshopStory, our Sales Force member Michael Gänslein explains the miracle of this reduction in consumption.]]> Wed, 11 Oct 2017 15:40:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed The regular exchange with various workshops throughout Germany is an important part of the daily work of our Sales Force members. This has the advantage that our team is often right on the spot when our products solve difficult problems easily or achieve significant improvements in performance. Such a case is the topic of the #WorkshopStory of our Sales Force member Michael Gänslein. He reports how the diesel consumption of a Fiat Ducato camper was significantly reduced thanks to our products.

Michael Gänslein’s #WorkshopStory:

"When I visited the Autocenter Itzgrund in Coburg some time ago, the workshop was working on a Fiat Ducato 2.3 JTD Multijet (built in 2009). The owner of this vehicle complained that the consumption of 12.5 liters per 100 kilometers at constant 120 km / h on the highway was clearly too high. He hoped to find a quick and easy solution to this problem in the workshop since he had just recently purchased the motorhome and wanted to use it for a long time.

Because the previous owner had used the Ducato mainly in everyday life and as a second camper, that is to say for short distances, the mechanics suggested a diesel system cleaning with the product "Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect". This was intended to remove all operational deposits, which had accumulated in particular due to short-distance operation. As a result, the fuel could be combusted optimally, which would reduce fuel consumption. So the product was added directly to the fuel.

After 800 kilometers of driving, fuel consumption was checked again. The owner of the Ducato was delighted that he only needed 9.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Thus, a single application of the product resulted in a significant reduction. This was exactly the quick and easy solution to his problem he wanted – TOP!"

If you have further questions on this case, do not hesitate to contact us:

ReDesign for PRO-TEC: Keep it more colorful Thanks to striking and clear signal colors, the application area and the effect of each PRO-TEC product can be identified even more easily. This makes it easier to handle the extensive range and prevents possible misuse.]]> Tue, 10 Oct 2017 14:22:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed PRO-TEC is not only a highly effective quality brand but also a user-friendly workshop brand. Therefore, the comprehensive range guarantees both efficiency with maximum customer satisfaction as well as simple work with the highest degree of user comfort. PRO-TEC wants to optimize the day-to-day tasks of a workshop, which is already evident in the appearance of the various products. The current ReDesign underlines this aspect. Striking and clear signal colors make the handling of the extensive assortment much easier because the application area and the respective effect are clearly visible. This allows intuitive and targeted access to the articles and prevents possible misuse.

The following information can be found at the first glance on the label:

1. The color of the main category provides information on the application area of the product. For example, a distinction is made between engine, fuel system petrol, radiator system, etc.

2. The color of the subcategory stands for the effect achieved by the product in the respective application area:

a. Cleaning – All products that effectively and almost independently remove even stubborn contamination.
b. Protection – Various maintenance, care and grease products for all parts of the vehicle.
c. Performance – High-performance additives for upgrading lower-quality fuels or oils.
d. Sealants – Tools for maintenance, care and repair in a wide range of applications.

3. Each article is given an individual product color in the color range of the subcategory.

The new design will be rolled out systematically. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: <CLICK>

ADAC GT Masters 17: Season review Of course, YACO Racing was aware, that there are not only ups for a team in the league of super sports cars. However, no one expected such a season.]]> Mon, 09 Oct 2017 12:53:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed YACO Racing, the sympathetic underdog from Plauen in Germany, has made a name for itself in the ADAC GT Masters in the last few years. Successes such as at the Hockenheimring 2015 or in Zandvoort 2016 are the best proof that one should never underestimate the Saxon Audi. Whoever made this mistake, found itself very quickly behind the green Audi of Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey.

To continue with this development, there was also a clear aim for the 2017 season: get through the races without failing and finish in the points every time. The first part of the plan was a success as there was the result DNF (Did Not Finish) only twice – in 2016, YACO Racing had to finish a race early four times. Regarding the points, it looks less convincing. Philip Geipel summarized: "After a decent start to the season, things moved steadily forward. Both the Lausitzring and the Red Bullring gave us points, which made our confidence grow. Then there was the valley of tears ..." A retrospective:

Motorsport Arena Oschersleben / Germany (04/28 – 04/30/2017) – Place 25 / Place 16

YACO Racing did not have much time to prepare for the opening weekend in Oschersleben. It was therefore not surprising that some difficulties arose during the first qualifying. The team achieved only 21st place, which made it difficult to reach the points. From such a position, the team had often started and had shown a fast-paced catch-up thanks to the incomparable fighting spirit, but this time it was not possible. A risky overtaking maneuver ending in the gravel pit and a transit penalty – a wrong decision of the race management – cost so much time that it was an only 25th place. In the evening, the mechanics could fix a mistake, which gave rise to optimism on the next day. In race two, the Audi worked so well that Rahel Frey started a convincing catch-up. Unfortunately, there was a small crash and a further transit penalty, so YACO Racing ended up in 16th place. The two riders said: "This was not a typical ADAC GT Masters start, but we learned a lot over the weekend and gathered many important experiences."

Lausitzring / Germany (05/19 – 05/21/2017) – Place 11 / Place 9

YACO Racing has finally broken the "Curse of the Lausitzring" in 2017. While the team had experienced serious setbacks over the past few years, Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey have been successful this season. Already in the first race, the points got within reach thanks to 15th place achieved in qualifying. However, the green Audi was pushed from the track early and sent to the back of the driver's field. From there, however, he kept fighting forward until he finally reached position 11. It is difficult to imagine what would have been possible without the setback in round one. Day two of the “motorsports festival” at the Lausitzring started with place 20 in qualifying. From there, YACO Racing was able to get steadily forward, avoiding all the struggles on the track. At the end of the race, the team reached the top ten, earning the first points in the ADAC GT Masters 2017. Rahel Frey said: "What a joy! Place 9 in the hard Sunday race is a great achievement! Many thanks for the emotional motorsports moments in the Lausitz!"

Red Bull Ring / Austria (06/09 – 06/11/2017) – Place 10 / Place 13

As expected, it was not easy for Audi with number #50 on the Red Bull Ring. "From the past few years we already knew that the long straights in connection with the height differences are rather bad for our car", explained Philip Geipel. That is why the race on the first day started with an only 20th place. From there, YACO Racing was able to get steadily forward and finally crossed the finish line in 10th place. On the first day of the race, the team fulfilled the wish for further points. On Sunday, YACO Racing started from place 20. In the race, there were, unfortunately, fewer possibilities to get forward, so Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey did not reach the top ten this time. In the end, it was 13th place.

Circuit Park Zandvoort / Netherlands (07/21 – 07/23/2017) – DNF / Place 19

With a hard-earned 13th place in qualifying, YACO Racing started in Zandvoort near the points with many expectations. However, already in round one, the anticipation came to an early end, because the green Audi got into a crash. "Unfortunately, the crash damaged the suspension in turn seven – very annoying, but that's racing", said Uwe Geipel, Team Leader of YACO Racing. Until late in the night, the mechanics then worked on the damage to make the Audi fit for the next race. After the project succeeded, the second race day was supposed to be different. In qualifying, YACO Racing was "only" 14th but remained highly motivated. Thus, despite the adverse weather conditions, Rahel Frey and Philip Geipel managed to cross the finish line in sixth place. The joy of it, however, was not permanent. "Zandvoort was not good to us in 2017. First the crash on day one and then we were punished with +30 seconds in the second race because of a touch with another car under yellow. So again no points, we remain unlucky ...", Uwe Geipel summarized the weekend.

Nürburgring / Germany (08/04 – 08/06/2017) - Place 16 / Place 14th

The weekend in the Eifel was a very special one for Philip Geipel: "In my first season of the league of super sports cars in 2011 I achieved a second place at the Nürburgring. In 2015, I took the first podium for YACO Racing. Now, my 100th ADAC GT Masters race took place here." The anniversary, however, did not bring any luck to our sympathetic driver from Plauen. Already on Saturday, the team only started from place 22. In lap 1, Philip Geipel had to evade several vehicles, which moved him completely to the end of the field. By an almost incredible catch-up and a driver change in record time the green Audi finally reached place 16 – a performance, the team was content with despite all problems. Day two at the Nürburgring unfortunately also started with only the 18th position in qualifying. In the end, YACO Racing finished 14th. "Unfortunately, we had to leave the Eifel without points, but defeats make us only stronger as a team!", Rahel Frey summarized the weekend at the Nürburgring.

Sachsenring / Germany (09/15 – 09/17/2017) – DNF / Place 19

The home race of YACO Racing started very promisingly because from the free practice to the qualifying the lap times improved considerably. Philip Geipel started only from place 19, but could quickly place near the points. At this position, Rahel Frey took over the green Audi but had to give up shortly after the change due to a defect at the diffuser. Uwe Geipel, Team Leader, explains: "Driving with a faulty diffuser is roughly the same as driving a car with good tires at the front and shopping cart wheels at the rear – impossible!" However, the damage could be repaired already on Saturday. The qualifying session on Sunday ended a little better than on the day before. This position led to hopes that Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey might repeat the second place of 2016. Unfortunately, there was no luck. The team received a drive-through penalty, which prevented further points. "Unfortunately, we were unable to beat our competitors at our home race. It was a shame, but we fought extremely hard at any time. Who knows us, knows very well that we will not give up!", Rahel Frey announced after the Sachsenring.

Hockenheimring / Germany (09/22 – 09/24/2017) - Place 15 / Place 16

The Saturday started on the Hockenheimring with a promising place 13 in qualifying. In the race, however, Rahel Frey was hit on the rear wheel, which had a negative effect on the steering behavior. In addition, she fought extremely hard on the track, which meant that the tires suffered very much. After the change of driver, Philip Geipel had hardly any opportunities to get forward. In the end, it was only 15th place – not a good start for the final weekend. The fighting spirit, however, remained unbroken. On Sunday, the team started from place 22, from where it advanced to the 16th place. However, the top ten could not be reached. "Actually, we really wanted to return to the points, but it just was not possible – what a pity", commented Philip Geipel.

Final results of the ADAC GT Masters 2017:

  • Philip Geipel / Rahel Frey: Place 36
  • YACO Racing: Place 15

In summary, Uwe Geipel, Team Leader of YACO Racing, says: "We never had something like this in our previous history at the ADAC GT Masters. We gave absolutely everything in every race, but somehow we just had no luck. Now we can just look forward. We will keep our heads up and we will attack again in 2018!"

As an official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP thanks YACO Racing, Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey for the season and wishes all the best for the future!

Continue on success! The Meißen Hornets, our PRO-TEC team, achieved the second place in their third race (09/24/2017) of the Speedway Team Cup 2017 (2nd Bundesliga).]]> Fri, 29 Sep 2017 12:13:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Victory in Meissen, victory in Dohren – our PRO-TEC team, the MC Meissen Hornets, has already won two of its four speedway races in this year's Speedway Team Cup, the official 2nd Speedway Bundesliga. Last Sunday (September 24, 2017), the riders went to Haunstetten for their third race of the current season. The opponents this time were the MSC Berghaupten Black Forest Eagles, the MSC Diedenbergen Rockets and the hosting AMC Haunstetten Arrows. Our Speedway heroes, who returned to the Bundesliga after a 10-year break, presented an outstanding performance and delivered a captivating head-to-head race with the Rockets.

Fight for 2nd place

While it was relatively obvious that the Eagles would finish the race as a winner and the Arrows would not be lucky on that day, the midfield decision was unclear for very long. The Hornets and the Rockets were nearly tied in the preliminary runs, which did not allow a clear prognosis. Our PRO-TEC team from Meissen would have liked to make an earlier decision, but there were some difficulties. Ronny Weis explains: "The track in Haunstetten is actually designed for sidecars and therefore much longer than usual. We had to get used to it and find the right setup for the motorcycles. My team colleagues succeeded well, but I was much too slow in the first races on the long straights. The starts were good, but at the top speed, I simply could not keep up. That is why we could not get as many points as we wanted in the preliminary round." Before the big final, the Hornets had 28 points and the Rockets 29 points. The last runs would therefore decide. Fortunately, everything was right with the setup at this time. Our PRO-TEC riders took the lead and secured the second place with one more point – congratulations!

Currently, the MC Meissen Hornets are in second place in the table. The last race will take place on October 8, 2017, in Herxheim. Ronny Weis says: "If we make it back to the podium, we will be among the top three teams in the overall result – we are very excited and will give it all!"

PRO-TEC – Worldwide partner of the automotive industry

Our PRO-TEC riders rely on the quality of the PRO-TEC products, which even meet the tough speedway conditions.

Products used during the race and preparations:

Advices for tire change Whether on your own or in a car workshop – we summarized the most important information for the tire change in a clear article.]]> Fri, 29 Sep 2017 11:00:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Twice a year most motorists ask the same question: Do I change the tires on my own or should I choose the easy way and go to a car workshop? We made a collection of some useful advices for both variants.

Tire change in a car workshop – the complete service

Whoever wants to make it easy for oneself should choose the car workshop option. The professionals not only change the tires, but also care about the correct storage of complete wheels including visual inspection for damage, tire and rim cleaning as well as increase of the tire pressure. They will also take care for the important balancing of the wheels. Note: For vehicles with direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), the visit of the car workshop is imperative because the sensors in the tires need to be checked.

Private tire change – the individual solution

With enough time and the right equipment, it is not a big challenge to change the tires on your own. Only for the balancing of the wheels, a visit to the car workshop is inevitable. The following tools are required:

  • a wheel wrench or spider wrench to loosen the wheel nuts or bolts
  • a (trolley-)jack
  • (wax) chalk for marking the wheels (for example FL for front left)
  • torque wrench to tighten the wheel nuts or bolts: The value must be adjusted precisely and can be found in the manual. After a distance of about 50 to 100 kilometers, the tightening torque should be rechecked.

During the change, you have to make sure not to forget important additional work such as visual inspection for damage and checking of the tire pressure of the mounted and the stored wheels. For the visual appearance, a thorough cleaning of the rims and a refreshment of the tires (without the cap) can be carried out, too. In addition, it is a good time to take a close look at the brakes (discs, linings), drive shift joints, shock absorbers and axle parts and to remove greasy residues. TIP: For all contact surfaces (wheel hubs, wheels) and the nuts or bolts, we recommend our Brake Anti-Seize to prevent rust and corrosion.

Changing the tires on the rim

Many vehicle owners do not replace the complete wheel, but only the tires. In this case, although a visit to a car workshop is usually inevitable, many steps can nevertheless be done individually. For example, the wheels can already be completely disassembled, cleaned and checked, so that the car workshop only changes the tire on the rim and balances the wheels. It is also possible to store the old tires individually.

Maximum work for windshield wipers Cloudy fog, heavy rain or dense snow is a huge challenge for old wiper blades in autumn and winter – time for a change?]]> Wed, 27 Sep 2017 12:30:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed When the hot summer days slowly but surely said good-bye, the time of hard work will begin for wipers. On an almost daily basis, heavy rainfall occurs in all its forms and demands a lot from the wiper blades. In order to ensure an unobstructed view and the safety of the vehicle occupants at all times, the condition of the wipers should be closely examined.

Wiper blade rubbers on the test bench

If the windshield wipers have already gotten a bit old, there are different wear phenomena, especially on the rubbers.

The following malfunctions can occur:

  • Streaking due to cracked wiper blades
  • Smeared areas on the windshield because of old and flattened wiper blades
  • Bucking, rattling and other noises due to in itself twisted wiper blades
  • Inadequate performance by worn-out wiper brackets providing a too low pressure

If these defects do not occur, this means that the windshield wipers are still fully functional. In this case, our Nano Car-Glass Sealant can significantly extend their lifetime. The product ensures that the wipers have to be used less frequently despite different rainfalls. This is because the sealant creates an optimum and lasting water- and dirt-repellent effect, which means that the view remains free even without using the windshield wipers. It also has a very long life because it is UV-resistant and resistant to mechanical as well as chemical stress.

