bluechemGROUP Plastic & Rubber Refresher exterior (PCE)

Plastic & Rubber Refresher exterior

Plastic & Rubber Refresher - Exterior is a plastic and rubber care with long-term protection. It quickly refreshes plastic parts and tires, maintaining them permanently. Plastic & Rubber Refresher - Exterior protects against weather conditions and prevents fading and cracking.

Item code Container size Gross weight Package unit
14096 200 Liter .000 kg 1
14091 500 ml 0.448 kg 12
14093 5 Liter 4.011 kg 4
14094 10 Liter 7.931 kg 1
14095 25 Liter 19.851 kg 1

Application scope

Tires, rubber seals, unpainted bumpers, mirrors and other rubber or plastic parts. Also ideal for use in the foot well or for doorsill protectors.


Shake well before use and check for material compatibility! Spray Plastic & Rubber Refresher - Exterior or spread it with a sponge, cloth or brush evenly. Use a soft cloth to rub any excess material.

Working time

1-5 min


500 ml sufficient for 2-4 vehicles

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