bluechem Disinfectant Fluid + Cabin Air Freshener

Disinfectant Fluid

Refreshes and disinfects the entire interior of the vehicle. The disinfectant fluid is finely atomized, without the use of a heating device, by means of an ultrasonic atomization device. An optimal distribution throughout the air conditioning system is thus ensured. Unpleasant odors are eliminated creating a long-lasting freshness.

An entry-level model for vaporizing the liquid is included in the set!

Item code Container size Gross weight Package unit
35102 250 ml ,000 kg 24
35101 - 13,000 kg 1

Application scope

For use in closed vehicles equipped with air conditioning and recirculation.


This product can only be used in conjunction with an ultrasonic atomization device. Never use with evaporator equipment. Please observe the manufacturer specifications of the ultrasonic atomizing device.

Working time

20-40 minutes depending on the outside temperature


250 ml is sufficient for 1-2 cars (depending on vehicle size)

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