Everything ends – when you have to change the windshield wipers

If the wiping performance is no longer satisfying or the wipers are older than two years, the exchange is recommended. Our Aerodynamic Prime Flat Blades are the perfect alternative. They have a long life, can withstand driving speeds of more than 240 km/h and they reduce flow noises (at 140 km/h) by up to 2 dB compared to conventional products. They are very stable and, above all, winter resistant. In addition, the windshield wipers also fit on every vehicle due to nine adapters!

The end of a tough season The last race of this year's ADAC GT Masters at the Hockenheimring (September 22 – 24, 2017) ended with no points for the team YACO Racing.]]> Mon, 25 Sep 2017 16:14:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed "We never had such a season in our history at the ADAC GT Masters. We absolutely gave it all in each race, but somehow we had no luck in 2017, even in the last race", said Uwe Geipel, Team Leader of YACO Racing, visibly disappointed by the results of the last race at the Hockenheimring (September 22 – 24, 2017). "Actually, we wanted to finish in the points once more, but it just was not meant to be – what a pity", commented Philip Geipel, adding: "Now all that is left is to look forward. We will keep our heads up and we will compete again in 2018!"

1st race, Saturday – Place 15 (Qualifying place 13)

It was really good weather when the first race day on the Hockenheimring began with a good news: Rahel Frey achieved an excellent 13th place in qualifying, which brought YACO Racing nearer to the points. The start was also very successful; the green Audi could successfully evade a big crash in the first lap. After the restart, however, there was the first setback, since Rahel Frey was hit on the rear wheel, which significantly deteriorated the steering behavior. This meant she lost one place, but still fought fiercely and pushed the Audi to its limits, especially the tires. After the driver change, Philip Geipel had hardly any opportunities to get further forward, especially since he lost two places through the pit stop. At the end, it was the 15th place for YACO Racing – not a good start for the final weekend.

2nd race, Sunday – Place 16 (Qualifying place 22)

Although the mood was somewhat depressed after the results of the first race day, the fighting spirit remained unbroken. Philip Geipel managed to achieve the same time as his team colleague in the qualifying session on the previous day, but this time he was only 22nd. YACO Racing was highly motivated. It was the last race of the season. Here on the Hockenheimring, the team had even achieved the first place in 2015 – so points were possible! However, not that day. Although both riders fought their way up to 16th place, they could not reach the top ten – a disappointing end to a dark season. "There was really a lot going wrong, but we keep our heads up. YACO Racing keeps fighting. We will do everything we can to return much better in 2018!", says Uwe Geipel, fiercely.

Final standings of ADAC GT Masters 2017:

  • Rahel Frey / Philip Geipel: Place 36 / 3 points
  • YACO Racing: Place 15 / 10 points

As an official sponsor, bluechemGROUP would like to thank Team YACO Racing for an exciting season and we wish all the best for 2018!

ADAC GT Masters 2017: Hockenheimring This year's fantastic league of super sports cars ends with the big finale at the Hockenheimring this weekend (September 22 – 24, 2017).]]> Tue, 19 Sep 2017 15:29:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed What a season! Who loves Motorsport, should not have missed the ADAC GT Masters this year. The league of super sports cars offered a superlative sporting action on six weekends. In just a few days (September 22 – 24, 2017), the big finale of this season will take place – once again at the Hockenheimring. The team YACO Racing is also looking forward to the final round of the ADAC GT Masters 2017. Since only a few days after the race on the Sachsenring, this race offers the last possibility to get further points. "We will be fighting until the last minute, even if it was not the best season for us. At the Hockenheimring, we have scored every time in the past two years – that is what we want to do again this time!", Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey state purposefully.

A brief overview – a non-round season

YACO Racing had no luck in the ADAC GT Masters 2017. In the qualifying sessions, the team did not reach a front starting place and the fast-paced catching-up hunts, for which the sympathetic team is actually known, unfortunately, were missing. Additionally, there were some crashes and two total failures. "This season has challenged our fighting spirit very much. So many, often indebted setbacks we have not experienced so far", says Uwe Geipel, Team Leader, looking back at the previous races. He adds: "But as hard as it may be, it is racing and we keep our heads up. YACO Racing will not despair – and we are glad that the bluechemGROUP is a strong partner in difficult times. At the Hockenheimring, we will definitely give it all!"

As an official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP wishes all the best for the big finale at Hockenheimring!

No points at home race Despite great support from 300 invited guests, YACO Racing had no luck at the race weekend on the Sachsenring (September 15 – 17, 2017).]]> Mon, 18 Sep 2017 16:07:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed It was really impressive at the last event of the ADAC GT Masters: no matter where you were on the Sachsenring, you could marvel at the green hats in the YACO racing design. The team from Plauen had these extravagant headgears made for the home race last weekend (September 15 – 17, 2017) and gave them to all guests. "It was very motivating for us, but unfortunately we could not get any new points – very disappointing, but we will never let ourselves down!", said Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey.

1st race, Saturday – DNF (Qualifying place 19)

The race weekend started very promisingly. Already from free practice to qualifying, the lap times improved significantly, which caused optimism for the first main race. At the start, Philip Geipel was only in position 19 but got close to the points immediately after the start. He held this position up to the change of the driver, but he realized at the time that something was wrong with the green Audi. He thought of the tires, but the technicians noticed quite quickly after Rahel Frey had taken the wheel, that the diffuser was the problem. Thus, YACO Racing had to finish the race prematurely. Uwe Geipel, Team Leader, explains: "Driving with a faulty diffuser is roughly like driving a car with good front tires and rear shopping cart wheels – impossible!" Therefore, the Saturday started with no points and the whole attention was on race 2.

2nd race, Sunday – Place 19 (Qualifying place 17)

The qualifying session on Sunday ended a little better than on the day before. This position provided hopes that Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey might present a similar catching up as 2016. Last season, the team managed to get from place 14 to place 2 and thus to land on the podium. However, luck was not on YACO Racing’s side. For a touch on the track, Philip Geipel had to take a drive-through penalty, which made it impossible to reach the points. "It was very annoying and extremely disappointing," said Philip Geipel after the race. Rahel Frey added: "Unfortunately, we were not able to compete with our competitors at our home race. It was a shame, but we fought extremely hard at any time. Anyone who knows us knows that we will not give up. On the Hockenheimring, we try again!"

As an official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP wishes YACO Racing all the best for the great finale of the ADAC GT Masters 2017 at the Hockenheimring!

Proven by TUV Thüringen The high effectiveness of numerous PRO-TEC and bluechem products was once again certified in 2017 by the auditors of TÜV Thüringen.]]> Thu, 14 Sep 2017 15:15:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed As a worldwide partner of the automotive industry, we have set ourselves the task of developing and producing highly effective products with maximum benefit for our customers. To ensure that we can always live up to this high standard, we regularly test and certify the effectiveness of our products. In this context, we are very proud that TUV Thüringen has again confirmed the effectiveness of numerous PRO-TEC and bluechem products.

There are new certificates for the following:

The certificates are valid until 2018. Of course, we will apply for an extension in time.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

ECHT Endurocup 2017 With its special product line MX for Life, the bluechemGROUP officially supports the motor sports series ECHT Endurocup in the season 2017.]]> Wed, 13 Sep 2017 15:19:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed bluechemGROUP goes Enduro – once again!

As in 2016, we have also supported the season 2017 of the central German motorsport series ECHT Endurocup with our product line MX for Life. Since the first race in Döbritz (April 08 / 09, 2017), the riders on the places 1 – 3 of each class are given one of our especially for motorcycle sports developed products. We want to contribute to optimum care, intensive protection and thorough maintenance of the machines. The participants received the chain spray MX Powertrain, the special oil for foam filter Smooth Air Oil Spray, the cleaning spray Fruit Easy Clean and the care spray Knoockers Shine.

ECHT - Endurosport for more than 10 years

The ECHT Endurocup by the “Veranstaltergemeinschaft Enduro-Cup-die Herausforderung” (short ECHT) has a long tradition. The motorsport series has been taking place in Central Germany for more than ten years and is enjoying increasing popularity. At each race weekend two different events are held::

  1. Endurocup: In this race, there is a target of 4 hours. Within this time, each driver has to complete a certain number of laps, which will be announced before the event. At the end, the winner will be the one, who reaches this target on the one hand and on the other hand has the lowest total special challenge time. The special challenge is carried out on each round and is extra measured in time.
  2. ECHT 3h Enduro: Here a driving time is set for 3 hours, in which as many laps as possible have to be completed. The driver with the highest number of laps is the winner in the class.

The race calendar for the 2017 season:

  • Döbritz April 08 / 09
  • Frankenberg May 13 / 14
  • Mitterteich July 08 / 09
  • Dieskau August 26 / 27
  • Drmoul / Czech Republic September 09 / 10
  • Großlöbichau September 30 September / October 01

The bluechemGROUP thanks all participants for an exciting season of the ECHT Endurocup 2017 and wishes everyone a lot of success at the finale in Großlöbichau!

Rally Team Just in Lower Saxony Florian and Tobias Just return from Osterode in Lower Saxony with a 1st and 2nd place in their respective division (September 08 / 09, 2017).]]> Tue, 12 Sep 2017 15:08:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed It was not the best weather with which the city of Osterode in the Harz region welcomed more than 40 participants of the Rally Lower Saxony last weekend (September 08 / 09, 2017). Light but constant rain and gray clouds in the sky provided a rather restrained enthusiasm among drivers and the public in the run-up of the event. However, the spectacular race with its 14 special stages could completely dispel the depressed mood. The Rally Team Just was very satisfied with its first and second place. The individual reports:

Florian Just / Marco Schönfelder

With their Citroen C2 R2 max, Florian Just and his co-pilot Marco Schönfelder wanted to build on the results of the Thüringen Rallye. For this, it was necessary to master many fast cut curves in Osterode, which was not an easy task because of the constant rainfall and the muddy roads. Florian and Marco, however, came well through the individual special stages and fought their way forward in division 5. Shortly before the end, they had reached the first place, with just 10 seconds ahead. Disciplined and confident, they managed to keep this rank successfully until the end of the Rally Lower Saxony. The bluechemGROUP congratulates on this excellent result!

Tobias Just / Sabrina Türk

The Suzuki Swift Sport Gr.N by Tobias Just and his co-pilot Sabrina Türk, who once again stood in fo Lisa Kiefer, had to fight with the slippery and muddy track conditions. Accordingly, the start on Friday evening was somewhat restrained. After the first stage, Tobias and Sabrina were still in 2nd place in division 6. On Saturday the speed was then clearly increased, which led to more successes. The Swift was able to pick up three divisionary minimum times, which brought Tobias and Sabrina closer to the victory. This dream did not come true, however, since they lost a lot of time due to a technical fault, which made no switching possible. In the end, it became a conciliatory second place in division 6 – congratulations!

As an official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP wishes maximum success for the 3-Cities-Rally, the last event in the German Rally Masters (DRM) and the ADAC Rally Masters.

Keep it colorful: ReDesign PRO-TEC The products of our quality brand PRO-TEC are given a new look so that their effect and their respective application area are easy to identify.]]> Mon, 11 Sep 2017 15:39:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Whoever is looking for a product today, in order to perform an internal engine cleaning, for example, first has to deal with a huge range of different products for maintenance, service and cleaning. It is not easy to make the right choice here because only reading the label often reveals the application area and the effect of the product. Would not it be much more comfortable if this information were given much faster?

In order to offer precisely this application convenience, the bluechemGROUP presents the ReDesign of the quality brand PRO-TEC. We show our true color and facilitate the handling of our extensive range of products.

The following information can be read on the label:

  1. The color of the main category reveals the application area of the product. We distinguish, for example, between engine, fuel system petrol, radiator system, etc.
  2. The color of the subcategory indicates the effect:
    • Cleaning – Here you can find all active cleaning products that effectively and almost independently remove stubborn contamination.
    • Protection – A large selection of maintenance, care and grease products for all parts of the vehicle is included in this category.
    • Performance – These include high-performance additives that have been developed to upgrade lower-quality fuels or oils.
    • Sealants – This category includes tools for maintenance, care and repair in a wide range of applications.
  3. Each article is given an individual product color in the color range of the subcategory.

The aim of ReDesign is to make it easier for the user to handle our product range. We enable intuitive and targeted access to the articles and prevent possible misuse.

In the next few weeks, the new design will be rolled out systematically. We will continue to report on this.

Motorcycle - Tips for winterizing The bluechemGROUP presents some useful information that will help you reactivate your bike next spring much easier.]]> Thu, 07 Sep 2017 12:54:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed As soon as the first snow has fallen, many motorcyclists declare the season’s end. Whoever then just banishes the bike into a dark cellar and no longer cares about it until next spring, may be expecting a rude awakening on the first reboot. By using the effective products of our bluechem Bike-Line the reactivation can be significantly simplified:

bluechem Bike-Line Fuel System Cleaner (4-stroke, 2-stroke)

All those, who are not deterred by a little bit of snow and who continue to carry out their hobby, should treat their beloved machine with our Fuel System Cleaner. This product very efficiently removes operationally caused contamination in the entire fuel system and prevents condensation that has accumulated over time. In this way, frost damages can be avoided in winter.

bluechem Bike-Line Fuel Stabilizer

If the bike already arrived in its winter quarter, but still has petrol in the tank, the addition of our Fuel Stabilizer is recommended. This high-performance fuel additive protects against corrosion, deposits and fuel aging for longer periods. In addition, the product prevents the fuel decomposition and guarantees a trouble-free start at the reactivation. The application is very easy: The Fuel Stabilizer only needs to be added to the fuel system.

One last tip

The motorcycle clothes also like to be cleaned thoroughly before winterized. Therefore the bluechemGROUP recommends its autoprofi Bio Power Cleaner. This natural product convinces with its sensational cleaning abilities and no chemical additives. It cleans and protects all surfaces, such as leather and textiles, and is particularly gentle on the skin and 100 percent biodegradable.

With these tips of bluechemGROUP, the motorcycle fun can begin immediately in next spring! (Please also note the manufacturer's instructions and the operating instructions!)

STRONGBOL Adventure Tour Serbia With its quality brand PRO-TEC, the bluechemGROUP supported a very special off-road trip through the Serbian Carpathians "for real men" this summer.]]> Wed, 06 Sep 2017 12:59:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed The 23rd of June 2017 began very early for the ten participants of the STRONGBOL Adventure Tour "Serbia Edition PART II". Shortly after midnight, at 1 o'clock, they started with their five 4x4 off-road cars in Coburg in Bavaria, to drive into the wild Eastern Serbia – an excursion "for real men". However, the way there was far. Only after more than 1,000 kilometers through Austria and Slovenia, the STRONGBOLers finally arrived in the Serbian Carpathians. Here, however, they could let their exploratory spirit run wild. Every day, they undertook exciting trips to the Homolje and Kučaj mountains, where they faced numerous challenges. Among them were river crossings, extremely muddy passages, steep gorges, and mountains up to 1,400 m height. Only by mutual support and the frequent use of the winch could these hard challenges be mastered.

Stress for man and machine

As if the terrain was not demanding enough, the participants had to deal with temperatures up to 33 °C with their off-road vehicles, too. Therefore, not just the drivers had to struggle with some heat problems. As a result, the technology had to be extensively and thoroughly maintained in the evening of each day, so that the wear of the material was limited. Fortunately, the STRONGBOLers could rely on the support of our quality brand PRO-TEC. The extensive product range made a great contribution eliminating all the scars of the day for the next morning.

In total, the participants of the STRONGBOL Adventure Tour "Serbia Edition PART II" drove about 3,400 km until they reached Coburg again. The bluechemGROUP congratulates every STRONGBOLer on a successful adventure!

ADAC GT Masters 2017: Sachsenring On the penultimate weekend (September 15 – 17, 2017) of this year's league of super sports cars, the home race for the team YACO Racing takes place.]]> Mon, 04 Sep 2017 13:01:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed "The races at the Sachsenring will be the highlight of the season for us, as they are the home races for our team!", says Rahel Frey from the team YACO Racing on the penultimate weekend (September 15 – 17, 2017) of the ADAC GT Masters 2017. She adds: "There will surely be lots of fans and friends on site, which is why we are of course particularly motivated to show a convincing performance on the legendary roller coaster track." So far, the sympathetic Team from Plauen, unfortunately, was less lucky in this year's league of super sports cars, which is why the goal for the Sachsenring is more than clear: finishing in the top ten.

