bluechem Klima Fresh A/C Refresh with Lemon fragrance

Klima Fresh (KFL) ensures fresh and clean air in the vehicle interior and eliminates unpleasant odors. The air conditioning system works more efficiently and with optimal cooling performance. The product provides a pleasant and fresh odor to the entire vehicle interior, such as upholstery, carpets and roof linings. Recommended to be used every 6 months.

Item code Container size Gross weight Package unit
35142 100 ml 0,178 kg 12

Application scope

Odor removal in vehicle interiors and car A/C systems. Application in cars, trucks, commercial vehicles etc.


Start the engine, switch off the air conditioning (A/C). Set the air flow to recirculation on full fan power and maximum temperature. Allow to run for 5-10 minutes. Place Klima Fresh in the footwell of the front passenger area, open all dashboard vents, switch on the air conditioning system (A/C) and set air recirculation on full fan power and minimum temperature. Depress the nozzle lever into lock-down position and close the doors. The can empties after about 1 min. Let the vehicle run for approx. 3-5 minutes. Let the vehicle run for further 3-5 minutes and then thoroughly air the interior of the vehicle.

Working time

approx. 3-5 minutes


100 ml for one application

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