This category includes a variety of highly effective products used to clean, maintain and care for the oil and lubrication circuit and the intake system. The various products can improve the vehicle performance and increase the life of the motor vehicle aggregates. The engine products of the brand bluechem also ensure a much quieter engine running.
The brand bluechem offers a wide range of different products for diesel vehicles. The product range cleans and maintains the entire diesel system – from the intake system to the diesel particulate filter. With regular use, the diesel products by bluechem ensure optimum fuel consumption, consistent performance, protection in winter, less risk of wear and the reduction of nail noise.
Using the highly effective bluechem products, the entire fuel system of petrol engines can be thoroughly liberated from operational deposits and sustainably maintained – from the injectors to the catalytic converter. The range offers numerous solutions to optimize engine performance, significantly reduce fuel consumption, improve exhaust emissions and prevent engine knock.
The extensive range of bluechem products offers numerous highly effective products, which are specially adapted to the high demands of modern drive technologies (hybrid, electric, hydrogen, etc.). The various products ensure that all operational contamination (carbonization, gumming, etc.) is eliminated, thereby maintaining long-term performance.
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) fueled vehicles can be maintained by the high quality range of bluechem products. The various products remove all contaminations and gumming, minimize the risk of wear on all units and ensure permanent protection of the valves as well as the valve seats. In addition, fuel consumption is optimized and exhaust emissions are reduced.
For thorough cleaning, effective care and comprehensive maintenance of the entire radiator system, bluechem offers an extensive range of high-quality products. The various products remove and prevent all operational debris and contamination, significantly extending the life of all components of the cooling system. Thereby, metal or rubber surfaces are not attacked.
For the power steering as well as all manual, differential, auxiliary and automatic transmissions, bluechem offers various high-quality products with which a comprehensive cleaning and a thorough care can be achieved. Dirt and deposits are removed so that a smooth operation is possible again. This also reduces the risk of wear and noise.
The technology of all two-wheelers – whether 2-stroke, 4-stroke or scooter – can be intensively cleaned and extensively maintained using the special bluechem products. The extensive motorcycle range includes various additives for the fuel system and the oil circuit, which optimize performance, reduce fuel consumption and minimize wear.
To keep snowmobiles' engines (2-stroke and 4-stroke), which are heavily loaded by cold, ice and snow, always running smoothly, bluechem has specially developed products. They remove operational contamination sustainably from the entire fuel system, thereby ensuring a powerful combustion and thus guaranteeing optimal performance.
Since the engines of diesel or gasoline powered watercraft have special requirements for cleaning and care, there are special boat products in the extensive range of bluechem. With their help, the oil and lubrication circuit as well as the fuel system can be cleaned and maintained comprehensively. This ensures the optimal performance of the vessel.