All eyes on qualifying

As on past weekends, YACO Racing is once again looking for a good performance in qualifying this time. Philip Geipel explains: "The competition is extremely hard this year with every rider fighting for a place at the front of the field. On the one hand, this is what makes the ADAC GT Masters so attractive, but on the other hand, you have to be at the front of the field from the beginning, in order to escape the stress on the track and secure a good position. That is why we want to get the best possible starting place in qualifying." The entire team is working hard to develop appropriate strategies to put this project into practice. As an official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP wishes YACO Racing maximum success!

Internal Engine Cleaning Power losses and higher fuel consumption are just two of the reasons for the regular cleaning of the entire oil and lubrication circuit.]]> Thu, 31 Aug 2017 12:15:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Operational contaminations, deposits, and carbonization accrue eventually in every oil and lubrication circuit, regardless of whether it is a modern diesel or a high-performance petrol vehicle. However, this process is completely normal, but certain factors such as short trips or frequent driving in city traffic can accelerate it. The contamination and deposits interrupt the combustion process in the engine, which leads to many negative implications:

  • Power losses
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Increased risk of wear
  • Increased emissions

Fresh oil in a clean engine

The solution to the described problems is a thorough cleaning of the engine at the time of the oil change. Therefore, the bluechemGROUP offers a product that removes all contamination and deposits keeping them in suspense, so they can be completely flushed out with the used oil. If the system is then filled with new engine oil, it does not mix with the rest of the waste oil. Thus, the smooth operation of the engine is ensured, which has several advantages:

  • Improved compression values, and thus better engine performance
  • Optimized oil and fuel consumption
  • Lowered wear of units
  • Extended life span of the catalytic converter
  • Reduced exhaust emission

The Internal Engine Cleaning is added to the used motor oil before oil change. Subsequently, the engine must run for about 15 minutes at idle. Thereafter, the oil and filter changes can be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. We answer all questions under

Autumn leaves and paint damage When wet leaves dry on the car, they can leave unattractive marks on the paint, which cannot be eliminated with a simple car wash.]]> Tue, 29 Aug 2017 12:50:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed When the leaves change in autumn, the world is transformed into a colorful wonderland. For car drivers, this foliage also has its dark side. It lets the streets become a slide, accumulates in joints and crevices, blocks water drains and thus causes wet floor mats, damp interior and fogged windows. In addition, wet leaves can leave very unattractive marks on the paint.

Moisture and tannic acid: Danger to paint

Foliage on a car, in itself, is not a threat to surfaces, but this changes completely when moisture comes into play. It lets the tannic acid contained in the leaves come out, which attacks the paint and makes it softer. As a result, the leaves can partially "burn" into the surfaces. Particularly dangerous in this context are beeches, poplars, plane trees, oaks or chestnuts since their foliage contains high amounts of tannic acid.

Clean, polish, protect

The easiest solution for the problem is to avoid all parking under trees, especially in the rain. If you do not have this option, you should regularly remove all of the autumn leaves. This is usually done by hand or in badly accessible places with the vacuum cleaner or the compressed air gun. However, if the foliage has already left its mark, a thorough paint preparation is necessary. In the first step, the vehicle is carefully washed and freed from all contamination. Subsequently, a polish is used which contains both friction agent and wax. It provides a deep cleaning and paint smoothing as well as, thanks to the contained wax, effective protection, care and surface gloss. To finish the treatment a sealant should be applied so that the paint is protected against future damage. We recommend using a carnauba wax (the hardest natural wax in the world) as it effectively protects the surfaces from the dangers of autumn leaves.

Speedway U21 Team Euros Torrential rains led to the early breakup of the last event (August 19, 2017) in this year's Junior European Team Championships.]]> Fri, 25 Aug 2017 11:44:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed "After the first heat, everything was pretty good for us regarding the points. It would have really interested me, what would have been possible for the German team in this race!", says our PRO-TEC rider Richard Geyer, visibly disappointed, about the final of the Speedway U21 Team Championships in the Polish Krosno. The last event of this year's championships last Saturday (August 19, 2017) was canceled after the fifth race due to heavy rains, which did not stop even after almost two hours. Up to this point, the German team was clearly ahead of Latvia in third place. Ronny Weis, also a PRO-TEC rider and team colleague of Richard Geyer, said: "The German Speedway juniors performed really well. It is a pity that the final was canceled, but I am now looking forward to the repeat on September 16, 2017!"

The bluechemGROUP also wishes much success at the big final. Whoever wants to see Team PRO-TEC live in action has the next opportunity at the “Ostseepokal” in Wittstock and Stralsund this weekend (August 25 / 26, 2017).

Removing heavy carbonization #WorkshopStory: Michael Gänslein (Sales & Technical Training) reports on the removal of a 1 cm thick carbon build-up layer with our products.]]> Thu, 24 Aug 2017 14:06:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Our dedicated Sales Force representatives are out on business every day to support various workshops throughout Germany. As a result, the team is regularly present when our products and technical equipment help to solve difficult problems. One of those cases is the #WorkshopStory by Michael Gänslein (Sales & Technical Training). He reports how an extremely stubborn carbon build-up layer of a VW Polo has been removed:

Michael Gänslein’s #WorkshopStory:

"The problem occurred at Auto Selek GmbH in Neustadt near Coburg. It was a VW Polo (built in 2007, 1.4 liters, 160,000 km), which had extremely strong carbonization. They were thicker than 1 cm, which resembled the surfaces on Mars. I had never seen anything like this before! The result was then, logically, that the owner could hardly drive the vehicle. Constantly the warning lights were on and the engine switched almost immediately after the start into the emergency run.

Therefore, heavy artillery was necessary to remove this heavy carbonization. Carbon X, our highly effective cleaning system, was first used. The rest was then scraped off mechanically and everything was suctioned off with the vacuum pump. Finally, our "Common-Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect" was applied. While the Polo was almost un-driveable before this process, afterwards everything was good again – an absolutely convincing result!"

If you have further questions on this case, do not hesitate to contact us:

Blue Chem Canada & Italo Labignan Since this year, our Canadian partner has been supporting the sports fisherman Italo Labignan from the TV show "Canadian Sportfishing".]]> Tue, 22 Aug 2017 12:26:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed "For the first time, I met Italo at the Toronto International Boat Show 2017, which Blue Chem Canada attended this year", says Joe Chan, CEO of Blue Chem Canada, our Canadian partner. He continues: "As an avid outdoorsman and fishing fan, I know him and his TV show "Canadian Sportfishing", however, much longer. I am a big fan of him and I was very happy to chat with this "legend" personally. That is why I was even more pleased that we came to talk about bluechem during the conversation. Italo was very curious and wanted to get to know the products and try them out. Therefore, I gave him a selection."

Italo Labignan: "bluechem is my partner!"

After receiving the products, Italo did not hesitate to apply them. In a short time, he was completely convinced: "I am using bluechem now in my VW Jetta Diesel as well as in my Dodge RAM 2500, even in the Canadian and Florida boats I use on TV and in my videos. One can say without a doubt: bluechem is definitely my partner – both on land when I get to my fishing spots, as well as on the water. Thanks to bluechem, all engines run reliably and efficiently while at the same time being optimally protected. So I can concentrate on doing what I do best: catching fish!"

Due to this enthusiasm, Italo and Blue Chem Canada decided to deepen their cooperation. Since this year, Italo Labignan is an official bluechem brand ambassador in Canada.

18th Feengrotten Classics Fans of classic cars, historic replicas and exciting exotics can look forward to an eventful weekend (August 18 to 20, 2017) in the idyllic Saalfeld.]]> Thu, 17 Aug 2017 15:00:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Once again, the Feengrotten Classics has invited all the fans of vintage cars, replicas and exotics into the tranquil Saalfeld for the 18th time to enjoy a variety of vehicle treasures on two and four wheels for a whole weekend (August 18 to 20, 2017). In addition, all guests can look forward to a colorful side program.

Friday, August 18, 2017: Opening Ceremony

The Classic Welz team welcomes all guests on the Friday evening to the opening ceremony of the 18th Feengrotten Classics. Already here, the first historical vehicles from past generations can be admired, while there is sufficient room in a cozy round with food and drinks to get in touch with other classic car enthusiasts.

Saturday, August 19, 2017: Road Trip

Once again, the highlight of the Feengrotten Classics is the traditional road trip on the second day. Directly after the driver's discussion it starts at the Feengrotten. During the idyllic tour in the hope of the best weather, however, it is not just about the look of the classics, but also about the driving skills of their owners. Some challenging tests await the participants, which can be found throughout the entire route. Only those who have the best control of their vehicle can receive a cup in the evening at the big closing event at the Meininger Hof in Saalfeld. In addition, the oldest vehicle, the youngest participant as well as the unlucky fellow of the day will be awarded.

Sunday, August 20, 2017: Farewell

After the big Saturday evening event the 18th Feengrotten Classics will end on Sunday with the traditional farewell on the Saalfeld market.

As in the previous years, the bluechemGROUP supports the Feengrotten Classics. Each participant is provided with a selection of our highly effective products, so that the joy of the historical favorites is preserved for a long time.

Rally Team Just @ Thüringen Rally Florian and Tobias Just have secured the 2nd place in their division, respectively, on the last weekend in and around Pössneck (August 04 / 05, 2017).]]> Tue, 15 Aug 2017 15:57:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed The Rallyeteam Just did not have an easy task at the last race weekend at the Thuringia Rally (August 04 /05, 2017). Florian and Tobias, who have been supported by the bluechemGROUP in the German Rally Masters (GRM) and the ADAC Rallye Masters since this season, had to prove their skills against more than 60 other participants if they wanted to secure further points. Ten long, ambitious special stages, two on Friday evening and eight on Saturday were ahead of the ambitious riders on the spectacular course. The individual reports of the demanding race:

Florian Just / Marco Schönfelder

Because of the damage caused at the Rally Stemweder Berg, it was the most important for Florian Just and Marco Schönfelder to reach the finish line – but still with maximum success. "Unfortunately, we did not find our groove at the beginning of the first special stage (SS) and lost a few seconds. However, we were able to perform well on the city course and deliver a good show!", Just summed up the first day. The second day of the race was already overshadowed on the first SS of the day by a serious accident by the team Niklas Stötefalke / Tobias Braun. In a fast right turn, the Opel Adam R2 got too far into the grass and crashed against a massive tree after a few meters. Drivers and passengers were given medical treatment on site and are now on the road to recovery. The Citroen Team Just / Schönfelder was on the road at the same time and arrived as the fourth vehicle at the scene of the accident. Since the teams start at a distance of one minute, in contrast to the Formula 1, and the winner is the one who has actually completed the SS the most rapid, in the event of a previous accident, so-called "fair times" are given to minimize the influence on the scoring. On SS4 they missed the divisional best by just 1.7 seconds. "After a first faultless race, we unfortunately had to accept two setbacks. The mounting of the circuit tore off during the SS6 and we could not switch down anymore. On SS8 we missed a narrow right curve behind a top and slipped into the run-out zone at 130 km / h. That costed us 20 seconds, but luckily the car did not take any damage", explains the co-driver Marco Schönfelder. In the end, the Citroen team finished second in Division 5 and ranked 13th overall in the overall standings of the GRM.

Tobias Just / Sabrina Türk

Since Lisa Kiefer, the usual co-pilot of Tobias Just had to work, the 22 year old started the Thuringian Rally together with the 25 year old Sabrina Türk from Himmelkron, who has been active in the rally sport for many years and has gained a lot of experience as a co-pilot. "Actually, we were looking forward to the city course, but we were not allowed to drive it because of a long oil trail", Sabrina Türk said after the first day. As a division leader, the team started on Saturday morning as the first car of Division 6 and, like Florian Just, also got a calculated time due to the previous accident. Just / Türk were able to increase the speed on the next SS and achieve very good times. On SS6 the gearbox caused some trouble with a so far error-free weekend. On the course of over 15 km, the third gear could not be used anymore, which meant a great time loss on this SS. In the subsequent service, the gear oil was changed and the cause was sought. A technical defect was not found on site, but switching was possible again with increased effort. "It was a pity, we would have liked to keep fighting much longer," said Just, "but without a third gear we had no chance, so second place is a huge success."

In the ADAC Rally Masters, Tobias Just is ranked 17th out of more than 100 ranked teams after 6 of 8 races and sprints forward from 7th to 3rd place in the division. Florian Just and Marco Schönfelder are now on rank 8 and are therefore in second place in division 5. It will stay exciting at the last two races in Lower Saxony (September 08 / 09) and South Bavaria (October 20 / 21). As official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP wishes all the best!

New website for PRO-TEC With a modern, clear and user-friendly web presence, the bluechemGROUP has given its quality brand its own online presence.]]> Mon, 14 Aug 2017 14:32:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed New, modern online face for PRO-TEC: Our renowned quality brand PRO-TEC now has its own website. At, you will find all important content at a glance: product information, dealers, news, WorkshopStories, current sponsorships and much more.

Clear and user-friendly

The development of the new website originates from the vision to allow all PRO-TEC fans and business partners an even better user experience. With a special focus on the trends and conventions of modern web optics as well as maximum user friendliness, we have clearly structured all relevant content on The result is a convincing design with intelligent user guidance supported by innovative technology.

Maximilian Näther, Head of Strategic Marketing at bluechemGROUP, said: "For more than 25 years, PRO-TEC has been technology leader and worldwide partner of the automotive industry. It stands for highly efficient vehicle chemistry for service, maintenance and care. The uniqueness of this quality brand is reflected in all aspects of the new website, making it the central point of contact for all current and future generations of PRO-TEC fans and business partners. As project manager, I am proud to present this new development to the public today!"

Checklist for the car in autumn Increased rainfall, strong temperature variations and less daylight – our checklist reveals how the vehicle can be prepared for autumn.]]> Fri, 11 Aug 2017 14:47:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed When the warm summers are slowly giving way to the gloomy autumn, it is time to prepare your own car for the new conditions. In order to ensure the safety of all vehicle occupants, some essential functions should be thoroughly tested. This is because major temperature fluctuations, different types of rainfall and less brightness are a big challenge for both the driver and the vehicle. We have summarized the most important points in our checklist.

1. Light

Dense fog, frequent rainfall and faster darkness are the best reasons to thoroughly check the entire vehicle lighting. This includes the turn signals, the brake lights, the fog lights, the hazard warning system and, of course, the headlights. These are particularly important because "seeing and being seen" is one of the most important safety principles. TIP: If the headlights should be dull and weathered, which makes them less powerful, we recommend our Nano Headlight Restore Kit.

2. Frost protection

As the temperatures might fall below zero in autumn, it is important to ensure adequate frost protection. This applies, on the one hand, to the windshield washer system, so that there is always sufficient washing water, and, on the other hand, to the radiator system (G12, G11), in order to protect the engine against damage. At the same time, the condition of the cooling liquid should be checked. If it turns out that it has to be replaced, we recommend a professional radiator system cleaning in a car workshop to remove rust, mud and lime in the entire system. TIP: Regardless of the exchange of the liquid, we recommend our radiator system protection.

3. Fuel system

While it is permanently warm in summer and cold in winter, in the autumn there are sometimes great temperature variations between day and night. This leads to the formation of harmful condensation in the tank. To thoroughly remove all liquids, we recommend our fuel system and diesel system cleaning.

4. Battery

Because most vehicle failures are due to the battery in the cold months, its condition should be checked in time. In addition, it is recommended to grease the poles and to check the acidity.

5. Windshield wipers

More rainfall also means more work for the windshield wipers. In particular, the wiper blades are heavily loaded by the more frequent use and should be checked before the autumn. If they are brittle and cracked, an exchange is recommended. TIP: All other rubber parts on the vehicle should be treated with our Plastic and Rubber Refresher (Interior, Exterior) to prepare them for the cold temperatures.

6. Car glass

A sponge and an anti-fogging cloth are standard equipment and should always be placed ready to hand. In addition, it is advisable to thoroughly clean the windshield on the inside and on the outside to prevent fogging as well as glare caused by oncoming vehicles. TIP: Our Car-Glass Sealant is perfect for autumn as it has both water and dirt repellency and also reduces the risk of freezing.

7. Air conditioning

Switching on the air conditioning system makes a decisive contribution to removing fogged windows. By their operation, the moisture in the interior of the vehicle is removed, which considerably reduces the time until the fine mist of water droplets on the windshield will disappear. TIP: We recommend using our Klima Fresh to optimize the performance of the air conditioning system.

8. Paintwork

As soon as there is salt on the roads, there is increased risk of rusting the vehicle. Paintwork damages should therefore be repaired first, in order to reduce the attack area for the salt. It is also advisable to maintain the paintwork as a whole as well as all outer plastic surfaces in order to prepare them for the cold months.

9. Locks

To ensure that there is no bad awakening at cold temperatures, because the doors cannot be opened anymore, we recommend a treatment with our Special Maintenance. It prevents the ingress of water and thus the freezing.

10. Tires

For winter tires a profile depth of more than 4 mm is recommended to ensure safe driving. TIP: When changing tires, the wheel hubs can also be protected against rust and corrosion with our Brake Anti Seize.

11. Useful helpers

An ice scraper, a warm blanket, a start-up cable and a window-defroster should be available in each vehicle during the uncomfortable season.

bluechem @ Porsche Carrera Cup Our partner Bluechem Australia supports the young exception-taker Andre Heimgartner in one of the top brand cups in Australia.]]> Fri, 11 Aug 2017 13:11:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Both in Germany and Europe as well as around the world, the bluechemGROUP and its partners are committed to motorsport. Since the 2017 season, our partner Bluechem Australia has supported the young driver Andre Heimgartner to race in the Porsche Carrera Cup Australia. This championship is part of a globally recognized series hosted by Porsche. It is an Australian motor racing series for Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Type 991) cars where the racers contest in eight different racing circuits in Australia, Northern Territory and Malaysia this year.

In the hunt for the title

In the previous five races in Adelaide, Albert Park, Phillip Island, Darwin and Sepang, Andre Heimgartner, who runs for Sonic Motor Racing Services, has reached the podium seven times. At the moment, he is ranked second in the overall standing with 639 points. With just 22 years, he could secure the next title in his still young career. From just 7 years of age, he found his calling to become a racer. From karting to open wheelers, Andre soon became New Zealand's youngest-ever Formula Ford champion.

The bluechemGROUP is proud to have found a terrific Brand Ambassador for bluechem with Andre Heimgartner and wishes him and the entire team all the best for the remaining races of the season.

No luck at the Nürburgring YACO Racing had to accept defeat against the strong competition at the last race weekend (August 4 to 6, 2017) of the ADAC GT Masters 2017.]]> Wed, 09 Aug 2017 15:42:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed "Next round at the Nürburgring! In my first season at the ADAC GT Masters in 2011, I reached a second place. In 2015, I took the first podium for YACO Racing. This Sunday, my 100th ADAC GT Masters race will also take place at the Nürburgring. Will this be a good sign? We will see!" Last weekend (August 4 to 6, 2017), Philip Geipel went to the Eifel to get new points for the team YACO Racing in the fifth round of this year's ADAC GT Masters. Together with his team colleague Rahel Frey, he was highly motivated to continue the past successes and to celebrate his jubilee race properly. Fate, however, did not agree with him ...

1st race, Saturday – Place 16 (Qualifying place 22)

Thanks to an only partially satisfactory position 22 in qualifying, the starting position for the first race was already rather difficult. In round 1, Philip Geipel also had to dodge several vehicles, which brought him completely to the end of the field. By an almost incredible chase and a driver change in record time, the green Audi reached nevertheless place 16. Although the team had hoped for much more, this performance was very satisfying. Now all the attention was on the second day.

2nd race, Sunday – Place 14 (Qualifying place 18)

Day two at the Nürburgring began just a little bit better. Place 18 in the qualifying was better than the previous day, but it was not enough for more than place 14 in the end. "Unfortunately we had to leave the Eifel without points, but defeats make us as a team only stronger!", Rahel Frey summarized the weekend at the Nürburgring.

As official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP congratulates Philip Geipel on the 100th race and wishes the entire team a lot of success for the Sachsenring!

Speedway Bundesliga: Nail-biter race The PRO-TEC riders of the Meissen Hornets had a hard race at the the Emsland Speedway Team Dohren in the Speedway Bundesliga match on July 30, 2017.]]> Mon, 07 Aug 2017 15:11:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed After their great home win in the last round of this year's Speedway Bundesliga, the Meißen Hornets, our PRO-TEC team, went to the Emsland Speedway Team Dohren last Sunday (July 30, 2017) for the next round. What was extraordinary about this race was the special form of the circuit. As the fastest speedway course in Germany, the Eichenring offers only a distance of 215 meters, which is almost half the normal distance. On such a short circuit, there are only a few straights to overtake, which represents a whole new challenge for our PRO-TEC riders. In order to be competitive here, the settings of the motorcycles had to be optimally adapted to the circumstances and every start should run perfectly.

Tension from the first minute

A total of four teams competed in the 16 preliminary and 3 finals. PRO-TEC Hornets did not consider their chances too high. They reckoned mainly with a massive home advantage of the host, the Emsland Speedwayteam Dohren, as well as with a strong appearance of the Güstrow Torros. Halfway through the race, however, the team had managed to prevail and achieve a tight lead of 2 points. Then it became exciting: After the crash-related abort of the next run, it came to a reboot. The motorcycles stopped again, with our PRO-TEC riders under a small negligence. Usually, the methanol tap is closed during this time so that the carburetors do not overflow. In the hustle and bustle, however, junior driver Lukas Wegner forgot to open it before the restart. The residual fuel was still sufficient for the start, but not for the complete run. Unfortunately, there were 0 points and the lead was lost.

Maximum effort

The PRO-TEC Hornets did not give up, on the contrary! Too close they already were to the sensation to lead the league as a new entrant with two victories in a row. All of a sudden, they delivered a nerve-racking chase in which the entire team fought for every inch. In the finals, the decision was made and the victory achieved with 38 points, a fantastic 6 points lead in front of the Güstrow Torros.

As a result, the PRO-TEC Hornets fulfilled their dream of taking over the overall lead in the Bundesliga as a newcomer - it could not be better! The bluechemGROUP warmly congratulates on this sporty top performance - Bravo!

PRO-TEC Worldwide partner to the automotive industry

Our PRO-TEC riders rely on the quality of the PRO-TEC products, which even meet the tough speedway conditions.

Products used during the race and preparations are:

Image source:

ADAC GT Masters 2017: Nürburgring The fifth race in this year's league of super sport cars (August 04 – 06, 2017) could finally bring new points to the Team YACO Racing.]]> Tue, 01 Aug 2017 15:30:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed "In the last two years, we had always been able to leave the Nürburgring with points. In 2015, we even reached the podium. Therefore, the chances are quite high that we can also be successful this year and the bad luck finally has an end." Uwe Geipel, team leader of YACO Racing, has made peace with the setback of Zandvoort and looks highly motivated at the upcoming race weekend (August 04 – 06, 2017) at the Nürburgring. Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey, too, want to demonstrate their competitiveness again at the fifth event of this season of the ADAC GT Masters.

Good conditions

The key for reaching the points is the design of the Nürburgring. The course is very beneficial for the green Audi of YACO Racing, as it has numerous curves in which the racecar can show its full potential. Regardless of potentially difficult weather conditions, Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey have good chances to be in the top ten, or even to reach the podium, as the "2015 Rain Crime Story" has shown. "We are convinced that we are able to deliver a good performance. And we think we finally deserve some luck again!", explain Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey with a smile.

As official sponsor of YACO Racing, the bluechemGROUP wishes all the best for the next race at the Nürburgring!

The victory right before the eyes Narrowly missed: Our PRO-TEC rider Richard Geyer almost won the German Speedway U21 Championship on last Sunday (July 23, 2017).]]> Fri, 28 Jul 2017 11:26:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Sometimes it is only seconds, which decide about victory and defeat. For example, last Sunday, July 23, 2017, in Ludwigslust at the German Speedway U21 Championship:

In the first four heats, our PRO-TEC rider, Richard Geyer, had achieved 10 out of 12 points and was waiting highly concentrated for the start of the last race. He had a dream start and went straight to the top of the field. The victory was right before his eyes, when he come to the first corner and misfortune took its course. Suddenly, there was a hole in the ground, which not only threw him out of the track but also took him off the racing line for a moment. Within seconds, he then fell back to third place, which he kept to the end. With his now 11 points, he unfortunately could not take part in the decisive race for second, third and fourth place. Therefore, he had to be satisfied with fifth place.

Blessing in disguise

Although he narrowly missed the victory, Richard Geyer can nevertheless live well with the result. He explains: "It's very annoying that it's “only" fifth place, because I had really hoped for more and the chances were very good, but I still reached my intended goal. I wanted to be among the top six, as the participants for the European Championship and the World Cup 2018 will be selected among them. I succeeded, so I can be proud of my performance!"

The bluechemGROUP congratulates Richard Geyer on this result and wishes him all the best for all upcoming races. Together with our PRO-TEC rider Ronny Weis, Richard Geyer will take part in two races in the Speedway Bundesliga next Friday and Saturday (July 28 / 29, 2017).

Workshop presentations in Hungary Luis Fernandez (Key Account Manager) and Jonas Jeskolski (Service Technician) presented our products and technical equipment in Budapest.]]> Thu, 27 Jul 2017 15:54:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Tuesday, July 11, 2017, Budapest: Early in the morning, our Key Account Manager Luis Fernandez and our Service Technician Jonas Jeskolski are leaving to visit two workshops on this day. They are facing a plentiful agenda with numerous presentations and trainings on our products and technical equipment. Thereby, our Hungarian partner PRO-TEC Kft Hungary accompanies them.

Station 1: The VW workshop

Their training marathon leads Luis Fernandez and Jonas Jeskolski first to a Volkswagen workshop in the Hungarian capital. Here they present Carbon X, our new cleaning system for removing stubborn coking in the combustion chamber, at a VW Golf. Second, they show an automatic transmission oil change with our ATF Evolution at a VW Golf GTI. In particular, the high efficiency as well as the fast and easy application of our products convince the workshop manager and his team.

Station 2: The free workshop

The second stop on the agenda is a free workshop specializing in German vehicle models. Here, too, our Carbon X is used, this time on a Mini Cooper and on a BMW 1. Once again, the cleaning effect of our new development convinces all participants of the training, especially the workshop manager. The treated BMW 1 is his own vehicle, for which he has always provided optimal care, including compliance with all service intervals. However, there is a large amount of coking in the combustion chamber, which can be quickly and easily removed thanks to Carbon X leading to a considerably quieter engine running.

Luis Fernandez and Jonas Jeskolski would like to thank our partner PRO-TEC Kft Hungary for the support and look forward to the next presentations. You also want a demonstration? We are waiting for your message:

YACO Racing: Bad luck in Zandvoort No new points: The last race weekend (July 21 to 23, 2017) on the Dutch dune rollercoaster did not go as planned for YACO Racing.]]> Tue, 25 Jul 2017 15:19:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Actually, YACO Racing wanted to get more points in this year's ADAC GT Masters. Actually, this aim should be achieved by a good place in qualifying. Actually, it was even the plan to build on the successes of last season. Actually …

Things turn out differently than you expect

Already before the race weekend, YACO Racing knew that Zandvoort would not be easy. "The driver’s field is getting more and more difficult every year. The quality of the teams, especially the ones that start with factory support, but also the great quality of the riders, make is not easy for "underdogs" like us to keep up", said Team Leader Uwe Geipel. Nevertheless, the sympathetic team from Plauen hoped to finally overcome the "Curse of the Qualifying" and maybe even reach the podium. "In any case, we wanted to prevent the danger of being pushed or turned by a competitor in the back part of the driver’s field. With a starting position in the top ten, everything would be possible for us in Zandvoort", explains Uwe Geipel. What remained in the end, however, was, in the words of Rahel Frey, unfortunately only a "lesson in character formation".

1st race, Saturday – DNF (Qualifying place 13)

With the 13th place in qualifying, YACO Racing was not in the top ten, but very close to further points. Accordingly, high tension was in the air as the race started on Saturday at 1:15 pm. A short time later, however, the excitement came to an abrupt end because the green Audi was already in a crash on lap one, which led to a premature ending. "Unfortunately, we did not come back from the start after the good qualifying in the first race, because the suspension broke when the crash occurred in turn 7. Very annoying, but that’s racing", says Uwe Geipel. Until late in the night, the mechanics worked on the damage to make the Audi fit again for the next race. Uwe Geipel explains: "It was finished at 2:30 am! Many thanks to our guys for the hard work. Thanks also to Audi Sport Customer Racing, which brought us an important spare part at 1:00 am."

2nd race, Sunday – Place 19 (Qualifying place 14)

On the second day of the race, everything should be different. In qualifying, it was again "only" place 14, but the points were at least very close. In the course of the race, Rahel Frey and Philip Geipel were able to go to the top despite adverse weather conditions, and finally even crossed the finish line in sixth place, but the joy was not a lasting one. "Zandvoort was anything but good to us this year. After the guys had rebuilt the car, we were able to drive in a turbulent rain race from P14 to P6. Unfortunately, we were punished in the event of a touch with another car under yellow with +30 seconds. So again no points and the unlucky streak continues to accompany us ...", Uwe Geipel summarizes the weekend.

As an official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP wishes YACO Racing all the best for the next race at the Nürburgring!

Speedway Bundesliga – Meissen on fire Our PRO-TEC riders Richard Geyer and Ronny Weis have fought hard for the victory in the Speedway Bundesliga match in Meissen (July 8, 2017).]]> Fri, 14 Jul 2017 12:02:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed For the first time in over 10 years, the Motorsportclub Meißen organized a Speedway Bundesliga match. This means, after a long break there was for the first time a Bundesliga home race for our PRO-TEC team, the Meißen Hornets, with Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer.

Since there was a large number of professional drivers participating in the event, the Hornets initially only expected the second place. However, already the first four races started phenomenally: With 11 of 12 possible points, the PRO-TEC Hornets surprisingly managed not only to keep up, but to dominate the races. Now the team wanted more because the victory came within reach. What came next was more like a battle than a race. Greedily and full on adrenaline, the chase for the first place began. Above all the juniors Richard Geyer and Lukas Wegner knew no mercy and achieved 4 to 5 points each. At the end of the preliminaries, the lead of the team was so huge that the victory for the PRO-TEC Hornets was already clear before the actual finale. What a home game, what a sport!

The bluechemGROUP congratulates on this fantastic performance. Keep up the good work!

PRO-TEC Worldwide partner to the automotive industry

Our PRO-TEC riders rely on the quality of the PRO-TEC products, which even meet the tough speedway conditions.

Products used during the race and preparations are:

Picture source: Mario Hamburg

ADAC GT Masters 2017: Zandvoort In the current season of the league of super sport cars, the half-time race will take place on the Dutch dune track (July 21 – 23, 2017).]]> Mon, 10 Jul 2017 16:00:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Third place in 2015, first place in 2016 – the record of YACO Racing in the Dutch Zandvoort is quite impressive. On the weekend of July 21 to 23, 2017, Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey return to the legendary dune track to face the half-time race in this year's season of the ADAC GT Masters. Team leader Uwe Geipel is already very much looking forward to the event: "After Oschersleben, the Lausitzring and the Red Bull Ring, we finally get to the racetracks on which the Audi works very well. Although I am satisfied with what we have achieved so far, I expect a lot from Zandvoort. The results must be right, because now there are no excuses."

The key to success: the qualifying

"The further we get to the front, the more tangible will be a place on the podium", says Philip Geipel summarizing the strategy for the dune track. Rahel Frey explains: "A good starting position in Zandvoort is half the rent, because the course does not leave many opportunities to overtake. Moreover, we cannot rely on the weather doing us a favor as last season!" In 2016, YACO Racing won in Zandvoort thanks to an outstanding team performance in dealing with the change between rain and sunshine. However, this time, the weather is not supposed to play the decisive role. "We will hang in right from the start, because we want to get more points", explain Rahel Frey and Philip Geipel together.

As official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP wishes YACO Racing maximum success for the half-time race in the ADAC GT Masters 2017!

Coming soon: PRO-TEC oil What our joint venture partner Action Bluechem Asia Ltd. had successfully launched in China, will be soon available worldwide: PRO-TEC lubricants and oils!]]> Tue, 04 Jul 2017 11:15:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed As an innovative quality brand of bluechemGROUP, PRO-TEC has been known worldwide for more than 30 years for highly effective products for thorough cleaning, intensive care and sustainable maintenance. Wholesalers, car workshops and vehicle owners everywhere trust in the excellent features of the extensive PRO-TEC range, which is constantly improved and expanded by steady research and development. In the future, various oils and lubricants will also be available under the PRO-TEC brand on all continents.

It started in China

The new line of the PRO-TEC range originates from our joint venture partner Action Bluechem Asia Ltd. (ABA). Because the demand for PRO-TEC oils and lubricants seemed to grow into infinity in China, an official launch took place some months ago. Since then the various products have enjoyed great popularity, which is why we are rushing, so that PRO-TEC oils and lubricants will be also available in all other countries.

Until that time, we ask for a little patience. We announce the exact date for the market launch at the appropriate time.

Coming soon: PRO-TEC oil Thanks to the joint venture partner Action Bluechem Asia Ltd. of bluechemGROUP, high quality PRO-TEC oils and lubricants have already been available on the Chinese market for quite some time. Soon, they will also be available all over the world.]]> Tue, 04 Jul 2017 11:15:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed PRO-TEC, technological leader in the vehicle chemicals sector, has stood for highly effective cleaning, care, and maintenance products worldwide for over 30 years. Both international wholesalers and local workshops on every continent trust in the quality of many different PRO-TEC products each day. To live up to this high standard, the product range is continously improved by in-house research and development, and expanded by new products. In the future, PRO-TEC will also be offering a variety of oils and lubricants.

PRO-TEC oils take over the Chinese market

The new PRO-TEC product range came from China, and from the partnership with Action Bluechem Asia Ltd. (ABA), the Asian joint venture partner of the bluechemGROUP. Because there has been such a sharp increase in demand for PRO-TEC oils and lubricants from Chinese retailers, the products have been launched on the market there several weeks ago. ABA received lots of feedback very quickly, all of it positive. That is why the international launch of PRO-TEC oils and lubricants is now prepared.

However, that day is still a few weeks out. The exact date of the market launch will be announced in the near future. 

Team PRO-TEC @ Speedway World Cup Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer took third place with the German team at the quarterfinal in Latvian Riga (June 25, 2017).]]> Wed, 28 Jun 2017 12:47:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Unfortunately, it was not enough to reach the next round, but the German team can be more than proud of their third place in the quarterfinal of this year's Speedway World Cup. Last Sunday (June 25, 2017), the team consisting of Rene Deddens and Kai Huckenbeck as well as our two PRO-TEC riders Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer showed a convincing performance in the Latvian Riga against the top teams from Latvia, Italy and France. Especially the performance of the youngster Richard Geyer, who was not planned to participate in the race, was most surprising.

Challenge accepted!

While our speedway veteran Ronny Weis had a safe starting place from the beginning, our young talent Richard Geyer was just a reserve. However, he was able to get into the team after Erik Riss had a breakdown with his car on his way to Riga and did not make it on time to the start. "We had to let this message sink in first. We all knew that Richard had to face an extremely difficult task because he would compete with the international elite", said Ronny Weis. "We were all the more astonished, with what peace he took this challenge and how sovereignly he fought for every single point. He contributed five points to the overall result and was the second-best driver of the team – an amazing!" Richard Geyer said: "I am glad I was able to support the team in Riga. It was a great honor to compete with the greats of the scene. What helped me a lot was my participation in the Speedway U21 Team World Championship in Pocking (June 03, 2017), where I took third place with the German team. It's a pity that it was not enough to continue – next year we will be back!"

The bluechemGROUP congratulates Richard Geyer and Ronny Weis as well as the entire German team on an outstanding performance!

Support for "SUCHT-HILFE" The bluechemGROUP supports the magazine “SUCHT-HILFE” (addiction help) of the association "Addiction and Youth Aid" in the region of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt.]]> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 13:11:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed The American computer scientist Alan Kay once said: "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." In this sense, the bluechemGROUP supports the “Addiction and Youth Aid” in its work in the region of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt for the elucidation and prevention of addiction. The association publishes the easy-to-understand guide "SUCHT-HILFE" (addiction help), which is distributed free of charge to schools and vocational schools and contains numerous preventive information as well as specific help for affected persons and relatives. Parents, self-help groups as well as hospitals, doctor's offices and pharmacies belong to the further recipients.

With the financial support of the magazine, the bluechemGROUP wants to contribute to the regional prevention of addiction. Various forms of addiction are an omnipresent problem in our society, which can only be countered by education and prevention. The valuable work of “Addiction and Youth Aid” combats the dangers of the present to secure the future.

Tips for a holiday trip On long trips into the holidays a lot can happen, but our bluechem Multi-Function Foam Spray will be a faithful companion and a friend in need.]]> Fri, 23 Jun 2017 12:58:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed It is almost holiday season: Now you just have to pack the suitcases and to load the car. Then your holiday trip can begin immediately. But everyone, who chooses often the private car, knows all the little quirks that arise on a long drive:

  • Dirty windows, for example due to insect stains
  • Lost sight because of dirty headlights
  • Spilled drinks or food inside the vehicle

Since these "problems" are not only annoying, but also endanger personal safety, an immediate solution is necessary. Our bluechem Multi-Function Foam Spray eliminates all stains and contaminations in no time.

The little knight in shining armor

The highly active foam cleaner removes thoroughly and without residues even stubborn stains. It eliminates unpleasant odors quickly and easily as well as bacteria. It is especially suitable for streak-free cleaning of plastics and textiles. It is kind to the skin, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Dirty windows or headlight, spilled coffee or mustard stains - all these little mishaps cannot spoil the holiday joy!

Honorary Professor for Josef Kluy Our Business Development Manager International has received the title "Honorary Professor" from TengFei Westpoint China Automotive Technical College.]]> Mon, 19 Jun 2017 16:00:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed What an honor! Based on his many years of experience and extensive expertise in the automotive industry, Josef Kluy (International Business Development) was awarded the title "Honorary Professor" by the TengFei Westpoint China Automotive Technical College on June 08, 2017. As a teacher, Mr. Kluy will now hold special lectures and participate in various workshops. In particular, as intellectual fathers of this idea, Josef Kluy will be an expert for the workshop concept "Deuts Auto Service". The university teaches this concept developed by us together with our joint venture partner Action Bluechem Asia in a special institution.

The TengFei Westpoint China Automotive Technical College trains master technicians who can work in all areas of a car workshop. Due to their high professionalism, companies in all of China recruit the graduates. "I am very proud to be part of this facility. My professional competence is, above all, to teach the pupils how important clear statements, factual pragmatics and sustainable thoroughness are for the perfect customer service", describes Josef Kluy his new task.

The bluechemGROUP congratulates Mr. Kluy on his appointment and wishes him success as "Honorary Professor".

DRIVOL | bluechem: Dealer Day On May 29, 2017, distributors and dealers for our successful brand bluechem and our partner DRIVOL came together in Mumbai, India.]]> Thu, 15 Jun 2017 15:04:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed The partnership between bluechem and DRIVOL in India, which has existed for some time, flourishes and thrives. After both brands have been jointly elected in 2016 for the "100 Most Valuable Consumer Brands", they have now conquered all Indian states. In order to further strengthen this collaboration, a Dealer Day took place at the Hotel Novotel Juhu Beach in Mumbai on May 29, 2017 for all distributors in India and dealers of Mumbai. The following representatives of bluechem and DRIVOL participated in the event:

  • Werner Urban (President of bluechemGROUP, CEO of DRIVOL)
  • Josef Kluy (International Business Development bluechemGROUP, Technical Director DRIVOL)
  • Tejinder Singn Anand (Chairman of DRIVOL)
  • Rajiv Anand (CEO of DRIVOL)
  • Nikhil Parekh (CFO of DRIVOL)
  • Raman Pal Suri (Vice President / Sales – DRIVOL)

The main objective of the event was to strengthen the alliance between bluechem and DRiVOL in India. The distinctive features of the cooperation and the resulting advantages in the market were presented very vividly and clearly communicated. In addition, there were evaluations on the past year and an outlook on the joint future. With the strategies and processes that have been jointly decided, nothing stands in the way of the further triumph of bluechem and DRIVOL!

Feedback on Carbon X: Top cleaning Our new combustion chamber cleaning system has helped a young BMW 3 Series 320d (year of construction 2012) in the United Kingdom.]]> Tue, 13 Jun 2017 15:55:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Our new combustion chamber cleaning system Carbon X has already conquered half of the world since its market introduction freeing vehicles from stubborn carbonization on nearly every continent. Our international partners can therefore regularly report from their workshop customers who have achieved convincing results with Carbon X. We would like to present such a case from the UK, which our partner Bluechem GB has given us.

Carbonization in a young car

The present example is about a BMW 3 Series 320d diesel (built in 2012), whose owner lives in the British Solihull. Even though Stuart G. had just driven 82,000 km with his still young passenger car, the drivability had been adversely affected for some time. His professional workshop recommended a combustion chamber cleaning with Carbon X.

"I would not have thought it might be possible until I saw it with my own eyes thanks to the pictures taken with the endoscope camera – so many carbonization in the entire combustion chamber! And this with a modern car, with which I regularly went to see through! How could that be? My workshop told me then that above all the downsizing engine and the direct injection are responsible for the problem. Although these technologies ensure that the strict exhaust gas standards are met and sufficient power is available at the same time, the combustion quality is also adversely affected, resulting in more soot particles that deposit in the entire combustion chamber.

The cleaning process itself went extremely fast and the results were really impressive! The cylinders, the injector tips, both inlet and exhaust valves, the valve seats and the piston crowns were brilliantly clean and spoke absolutely for themselves. Just like the distant amount of carbonization that was presented to me. At the final test drive, I could see that the engine ran much calmer. My car suddenly felt three years younger!"

The bluechemGROUP thanks for the positive feedback and wishes much pleasure with the vehicle. For questions about Carbon X, please contact

Defeating the Red Bull Ring Last weekend (June 09 – 11, 2017), YACO Racing won further points in this season of ADAC GT Masters on the Audi unfriendly course in Spielberg, Austria.]]> Mon, 12 Jun 2017 16:14:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed In 2015 and 2016, more or less, YACO Racing was lucky to leave the Red Bull Ring with points. In this year's season of the ADAC GT Masters, the team was able to reach the top ten on its own. Although Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey were not able to implement their plan and to get a good position in Qualifying, however, patience and endurance led to the desired goal. Because YACO Racing used persistently its chances and showed sensational catch-ups on both races, too, the team proved its competitiveness.

1st race, Saturday – Place 10 (Qualifying place 20)

As expected, it was not easy for the Audi with number #50 on the Red Bull Ring. "From the past few years, we knew that the long straights in connection with the height differences, which caused constant ups and downs, are a little poison for our car", explained Philip Geipel. He adds: "In addition, there was not a single free round with other drivers braking us." Therefore, it was only place 20 in Qualifying, but from there YACO Racing was able to work steadily forward and finally to finish 10th. On the first day of the race, the team was able to make its wish for further points in the league of super sports cars come true.

2nd race, Sunday – Place 13 (Qualifying place 20)

On the second day, the Qualifying was similar. Once again, YACO Racing did its best, but it was once again place 20. In the subsequent race, there were unfortunately fewer opportunities to move forward every round, so the top ten were near but could not be reached. In the end, the team finished 13th.

As official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP congratulates on the results of the Red Bull Ring and wishes all the best for the next race in Zandvoort!

Strengthen medium-sized businesses Werner Urban, President of the bluechemGROUP, has met with representatives from the political world to exchange ideas (June 06, 2017).]]> Thu, 08 Jun 2017 15:32:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed On Tuesday, June 6, 2017, Werner Urban (President of the bluechemGROUP) received high guests at the headquarters of the bluechemGROUP in Leutenberg, Thuringia. Thomas L. Kemmerich (regional chairman of the Free Democratic Party of Thuringia), painter Reginald Hanke (direct candidate of the FDP in constituency 195 (Saalfeld-Rudolstadt, Saale-Orla-Kreis, Saale-Holzland-Kreis) for Bundestag elections 2017) and Klaus Linke (member of the FDP and the chairman of the trade association of Leutenberg) had a closer look at our business premises and got an impression of the functioning of a global company with regional rootedness. Afterwards, there was an intensive exchange of ideas about the situation of the middle class in general and the development of the bluechemGROUP in particular.

Werner Urban emphasized that above all qualified specialists play a central role in the success of a company: "The bluechemGROUP has partners in more than 100 countries and is growing continuously. For this development to continue, we need trained staff, for whose acquisition we need the support of the political world. The state and the federal government have to work continuously to strengthen the region, so that the deficit of skilled labor does not become a serious problem. The exchange of ideas was of tremendous importance to me, so that the voice of the middle class would also be heard by politics."

Thomas L. Kemmerich, Reginald Hanke and Klaus Linke thanked Mr. Urban for the very intense conversation and the many helpful suggestions.

On the jury list! The bluechemGROUP has once again reached the second stage at the prestigious “Große Preis des Mittelstandes” of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation.]]> Tue, 06 Jun 2017 12:42:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed 4,923 companies and institutions were nominated for the “Große Preis des Mittelstandes” (Grand Prize of the Middle Class) of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation in 2017. The jury has selected only 839 of them for the next stage. The bluechemGROUP, which understands itself as a committed "Company of Excellence", has reached this jury list. For us, this honor stands for a renewed recognition of our overall entrepreneurial success, which is based on both efficient management as well as assumption of responsibility, commitment and innovative power. The jury of the “Große Preis des Mittelstandes” will select the prizewinners and finalists by July 2017. In September and October of this year, the decisions on awarding the prize will be announced.

Award for the entrepreneurial elite in Germany

The “Große Preis des Mittelstandes” is a traditional competition existing since 1994 to the motto "Healthy middle class – Strong economy – More jobs". In 2017, it follows the motto "Regard and Respect". As a result, the participants are characterized by outstanding company figures as well as innovative action and a holistic approach to sustainability. In particular, the nominees are among the entrepreneurial elite in Germany in the areas of "overall development of the company", "creation / maintenance of work and training places", "modernization and innovation", "commitment to the region” and "service and customer proximity, marketing".

PRO-TEC saves diesel particle filter A VW Passat had camshaft damage, which caused it to combust a large amount of motor oil along with diesel for quite some time. That meant the diesel particle filter was totally full of carbon black and the vehicle was undrivaeble. The workshop AUTOMOTO reports how PRO-TEC solved the problem.]]> Thu, 01 Jun 2017 16:12:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed It was January of 2017 when the pump injection engine VW Passat 2.0 drove up to the AUTOMOTO workshop in the Thuringian town of Hildburghausen. The vehicle did start during the initial inspection, but the engine would stop again just a short time later. The workshop discovered the cause quickly: Because of damage to the camshaft, the diesel particle filter had become so extremely clogged that it was not letting anymore air through. The earlier defect caused a large amount of oil to get into the fuel system over time, which was burned along with the diesel, generating a lot of carbon black.

The professionals at AUTOMOTO selected the PRO-TEC DPF/Catalyst Cleaner to correct the problem. The first step was to remove the hose from the differential pressure sensor so the motor would not cut out again right after starting. Then, they sprayed the cleaner over the whole diesel particle filter through this access point. This worked well since the product starts off as a liquid, then becomes a foam. Afterward, they re-connected the hose and the vehicle idled for 15 minutes. Over time, they could see that more and more air was coming out of the exhaust.

A subsequent test run emptied out the diesel particle filter even more, and they were able to start forced regeneration. At the end of the day, the Passat had been completely repaired without extensive disassembly work and in just a short time. The customer, of course, was extremely happy about the excellent cost savings.

PRO-TEC impresses! Daniel Bardo from Oldtimer Kfz Blaustein GmbH is extremely excited about the extensive PRO-TEC product range. The outstanding effectiveness of the products – from engine flush to oil booster – left behind a lasting impression.]]> Thu, 01 Jun 2017 15:18:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at the beginning. I didn’t believe one single product could have such a major effect in such a short time. Now I can say without a doubt: Congratulations on your developments!” That is how Daniel Bardo from Oldtimer Kfz Blaustein GmbH sums up his experiences with PRO-TEC. The Managing Director of the company headquartered in Blaustein near Ulm has been a passionate vehicle mechanic for over 25 years, and a happy PRO-TEC customer since April of 2015.

I can remember very well how we got started with PRO-TEC. I completed one of our first “product tests” on a Mini with extremely low compression. Just one thorough flush with PRO-TEC Engine Flush fixed the problem right away. When we measured again, we found that the pressure had been almost fully restored. I thought it was an almost unbelievable result at the time. However, other PRO-TEC customers assured me this kind of effect is totally typical.

Daniel Bardo then tested other products on his own vehicles: “I treated my two Porsche Cayennes (985 Turbo and 957 S) to the power trio of PRO-TEC Engine Flush, PRO-TEC Nano Engine Protect & Seal, and PRO-TEC Oil Booster. I also flushed the automatic transmission with the ATF Evolution Premium and PRO-TEC Automatic Transmission Flush. The on-board computer showed up to a 10 percent reduction in fuel consumption per 100 kilometers.

Here is how Daniel Bardo summarized his experiences with PRO-TEC: “I can recommend the products without hesitation, and I would be happy to answer any questions anybody has!

Rattling noises in the VW Golf Mk4 The loud engine noises a VW Golf IV was making were quickly and easily corrected using a variety of PRO-TEC products without additional work – a field report from the Citroën Autohaus Schade in Meissen.]]> Thu, 01 Jun 2017 14:03:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Conspicuous engine noises are enough to alarm any car owner. The more threatening the clattering and rattling sounds, the faster you will realize: Something is not right here. When that happens, drivers look up their trusted mechanic so they can fix the problem as fast as possible.

The Citroën Autohaus Schade in Meissen recently saw a good example for how PRO-TEC can help solve the problem quickly, with an inexpensive solution customers appreciate. In this case, the vehicle was a VW Golf IV that had a few kilometers under its belt already. It was making a clear rattling noise, especially after a cold start.

It was tough to miss the noise as soon as the car rolled into the workshop. A basic inspection showed that the problem was the oil ducts to the hydraulic lifters, which were completely clogged. The first step was to use PRO-TEC Engine Flush to fix the problem. This removed all the contamination and gummy deposits throughout the entire oil and lubricant circuit. Then the oil was changed, with PRO-TEC Oil Booster added in. This additive reduces friction and wear, prevents deposits, and ensures continuous lubrication throughout any temperature range. Now the VW Golf IV had fresh oil with optimized properties in its system. The vehicle was started the next morning, and the difference was clear immediately: No more rattling!

Thanks to PRO-TEC, the customer received a simple and inexpensive solution to his problem and left entirely satisfied. 


A case for PRO-TEC! Thanks to a variety of cleaning products, the KFZ-Technix Strümpfel & Dietzel workshop was able to correct a large number of problems (loss of power, clogged diesel particle filter, rough engine, etc.) in a VW Golf 6 – to the full satisfaction of their customer!]]> Thu, 01 Jun 2017 13:38:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Diesel vehicles in particular are especially susceptible to carbonization when typically driven only short distances.
Every mechanic is familiar with the consequences. This case, of a 2012 VW Golf 6 1.6 TDI (with 57,856 km) played out at the KFZ-Technix Strümpfel & Dietzel workshop in Unterwellenborn.

Vehicle problems:

  • Poor combustion
  • Loss of power / operating with dash lights on (indicator lights stay on almost constantly)
  • Rough engine
  • Diesel particle filter constantly overloaded (80% carbon black content)
  • Measured deviation of injectors/injection nozzles up to -1.1

The maintenance work took several steps, for which various PRO-TEC products as well as the injection system and air intake passage cleaning device Clear Flow were used. The work was completed as follows:

Step 1 – Diesel system cleaning:

  • Connect the Clear Flow to the injection system
  • Thoroughly clean the fuel system by operating the vehicle with PRO-TEC Diesel System Cleaner pure (diesel line disconnected)

Step 2 – Diesel particle filter cleaning:

  • Apply the PRO-TEC DPF/Catalyst Cleaner
  • Induce forced regeneration

Step 3 – Engine Flush:

  • Add PRO-TEC Engine Flush to motor oil
  • Thoroughly clean the oil circulation system through 20-minute test run with Engine Flush in the engine
  • Exchange oil and filter

This thorough, yet time and work-saving treatment with PRO-TEC products gave absolutely outstanding results, which were confirmed by the error memory readout:

  • All of the defects previously reported had been corrected.
  • Restore function of the injection nozzles
  • Restore the diesel particle filter
  • Return the vehicle to full performance
  • Excellent customer satisfaction thanks to great cost savings

If you have any questions about individual products or devices, feel free to contact us at any time!

Report: autopromotec Bologna 2017 Together with its partner AUTOPROFI ITALIA, the bluechemGROUP can look back on five successful trade fair days (May 24-28, 2017) in the Italian city of Bologna.]]> Thu, 01 Jun 2017 12:54:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed With the goal of further expanding its global network, promoting business growth worldwide and gathering important strategic market information, the bluechemGROUP has participated in the autopromotec Bologna 2017 from May 24 to 28. The team of Salvatore Serpe (AUTOPROFI ITALIA, partner of the bluechemGROUP) was able to fulfil this plan perfectly during the five intensive days of the event. Numerous interesting contacts were made at the booth, new customers were acquired and important discussions were held with partners. Salvatore Serpes's team has already received several orders.

Discover the thrilling world of bluechemGROUP

Whether PRO-TEC, bluechem, maxxpower or Autoprofi – at this year's autopromotec Bologna, all brands of bluechemGROUP captivated the specialist audience. The same applies to the vehicle preparation line marvelous, the Nano-products and the technical devices, which have also generated great interest. Particularly to emphasize is also the in-house new development Carbon X, which was very well received by the booth visitors. For the trade fair team of Salvatore Serpe there was almost no break at the five days of autopromotec Bologna, because one appointment followed the next. Werner Urban (President of bluechemGROUP), who also attended the Italian trade fair, was also very impressed.

The bluechemGROUP thanks the dedicated team of Salvatore Serpe for a successful trade fair!

Automatic transmission service with PRO-TEC Manuel Franco Gonzalez, master mechanic from Fulda, always trusts in the cost and time-saving service unit ATF Evolution Premium and associated PRO-TEC products when he’s completing repair or maintenance work on automatic transmissions. ]]> Thu, 01 Jun 2017 12:07:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed My name is Manuel Franco Gonzalez. I come from Fulda, I’m a master technician, and I’ve been a satisfied PRO-TEC customer since 2014.

Right from the start, the effectiveness of the different products from the extensive PRO-TEC product range impressed me. I was also impressed by how easy they are to use. With products like these, I can offer my customers the best service while saving time and costs, and I always get very positive feedback.

For example, I can remember one customer who came to me for repairs to his 2013 Audi A6. He said the vehicle always made a loud grumbling noise while it was running. I very quickly began to suspect the automatic transmission was the source of the problem. We cleaned it thoroughly with the ATF Evolution Premium service unit and PRO-TEC Automatic Transmission Flush. Then we exchanged the transmission oil – with ATF Evolution Premium, of course. That helped us not only get rid of the grumbling noise, but also fully restored the function of the DSG gearbox. The customer was extremely grateful and happy that we found such a fast and easy solution.

PRO-TEC: A helper in times of need As part of his work at Reifenhaus Ihle GmbH (Baden-Baden), auto service expert Mario Visciglia frequently finds himself in situations where PRO-TEC products can truly work wonders and guarantee outstanding satisfaction from his customers.]]> Thu, 01 Jun 2017 11:17:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Mario Visciglia, sales consultant at Reifenhaus Ihle GmbH in Baden-Baden, has been using highly effective PRO-TEC products for many years. In his opinion, the service and maintenance concept of the customer-oriented workshop brand is an excellent choice to achieve high customer satisfaction while saving time and costs.

When customers ask me about PRO-TEC, I always tell them first that the different products from the extensive line can’t exactly work magic, but that they can deliver fantastic results while saving both time and money.

If there are problems with the turbidity level during an emissions test, for example, I like to recommend the Fuel System Cleaner or High Performance Cleaner For Diesel Systems. I’ve never seen a case where the car didn’t pass its emissions test after a thorough treatment with these products.

In addition, I like to offer a “general overhaul,” which includes a fuel system cleaning, engine flush, and engine sealing. We always get especially positive feedback on this full service package. For example, customers rave about how much better and smoother their engines run. They say they have a totally different driving experience all of a sudden.

PRO-TEC helps us satisfy our customers fully without added work every single day!


automechanika Birmingham 2017 At the trade fair (June 06-08, 2017), bluechemGROUP and its partner Bluechem GB present their entire product portfolio in the field of car care.]]> Wed, 31 May 2017 14:46:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed With four highlights from the field of car care, bluechemGROUP and its partner Bluechem GB present themselves at the automechanika Birmingham 2017. Between June 6 and 8, we will be exhibiting at our booth 18D11 in NEC Birmingham alongside our entire brand and product portfolio our current innovations Carbon X and Triple X PLUS as well as our new vehicle preparation line marvelous and the automatic transmission service unit ATF Evolution PLUS.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Carbon X: Two-component cleaning system, removes harmful carbonizations in the entire combustion chamber
  • Triple X PLUS: Highly effective air intake system cleaner, suitable for both petrol and diesel engines
  • marvelous: Cleaning, care and protection for all vehicle surfaces
  • ATF Evolution: Powerful service device that allows automatic cleaning and maintenance of the entire automatic transmission oil circuit

A total of 800 exhibitors will be exhibiting at this year's automechanika Birmingham. The trade fair for the automotive industry took place for the first time last year. After the great success of 2016 this year, more than 12,000 visitors are expected.

The bluechemGROUP and its partner Bluechem GB are looking forward to an exciting trade fair, interested visitors and many new contacts!

Checklist for the car in summer High temperatures and long holiday trips – the summer is a very special load for the car. Our checklist helps to prepare for it.]]> Tue, 30 May 2017 15:37:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Better safe than sorry: Therefore, the own automobile should be prepared for the summer conditions before the mild spring months turn into the hot season. In particular, high temperatures and long trips in the holidays are a huge load. Who wants to prepare now, is well advised with our checklist:

1. Auto glass

The fine dust and dirt particles that accumulate on the windshield are a constant companion in the warm summer months. To avoid that they have a negative impact on the visibility, the wipers should always be fully functional. If the rubber is no longer optimal, a change will be necessary. In addition, it is advisable to thoroughly clean the windshield on the inside and on the outside before summer and to add the windshield water a special additive. TIP: For the windshield, a sealant is recommended in addition to cleaning.

2. Interior

Everyone who has waived the interior cleaning in spring should clean the upholstery thoroughly by now. The same applies to leather seats, because the change from summer heat and the air conditioning is a major load that requires special care. All plastic surfaces should be treated with an antistatic agent, so that less dust and dirt can accumulate. The door seals can also be prepared for the coming heat with a special care.

3. Paintwork

In order that the car reliably shines in the sun and not only dully shimmers throughout the whole summer, we recommend a paintwork sealant.

4. Air conditioner

If not done in spring, it is recommended to change the interior or pollen filter. TIP: Especially in case of allergies, there should be fresh air in the air conditioning.

5. Engine

The first step after opening the hood is the thorough inspection of all hoses and lines for cracks. Subsequently, the operating fluids (brake fluid) and the battery should be checked. The engine oil should be controlled and if necessary refilled. TIP: If an oil change is performed, a thorough internal engine cleaning is recommended. The new oil can be optimized with our Oil Booster or our Nano Engine Protection. The radiator fluid is the next point on the checklist. It should also be replaced or refilled if necessary. TIP: Our radiator conditioner is ideal for extra protection.

6. Fuel system

In particular, the long holiday trips are a good reason to not skip this part of the vehicle. To remove operational contamination and any condensation from the entire fuel system, we advise our special products for petrol and diesel vehicles. TIP: A cleaning of the exhaust system ensures some extra care.

7. Wheels

The last point on the checklist are the wheels (including the spare). It is particularly important to check the tread depth, which should be not less than 4mm. It is also recommended to check the tire pressure.

For questions about anything on our checklist, we are available under!

ADAC GT Masters 2017: Spielberg The third race weekend (June 09-11, 2017) in this year's league of super sports cars will lead YACO Racing to the Audi unfriendly Red Bull Ring.]]> Mon, 29 May 2017 13:52:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed The Red Bull Ring in the Austrian Spielberg has never been one of the favorite tracks of YACO Racing. In the last season of the ADAC GT Masters, there were only a few points with good luck on day 2 – despite rapid catch-up races and extremely fast pit stops. This is due to the combination of many long straights and the high differences in elevation causing the green Audi not to develop its full potential. In this year's league of super sports cars, Rahel Frey and Philip Geipel have therefore decided to set the course for the top ten in qualifying.

Better in front than in the middle

Based on the experiences of the Red Bull Ring 2016 and the results on the Lausitzring, Rahel Frey describes the strategy as follows: "It is therefore our goal to improve the qualifying, because in the first rounds the risk to be involved in an accident is much higher in the middle. At the start of the race, we want to stay away from everything as far as possible. I am quite sure that at the Lausitzring we have gathered a good understanding of how we can achieve this goal and will reach a good starting position." Philip Geipel adds: "Furthermore, during the race we will be waiting for our chances and be ready when others show a weakness. All in all, we have to go through the weekend without damages, because Zandvoort is next on the agenda. And since we won there last year, we want to strike again."

As official sponsor of YACO Racing, the bluechemGROUP wishes maximum success for the Red Bull Ring!

bluechemGROUP International Meeting From May 13 to 19, 2017, partners of bluechemGROUP from over 40 countries came together in Malaysia for a business exchange of experiences.]]> Wed, 24 May 2017 15:00:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed As an international group of companies, bluechemGROUP has been growing steadily since its foundation and is now located in more than 100 countries. In order to support this development, international meetings are held regularly, in which all partners come together to share their business experiences. This year, from May 13 to 19, 2017, it was that time again: Supported by Action Bluechem Asia Ltd. (ABA), joint venture partner of bluechemGROUP, the "bluechemGROUP International Meeting" 2017 was held in Malaysia.

Representatives from more than 40 countries came to Kuala Lumpur and Penang to attend the conference. A total of 210 participants gathered on site, among them were 10 representatives of the bluechemGROUP headquarters in Leutenberg. During the meeting, numerous business talks took place, during which all partners and representatives of the bluechemGROUP exchanged product, marketing and sales strategies. At the conference, the representatives of the bluechemGROUP informed about the joint company aims, new business models and product innovations, which will continue the impressive success story in the future. Another highlight was the visit of the new ABA company center in Kuala Lumpur.

The bluechemGROUP would like to thank all participants of the "bluechemGROUP International Meeting" 2017 and in particular Action Bluechem Asia Ltd. for the assistance with the planning, organization and realization.

More impressions from the conference:

Proven competitiveness! YACO Racing has arrived in the season 2017 of the ADAC GT Masters. Last weekend the Lausitzring (May 19-21, 2017) delivered the first points.]]> Mon, 22 May 2017 15:07:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed The "Curse of the Lausitzring" is broken. While YACO Racing has been affected by heavy setbacks in the past years of the ADAC GT Masters, the sympathetic team was able to impressively demonstrate its abilities at the last race weekend (May 19-21, 2017). Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey impressed the audience and the competitors with two breathtaking catch-up races and achieved on the second day of the race the first points in this year's league of super sports cars with place 9.

1st race, Saturday – Place 11 (Qualifying place 15)

Due to the 15th place in qualifying, the points were already within easy reach on the first day of the race. However, the green Audi #50 was rudely pushed off the track in the first round, which led it to the rear end of the driver's field. Where other teams would despair, however, YACO Racing took the challenge. Round by round, the racecar, which on that day was among the fastest on the track, fought farther until it finally reached position 11. It is difficult to imagine what would have been possible without the setback in round one.

2nd race, Sunday – Place 9 (Qualifying place 20)

Day two of the Motorsport Festival on the Lausitzring unfortunately only started with place 20 in qualifying. YACO Racing started again from a point at which some teams drive an all-or-nothing strategy, which leads to frequent conflicts on the track. Fortunately, the green Audi was able to stay out of all the stress and kept working forward. At the end of the race, the team even reached the top ten and thus achieved the first points in the ADAC GT Masters 2017. Rahel Frey said: "We are happy! 9th place in the hard-fought Sunday race is a great achievement – and we started from place 20! Thanks to all Yacos for the emotional motorsports moment at the Lausitzring!"

As official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP is also grateful for an exciting weekend and wishes YACO Racing maximum success in the next race at the Red Bull Ring!

PRO-TEC supports Rally Team Just With its quality brand, the bluechemGROUP is the official sponsor of Florian and Tobias Just in the German Rally Championship and the ADAC Rally Masters.]]> Wed, 17 May 2017 15:43:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Florian (born November 26, 1992) and Tobias Just (born March 19, 1995) from the Rally Team Just from the Bavarian town of Burgpreppach can look back on a comprehensive rally history despite their still young age. In particular the 2016 season was very successful for both drivers, as they finished first (Tobias) and second (Florian) in the Citroen Racing Trophy. After the brand cup no longer exists in 2017, they now start in the German Rally Championship and the ADAC Rally Masters – with the bluechemGROUP as a strong partner at their side.

Team profile:

  • Florian Just / Marco Schönfelder – Citroen C2 R2 max – Division 5
  • Tobias Just / Lisa Kiefer – Suzuki Swift Sport – Division 6

Useful cooperation

In the 2017 season, we support the Rally Team Just with products from our quality brand PRO-TEC. The highly efficient products are ideally suited to minimize the high loads for the vehicles depending on the extreme conditions in rally sport. At the same time, we benefit from the rich experience of the brothers Just, which provides us with important insights for the constant improvement of our chemical formulations.

Race calendar of the German Rally Championship and the ADAC Rally Masters 2017:

  • 03.03. – 04.03. ADAC Saarland-Palatinate
  • 04.07. – 08.04. ADAC Hesse Vogelsberg
  • 05.05. – 06.05. ADAC Around the Sulinger Bärenklaue
  • 26.05. – 27.05. AvD Saxony Rally
  • 23.06. – 24.06. ADAC Stemweder Mountain
  • 04.08. – 05.08. S-DMV Thuringia Rally
  • 08.09. – 09.09. ADAC Lower Saxony
  • 20.10. – 21.10. ADAC 3-Town-Rally
bluechemGROUP @ SadiTec 2017 Even "The Car Doctors", two celebrities from German television, were drawn to our booth at the in-house fair of ATI Sadi Autoteile GmbH (April 8 / 9, 2017).]]> Mon, 15 May 2017 14:10:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed The in-house trade fair of the ATI Sadi Autoteile GmbH, the SadiTec, taking place every four years in Nuremberg, opened its doors on the weekend of April 8 / 9, 2017 for the third time. Once again, the specialist wholesale trader for car parts and accessories, workshop equipment and care products had invited all its suppliers to present their current highlights. As a longtime partner, the bluechemGROUP took part, too. Hans-Jürgen Schmidt (National Sales Director) and Jonas Jeskolski (Service Technician) presented the extensive product range of our quality brand PRO-TEC, and in particular, the two highlights Carbon X, our new cleaning system for carbonization in the combustion chamber and our automatic transmission service unit ATF Evolution Premium.

Two professional motor mechanics, a DTM champion and the bluechemGROUP

This year's SadiTec not only offered numerous news from the automotive industry, but also attracted prominent figures. For example, Holger Parsch and Hans-Jürgen Faul, who are known from the German TV magazine "auto mobil", also visited the booth of the bluechemGROUP. Especially our ATF Evolution Premium was of great interest to the two motor mechanics. In addition, the winner of the DTM 2016, Marco Wittmann, was interested in the different application possibilities of our vehicle chemistry.

The bluechemGROUP thanks the ATI Sadi Autoteile GmbH for a friendly invitation and looks forward to the next SadiTec as well as the further cooperation.

Checklist: Fixing storage damages Rarely or never moved vehicles (garaged cars, cars with seasonal license plates) should be thoroughly examined for technical faults before riding.]]> Thu, 11 May 2017 16:11:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Not moving a car over a longer period, such as garaged or seasonal vehicles, can wreak havoc on the technology. Before the first trip, therefore the following points should be thoroughly subjected:

1. Engine oil

Since lubricants age, they gradually lose their properties over time. For this reason, an oil change should be performed about every 12 months. To ensure that the old oil is completely removed, we recommend our Engine Flush. In addition, adding our Nano Engine Protect & Seal provides the fresh oil with some extra wear protection. If the old oil was not too long in the car, our Oil Booster may cause a "makeover".

Attention: If the vehicle has not been moved very long, a certain oil pressure must be achieved before the first start, so that all bearings are lubricated thoroughly. For this, the ignition cable must be deducted and the starter has to be operated until the oil light goes out. Afterwards, it is possible to start the engine.

2. Battery

Depending on the service life of the battery, it should be either changed or recharged using a compatible device.

3. Spark plugs

If the car does not start, the spark plugs could be responsible and should possibly be changed. Tip: If the removing is difficult, our Injector Dismantling Aid can help. The threads of the new spark plugs should be treated with our Brake Anti-Seize for protection against rust and corrosion.

4. Toothed belt

To prevent engine damage, the condition of the toothed belt should be examined in a workshop. If needed, a change is necessary.

5. Liquids

Both the brake and the cooling liquid should be checked. If this reveals that the coolant has to be replaced, we advise our Radiator Flush to remove rust, sludge and lime throughout the system. Additionally, we recommend our Radiator Conditioner. Even some frost protection for the radiator (G11, G12) and the windscreen wiper system should be considered.

6. Fuel

Gasoline and diesel slowly lose their properties over time. If the car was not parked fully fueled, it is advisable to refill some fuel. Alternatively, we recommend our Octane or Cetane Booster to increase the fuel quality. In addition, the entire fuel system should be thoroughly cleaned (petrol, diesel).

7. Cabin Filter / Air Conditioning

Good inside air is important. Therefore, we recommend a replacement of the cabin air filter. In addition, it is reasonable to take care for fresh air in the air conditioning with our Klima Fresh.

8. Seals / Hinges

All rubber seals on doors or the trunk should be treated with our Plastic & Rubber Refresher. For the hinges, we recommend our Power Lube Nano-Tec. With these products, a "smoother" operation is ensured.

9. Tires

Driving on old tires can be very dangerous – the condition should be thoroughly checked!

ADAC GT Masters 2017: Lausitzring Already for the second time, the ADAC GT Masters will meet the DTM at the Motorsport Festival next weekend from May 19 – 21, 2017.]]> Mon, 08 May 2017 14:25:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed If the two most important German motorsport championships meet at the same time in one place, there is no holding back for the fans. After all, there are rarely so many famous racing teams, drivers and, of course, vehicles in one place. At the weekend of May 19 – 21, 2017, it will happen again. The ADAC GT Masters will meet the DTM at the Motorsport Festival on the Lausitzring.

No easy task for YACO Racing

After the first race in this year's super sports car league was “not satisfying” for Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey, the mixed driver double now confidently looks forward to the Lausitzring. "The opener was a bit bumpy again, but we learned a lot and are now well set up", explains Philip Geipel and continues: "The Lausitzring was not a very good track for us in the past, as we always had bad luck, but we will do our best to not let this happen again!" As official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP wishes YACO Racing maximum success for the 3,442 km course known for its great equality of opportunities.

automechanika Dubai 2017 From May 7 to 9, 2017, the bluechemGROUP will be exhibiting at the largest international automotive trade fair in the Middle East.]]> Thu, 04 May 2017 14:41:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed All brands, all products and numerous technical devices – the bluechemGROUP will present its entire portfolio at automechanika Dubai this year (May 7 to 9, 2017). At booth SA-E33 in the German Pavilion, which is located in the Trade Center Arena of the Dubai World Trade Center, our dedicated trade fair team is waiting for all interested visitors and is looking forward to numerous exciting discussions. About 2,000 exhibitors and more than 30,000 international guests are expected at the 15th automechanika Dubai, which meet on the over 70,000 m² large exhibition area.

Our highlights of automechanika Dubai at a glance:

  • Carbon X: Innovative cleaning system for the removal of harmful carbonizations in the combustion chamber
  • Triple X PLUS: Effective intake system cleaner for petrol and diesel engines
  • ATF Evolution: A comfortable service device for automatic cleaning and maintenance of the entire automatic transmission fluid circuit

The bluechemGROUP is looking forward to its guests. You can arrange an appointment at our booth SA-E33 here: <click>

Muddy race in Landshut Our PRO-TEC rider Ronny Weis successfully supported the team of the MSC Brokstedt as guest starter in the Speedway Bundesliga on April 17, 2017.]]> Thu, 04 May 2017 14:41:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed While most people probably used the last Easter Monday (April 17, 2017) to relax, our PRO-TEC rider Ronny Weis turned to his favorite hobby: Speedway! But this time, his team colleague Richard Geyer did not join him. The MSC Brokstedt Vikings had asked him if he would support them as a guest rider in the Bundesliga race against AC Landshut Devils – and such a question does not have to be asked twice.

High tension until the end

The race at the OneSolar Arena Landshut-Ellermühle could hardly have been more exciting for the audience. Round by round, both teams fought stubborn for every point and were almost tied despite the increasing rain. In the seventh race, Ronny Weis and his team colleague Tobias Kroner finally achieved a first and second place. This result provided the decisive lead and victory when the race was aborted after round 9 due to unacceptable driving conditions. The Brokstedt Vikings thus start very successful in the Speedway Bundesliga 2017 and thanked Ronny Weis for his support.

Regional Meeting in Bratislava From April 21 to 23, 2017, a regional meeting of various bluechemGROUP partners took place in Senec, Slovakia, near Bratislava.]]> Wed, 03 May 2017 14:46:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Geographically comparable regions often have similarities regarding their market and thus also with regard to their specific challenges – that was the basic idea behind the Regional Meeting, which took place from April 21 to 23, 2017 in Senec, Slovakia, near Bratislava. The bluechemGROUP invited nine partner companies to the Hotel Dolphin to exchange ideas on current topics relating to products, marketing and sales for a whole weekend. The following business partners participated in this event:

  • PRO-TEC Austria
  • Cario LTD (Bulgaria)
  • BluechemGroup Bulgaria Ltd.
  • autoprofi Czech Republic
  • PRO-TEC Czech Republic
  • PRO-TEC Kft Hungary
  • PRO-Tec Slovakia spol s.r.o.
  • PRO-TEC Kosovo
  • II "Hamurari Sergiu" (Moldova)

During the meeting, each individual partner was given enough space to present its strategies for product management, marketing and sales. In addition, there were intensive talks, in which questions on various market factors were discussed. All partners had the opportunity to present their own approaches to different problems and at the same time benefit from the experiences of others. Additional input came through strategic analyzes provided by the bluechemGROUP team.

Werner Urban (President of the bluechemGROUP) thanked all the guests for their participation and gave the representatives of BluechemGroup Bulgaria Ltd. and PRO-TEC Kft Hungary a certificate for 15 or 25 successful years together. He said: "The constant international growth of bluechemGROUP would have been unthinkable without our dedicated partners – only through the joint action of all members we have come to the point where we are now!"

No satisfying season opener The season start of the ADAC GT Masters in the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben (April 28 to 30, 2017) did not go as planned for the team YACO Racing.]]> Tue, 02 May 2017 16:37:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed They wanted to present a fault-free performance and finish every race in the points. With this plan, Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey of the team YACO Racing entered the first race of this year's ADAC GT Masters on last weekend (April 28 to 30, 2017). However, the realization has not been successful. "There were two difficult runs for us in the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben. However, one never loses, but always wins, even if it is only experiences", Philip Geipel summarized the weekend.

1st race, Saturday – Place 25 (Qualifying place 21)

On the opening day of this year's league of super sports cars, difficulties arose in the qualifying session after a solid start in free practice (16th place). YACO Racing here only reached an unfortunate place 21, which made finishing in the points a difficult task. From such a position, the team had often started and had then shown a fast catching up, but this time it should not succeed. In a risky overtaking, Philip Geipel touched another vehicle and landed in the gravel pit. In addition, he received a drive-through penalty – a decision of the race management, which turned out to be wrong afterwards, because Philip Geipel had no fault in the crash. Unfortunately, both cost so much time that the race ended with only place 25.

2nd race, Sunday – Place 16 (Qualifying place 16)

Luck in misfortune: Although the first race did not finish satisfactorily, the mechanics found an error in the evening, which had slowed down the Audi. This problem could be solved overnight and the car was significantly optimized. On the second day of racing, it worked extremely well, which is why Rahel Frey was able to do a convincing catch-up. Unfortunately, however, there was a crash and a spin, which cost valuable time. After the driver swap, Philip Geipel also received another drive-through penalty because he left the pit lane too fast. This is why it was hardly possible to reach the points in this race. In the end, YACO Racing finished 16th.

In summary, Rahel Frey and Philip Geipel said: "This was not the ADAC GT Masters start we wanted, but we have grown enormously over the weekend and are much better off in the Lausitz – we now put all focus on this race!" As an official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP wishes maximum success!

Successful into the summer season At the Easter Speedway Race in Nagyhalasz, Hungary (April 15, 2017), Team PRO-TEC headed into the open-air season by reaching the podium.]]> Mon, 24 Apr 2017 16:57:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Drift On Ice is over – now team PRO-TEC conquers the international speedway tracks again! The season start took place on Easter weekend (April 15, 2017) in Nagyhalasz, Hungary. In this international race with drivers from Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic, Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer fought for their first title in 2017 outside an ice rink. In addition, our two Speedway heroes have successfully tested their new engines here – with very convincing results.

Ronny Weis – 3rd place

"The new machines have incredible power. I had the best start in every pre-race, was very fast on the straights and could put pressure on my opponents at any time. In short, I enjoyed the race very much!" This is how our speedway veteran summarizes his experiences in Nagyhalasz. He won almost every race in the preliminary round and almost secured the overall win: "After a dream start, I was almost 15 meters ahead of the other riders, but then there was a crash, which caused a restart. In this one, I unfortunately had bad luck, so it was in the end "only" 3rd place. However, not the place is decisive for me, but the test of our new engines. In the past season, the performance was often not good enough, but now there is finally enough power!"

Richard Geyer – 7th place

"The new engines are really great and they convinced me absolutely. I am pretty sure they will help me to win some races this season", said Richard Geyer confidently after the event. In Nagyhalasz, however, our young talent had to go away empty-handed. While in the preliminary round he won numerous second and third places and moved into the semifinals, he could not prevail there and had to be satisfied with place 7. "For me, however, the most important thing was that I could compete on the international stage. Even if it was not a victory, I could prove my skills."

The bluechemGROUP congratulates team PRO-TEC on a successful season start and wishes a lot of success for the summer months!

Need an oil change? In order to ensure that engines can withstand all loads at all seasons, the engine oil must be changed regularly (every 12-18 months or 10,000-15,000 km).]]> Fri, 21 Apr 2017 14:14:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed It is generally known that an oil change should be carried out every 12-18 months or 10,000-15,000 km. If you do not want to miss it, you should set an annual date. The reason for the replacement is quickly explained: Over time, operational deposits and contaminations build up in each engine, regardless of whether it is a modern diesel or a high-performance petrol car. This process is absolutely normal and might be slowed down but could not be stopped. These contaminants mean that the smooth running of the combustion process is no longer guaranteed, which has numerous negative effects (power losses, increased fuel consumption, increased wear risk, higher emissions). However, an oil change can quickly solve these problems.

Fresh oil in a clean engine

For that the engine can optimally benefit from the new oil, the bluechemGROUP recommends additionally to the change a thorough cleaning. Our Internal Engine Cleaning can remove all operationally caused contamination and neutralize harmful engine acids. The emission will be minimized and the performance optimized, the oil and fuel consumption is reduced and also the live span of the catalyst is prolonged.

The application requires only to add the product to the oil system before changing the oil. While the vehicle is running about 15 minutes at idle, it works completely independently. After draining the mixture of, the engine is optimally prepared for the new oil.

ADAC GT Masters 2017: Oschersleben The break is over: From April 28 to 30, 2017, the first race weekend of this year’s league of super sports cars takes place in the Magdeburger Boerde.]]> Fri, 21 Apr 2017 09:45:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Testing is over – now things will get serious! On the weekend of April 28 – 30, 2017, the first race will take place in this year's ADAC GT Masters. On the 3.696 km long track of the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, Rahel Frey and Philip Geipel of the team YACO Racing have to prove their skills for the first time. After the start of the season 2016 was a little bit difficult with place 20 and place 12, the mixed drivers double this time wants to present a fault-free performance from the start – and of course, they want to finish in the points. However, with 30 super sports cars on the track, this is not an easy task...

It is the team that wins!

YACO Racing has a great advantage, which can already be decisive in the first race: the long-term cooperation. Since the team is extremely well-established, it detects possible sources of error before the start and eliminates them immediately. In addition, the mechanics can blindly rely on each other during work, enabling them to solve all problems in a very short time. It is a similar thing with Rahel Frey and Philip Geipel: Due to their long-term cooperation, they are able to complete every driver swap in record time, saving valuable seconds in a race. YACO Racing intends to use this extremely effective performance – even in extreme situations – to get into the points at the opening race in Oschersleben. As an official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP wishes Rahel Frey, Philip Geipel and the entire team maximum success!

ADAC GT Masters: test days 2017 At the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, the team YACO Racing prepared for the season start together with the other teams of the league of super sports cars.]]> Wed, 12 Apr 2017 15:51:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Tuesday, April 11, 2017: After exactly 191 days, the Audi R8 LMS of the team YACO Racing finally rolled out of the box again. The reason for this was the annual pre-season test of the ADAC GT Masters, which took place as usual at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben. Between April 10 and 12, 2017, all 18 teams of this year's season gathered to prepare for the official start at the same place on the weekend of April 28 to 30, 2017. The 30 super sports cars from Audi, BMW, Corvette, Lamborghini, Mercedes-AMG, Nissan and Porsche were thoroughly checked and optimized to the smallest detail. Of course, YACO Racing could not miss these "warm-up" options.

14 races, 14 Challenges

Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey from team YACO Racing have great plans for the 14 individual races in this season of the ADAC GT Masters. Their goal is to land in the top ten at every event, in order to earn points consistently. For that this plan works, the entire team must pay attention to all the details. The setup must be optimally adjusted to each race, the mechanics must be able to react to all events quickly and the driver change must be perfectly timed. These details were intensively checked during the pre-test, so now everything is ready for the first race! "We are really looking forward to the start of the season in Oschersleben and we are curious if can continue the success of the last season", explain Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey.

As an official partner of YACO Racing, the bluechemGROUP wishes all the best!

The risk of clogged injectors If operationally caused deposits clog the injectors, the spray pattern deteriorates, which can result in a hole in the piston.]]> Mon, 10 Apr 2017 15:48:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Outside fine drops, inside large ones – this is how the spray pattern looks like that is produced by a perfectly functioning injection nozzle. It causes the fuel to be burned slowly and uniformly from outside to inside, which is a perfect, clean combustion. This allows the engine to develop its full power, keeps the fuel economy low and the exhaust gas quality optimal. What happens if the function of the injection nozzles is negatively affected?

Engine knocking, local overheating and damages

The main reason for a faulty injection are operationally caused deposits, which clog the nozzles. They cause a poor atomization, which has different effects. For example, a large portion of the injected fuel may be burnt abruptly, which leads to a loud noise (engine knocking or pinging) and bad fuel consumption, loss of performance and poorer exhaust gas quality. Furthermore, the insufficient atomization can cause the fuel to hit the cylinder wall washing off the lubricating film, which can result in mechanical damage. In the worst case, however, the atomization is so impaired that the fuel only drips from the nozzles resulting in a point combustion at very high temperatures. If the melting point of the piston material is exceeded, this can lead to serious damages (hole in the piston). In the long term, the total failure and a costly repair might be possible.

To avoid these negative effects, the regular cleaning of the diesel or petrol system, including the injection nozzles, is recommended. If you have any questions, please contact

automechanika Istanbul 2017 When the Turkish trade fair for the automotive industry opens its doors for the 30,000 expected visitors on April 6, the bluechemGROUP will be there!]]> Wed, 05 Apr 2017 12:58:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed For many years, successful trade fairs for the automotive industry all over the world have been summarized behind the brand "automechanika". At the various events that are held on all continents, there are numerous opportunities for automotive manufacturers and service providers to exchange ideas with interested trade visitors and present their latest innovations. Of course, the bluechemGROUP also appreciates the different possibilities offered by such a fair. That is why we participate in almost all the events and, of course, at this year's automechanika Istanbul (April 6 to 9, 2017).

High technology for the automotive industry

At the TÜYAP Fair at booth B104 in hall 7 (German Pavilion), bluechemGROUP presents its entire brands and product lines as well as its Tools & Equipment this year. The special highlights are our new combustion chamber cleaning system Carbon X and our vehicle preparation line marvelous. However, the more than 30,000 expected visitors can also get information about the other products from our comprehensive range for the cleaning, maintenance and service of various system circuits. For questions, Josef Kluy (International Business Development), Mohamed Saleh (Key Account Manager) and the team of Ayhan Günay (PROTEC Servis Bakim) are available every day.

The bluechemGROUP is looking forward to a successful trade fair – come and visit us at booth B104 in the German Pavilion!

Carbon X: Engine restoration As technology leader in vehicle chemistry, bluechemGROUP presents a new cleaning system for removing harmful carbonizations in the combustion chamber.]]> Mon, 03 Apr 2017 11:36:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed If you would ask vehicle owners worldwide, what is most important to them when driving, the following points would certainly be among the top ten:

  • A quiet engine running
  • Constant performance
  • Minimal fuel consumption
  • Low emission values

It would be nice if these qualities would stay forever, but unfortunately, this is not the case. One reason for this are operationally caused deposits, which build up in every engine over time, especially in the combustion chamber. These stubborn contaminations (carbonization) lead to a deterioration of the compression and an unclean combustion. This ultimately has a negative impact on vehicle performance.

High technology from the technology leader

For easy removal of these stubborn and difficult to reach deposits, the bluechemGROUP now offers an innovative system solution with a unique chemical formulation: Carbon X! The two-component cleaning system for diesel and petrol engines works targeted and precisely without the need for complex dismantling of the cylinder head. It eliminates all contamination in the cylinder head area, in particular at the inlet and outlet valves, the piston crown and the piston top lands. The secret of this high efficacy is the combination of a highly effective chemical formula and a long and targeted exposure time while the engine is idling.

Two steps for a perfect cleaning result – the application of Carbon X

First, component K1, an extremely effective cleaning foam, is sprayed through a spark plug or injector opening. The product spreads from the valves to the piston top lands over the entire combustion chamber and deeply dissolves all deposits. Subsequently, component K2 is used which liquefies the foam and binds the dissolved deposits in an emulsion. This can be extracted easily using the Carbon X Extractor. The remaining minimum quantities are neutral, because Carbon X has highly effective lubrication components that protect the engine from wear. It is not corrosive and compatible with all surfaces in the combustion chamber.

See the application videos:

---> bluechem Carbon X (EN)
---> PRO-TEC Carbon X (EN)

TIP: Carbon X is also suitable for cleaning the EGR valve, the turbocharger and the air intake system!

We are answering further questions regarding Carbon X via!

Carbon X: Engine restoration The innovative PRO-TEC cleaning system Carbon X removes harmful deposits without extensive work dismantling cylinder heads, and removes tough carbonization throughout the combustion chamber – from intake and outlet valves to the piston head and the top land.]]> Mon, 03 Apr 2017 11:36:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed If you ask a workshop owner, what he feels is most important to average drivers while they are driving, they will probably talk about the following issues:

  • A smooth engine
  • Consistent power
  • Lowest possible fuel consumption
  • Low emissions

Deposits that form during operation, and tough carbonization that builds up sooner or later in every engine (especially in the combustion chamber), however, can cause vehicle performance to decrease as cars age.

Advanced technology with trusted PRO-TEC quality

PRO-TEC has developed a highly effective system solution with a unique chemical formula to easily remove these tough and difficult to reach contaminants, which worsen compression and combustion. Carbon X! This two-component cleaning system offers precision effectiveness, and does not require the cylinder head to be dismantled. It removes all contamination in the cylinder head areas of diesel and gas engines, in particular on intake and outlet valves, the piston area, and top lands. Carbon X is so effective thanks to a combination of a specialized chemical formula and a long-lasting, targeted reaction while the engine is idling.

Two steps for the perfect cleaning result – how to use Carbon X

The components of Carbon X are used in sequence. First, the component K1, which is an extremely effective cleaning foam, is sprayed into the combustion chamber through a spark plug or injection nozzle opening. The product distributes itself independently from the valve to the top land, working deep to remove all kinds of deposits. The component K2 is used in the second Carbon X step to liquefy the foam and bind the loosened contaminants into an emulsion. The Carbon X Extractor allows you to easily suction up this emulsion and then dispose of it. A minimal amount of Carbon X remains in the engine, but stays neutral thanks to its highly effective lubricant components. They protect the engine from wear, are not corrosive, and are compatible with all combustion chamber surfaces.

ATF training in Austria Our service technician, Thomas Seelmann, presented the automatic transmission service unit ATF Evolution Premium to PR-Performance's car workshop specialists.]]> Mon, 27 Mar 2017 14:52:00 +0200 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed In January 2017, when Patrick Fleissner and Patrick Mayrhofer opened their car workshop PR-Performance in St. Georgen am Ybbsfelde (Austria), their credo had already been established for a long time. In their own company, they wanted to offer all their products and services exactly the way they would like them themselves as customers – with a high degree of competence, cleanliness and customer satisfaction.

Best service with a strong partner

Since the owners of PR-Performance also wanted to offer maintenance for automatic transmissions, they came across our ATF Evolution Premium. The device allows easy and fast cleaning as well as maintenance of the entire automatic transmission system from a wide range of vehicle models and fits perfectly into the workshop concept of PR-Performance.

It starts with a training

Because customer service is one of our number one priorities, we always carry out extensive training courses for all our technical equipment, including the ATF Evolution Premium. In this context, our service technician, Thomas Seelmann, was at PR-Performance at the beginning of March to explain the functionality of our cleaning device to the two workshop professionals. He presented in detail all application possibilities and answered all questions by Patrick Fleissner and Patrick Mayrhofer, so that they can offer their customers the best service in the future. Numerous automatic transmission rinses have already been carried out with PR performance, for which the feedback was amazing. "Customers are extremely enthusiastic about how our new automatic transmission rinsing device improves the shifting behavior of their vehicles", explains Patrick Fleissner. He adds: "We are absolutely satisfied that we can offer this service thanks to the ATF Evolution Premium!"

bluechemGROUP and YACO Racing Sponsorship confirmed: In 2017, we will accompany the sympathetic team with the two riders Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey at the ADAC GT Masters.]]> Wed, 22 Mar 2017 14:06:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed The 2016 season in the ADAC GT Masters was a complete success for the team YACO Racing. "Our two riders, Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey, who have been sharing the cockpit since 2014, landed twice on the podium last year and were among the first ten in the overall standing. This achievement is even more impressive considering the fact that they could not score points in five races because they were involved in collisions without their fault", says Uwe Geipel, Team Leader of YACO Racing. He continues: "This is mainly due to the fact that we are very well-established, which eliminates possible sources of error in advance. Of course, we again want to take advantage of this in 2017, which is why we rely on tried-and-true strategies – and this also includes our cooperation with the bluechemGROUP!"

Building on success

"Our aim for 2017 is that we want to continue our performance of the last season, which means that we have to score points throughout the year without any failures. This is guarantees that we will be at the top. Last year's championship team won only once but finished six more times on the podium." This is how Uwe Geipel summarized the plans for the coming season. He adds: "We are very pleased that the bluechemGROUP will again support us in 2017 with its technical know-how and effective service and maintenance products. So we have a strong partner at our side."

Practical test: Pre-season test in Oschersleben

As in previous years, YACO Racing, as well as Rahel Frey and Philip Geipel, rely on an Audi R8 in 2017, too. The two sympathizers will thoroughly test their racer as well as themselves at the traditional pre-season test in Oschersleben (April 10 to 12, 2017). From setup to driver change, all elements are examined for optimization potentials, which can decide about victory and defeat in a race. It is important to collect the latest information so that the team is optimally prepared for the start of the season and can build on its successes of recent years. The bluechemGROUP is looking forward to an exciting ADAC GT Masters 2017 with YACO Racing!

Race calendar 2017

  • 04/28 – 04/30 Oschersleben
  • 05/19 – 05/21 Lausitzring
  • 06/09 – 06/11 Red Bull Ring
  • 07/21 – 07/23 Zandvoort
  • 08/04 – 08/06 Nürburgring
  • 09/15 – 09/17 Sachsenring
  • 09/22 – 09/24 Hockenheim
Diesel particulate filter revived In his #WorkshopStory, our Sales Force member Michael Gänslein explains how a diesel particulate filter has been regenerated by our products.]]> Mon, 20 Mar 2017 16:12:00 +0100 (bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed) bluechemGROUP News - RSS Feed Every day, our national Sales Force members have intensive contact with various workshops throughout Germany. As a result, they can often witness when our products solve serious problems very easily. This is exactly what the #WorkshopStory of our national Sales Force member Michael Gänslein is about. He reports how the completely clogged diesel particulate filter (DPF) of a VW Passat has been repaired thanks to our products.

Michael Gänslein’s #WorkshopStory:

"The case happened some time ago at AUTOMOTO in Hildburghausen. It was a VW Passat 2.0 unit-injector engine, which could be started, but shortly afterwards stopped again. The reason for this was the completely clogged diesel particulate filter, which no longer let the air pass through. It was extremely obstructed, because of a previous camshaft damage, a lot of oil had entered the fuel system over a long period of time. The mixture of oil and diesel was combusted producing a lot of soot.

To solve this problem, the mechanics chose our Diesel Particulate Filter And Catalyst Cleaner. In the first step, they pulled the hose from the differential pressure sensor so that the engine did not go out directly after starting. The complete exhaust stream came out of the hose. Via this, our cleaner was then sprayed completely without pause. Since the product is initially liquid and becomes foam afterwards, it reached the DPF. Then the hose was reconnected and the vehicle idled for another 15 minutes. In time, one could see that more and more air came out of the exhaust.

During a final test drive, the DPF emptied even more, so that finally the forced regeneration could be initiated. In the end, the Passat was completely repaired without dismantling the DPF, and the customer, of course, was happy sparing high costs."

If you have further questions on this case, do not hesitate to contact us: